Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1080 - There Are Actually Cosmic System State Insects?

Chapter 1080 - There Are Actually Cosmic System State Insects?

Chapter 1080: There Are Actually Cosmic System State Insects?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, Lu Ze could feel that there were two pairs of powerful beings fighting in the chaotic s.p.a.ce.

The chis were extremely strong and close to the cosmic realm state.

With every clash, the s.p.a.ce would become more chaotic.

Through s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art, it was like he saw it with his own eyes. There were two black-sh.e.l.led insectoids, Anton and a handsome horned man.

It was obvious that the horned man was from the Advanced Demon Race.

No wonder Anton was prepared so quickly. He came with the Advanced Demon Race.

This crisis did involve both cosmic realms. There was no reason the Elf Cosmic Realm should handle it alone.

He could sense that on the other side, a large group of powerful beings was coming over.

The leading ones were five beautiful-looking Advanced Demon Race prodigies.

Behind them were the prodigies of other races in the Demon Realm.

Lu Ze then glanced at the giant black ball.

Insectoid hive?

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes.

He could sense countless powerful forces from the ball. These powers all contained murderous and destructive intent.

So many powerful beings.

Just when Lu Ze took away his gaze, the insectoid queen suddenly looked up coldly.

She sensed someone was spying!


The queen shrieked.

Waves of shrieks responded to the queen.

Insectoids charged out of the planet and wrapped the hive in layers.

There were a few hundred cosmic cloud state insectoids. Their chi surged.

They would protect the hive no matter what.

As long as the queen was alive, the swarm would exist.

Louisa said seriously, “Lord Anton is fighting with the insectoids. Let’s find the hive. It should be nearby!”

Lu Ze pointed in a direction. “The hive is there.”

Louisa and the soldiers were taken aback again, but in the next second, they relaxed.

Lu Ze was the one who found the hive.

Louisa nodded. “Let’s go! There will be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle. Everyone, please get ready!”

The prodigies nodded.

“Don’t worry, Lord Louisa, we will try our best!”

This insectoid tide threatened all their races.

Everyone flew across the warp dimension towards the hive.

The chaotic s.p.a.ce would have s.p.a.ce storms blowing over from time to time. Most of the prodigies felt troubled, but Lu Ze felt very comfortable. With one thought, he drew the s.p.a.ce storm away.

Soon, everyone saw the large Black Planet.

Their eyes narrowed when they saw the layers of insectoids.

“So many insectoids!”

Everyone exclaimed.

“There are so many cosmic cloud state insectoids?”

This person’s voice was trembling.

There were less than half the number of them here.

Louisa and the soldiers frowned. A few of the insectoids’ chis were not weaker than them.

One pale insectoid roared, “Protect the master! Kill!”


The cosmic cloud state insectoids roared. Half of those cosmic cloud state insectoids charged at Lu Ze and the girls.

That murderous temperament shook the hearts of the prodigies here. If they were ordinary people, they might not even be able to use one-tenth of their power.

Louisa and the soldiers felt this temperament too. They glowed with green light as life chi spread from them.

Just when Louisa was about to speak, beams shot across to the battlefield.

Lu Ze grinned.

They were the Demon Realm prodigies he found before.

Both the prodigies from the East Region and the insectoids were dazed.

The eastern region prodigies rejoiced.

The other half of the insectoids glared over. “Demon Realm… I didn’t expect you guys to be here either.”

The leading demon from the Advanced Demon Race glanced across the battlefield before looking at Louisa. He smiled gently, “Louisa, long time no see.”

Louisa’s pretty face was cold, with a look in her eyes a bit dignified. “Emanuel, I didn’t expect you to have come too.”

Their chi fluctuated and both shot up, but soon, they retracted it.

Emanuel opened his mouth and said, “I’ve been ordered by a lord of my race to attack the insectoids. I believe that’s the same for you. Let’s focus on them for now, how about that?”

Louisa nodded.

The insectoids roared, “Just two cosmic realm state civilizations. How dare you underestimate the Insectoid Race? Destroy them!!”

Half of the cosmic cloud state insectoids were planning to guard the hive against ambushes, but now, they couldn’t.

Immediately, the two sides clashed.

People found opponents with the same strength they possessed and clashed.

There were more cosmic cloud state insectoids than the prodigies of the two realms combined, so they had the upper hand.

However, the prodigies were very strong, and so the disadvantage wasn’t too great.

Lu Ze didn’t split off with the girls.

Lu Ze was planning to find a level-2 cosmic cloud state insectoid to test the waters.

At this moment, a gray light came before them.

It was a five-meter tall hideous-looking insectoid. It was a level-1 cosmic cloud state.

The cold voice sounded. “There are actually cosmic system state insects? Are you here to die?”

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared before the insectoid. His right leg burned with spirit flames, then he kicked the gray insectoid.

Lu Ze was so fast that the gray insectoid couldn’t react at all.


The terrifying power instantly tore apart its sh.e.l.l and organs. The insectoid fell back, during which its life force dissipated.

The girls came over. Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, your speed is so fast. You’re faster than in ordinary s.p.a.ce.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and teased. “It’s s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art, right?”

Lu Ze nodded.

In warp dimension, his speed surpa.s.sed level-3 cosmic cloud states.

Meanwhile, a few cosmic cloud state insectoids saw this and were dazed.

They didn’t expect a cosmic system state insect could instantly kill a level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoid soldier.

This was a terrifying soldier.

These two insectoids immediately abandoned their opponents and chased towards Lu Ze. “d.a.m.ned insect, die!”

Lu Ze grinned. They were too slow.

He disappeared from the spot again. The insectoids’ attacks missed.

At this moment, Lu Ze appeared next to one insectoid and punched.

The two insectoids were dazed.

“What? When did he come over?”