Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1071 - Clue Of The Source

Chapter 1071 - Clue Of The Source

Chapter 1071: Clue Of The Source


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze frowned as he glanced at the insectoid tide.

There were truly too many insectoids.

Only when they attacked his home did he realize how dangerous it was if they were left alone with these insectoids.

Lu Ze spoke telepathically. “Ying Ying, annihilate the insectoids behind them and capture the two cosmic cloud state insectoids.”

Ying Ying nodded.

The two cosmic cloud state insectoids were eager to attack.

Their killing intent surged.

At this moment, an invisible wave surged. All the insectoids behind them suddenly disappeared.

The two clearly noticed it and looked behind them.

When they saw the s.p.a.ce, their eyes were stunned.

Where did the insectoid tide go?

Their hearts went cold.

They suddenly turned around and stared at Lu Ze. “What did you guys do?!”

As soon as they said this, they felt a terrifying power enter their body. Their bodies froze on the spot as more than half their internal organs were damaged.


Before they could react, immense pain and the feeling of weakness struck them.

They looked at Lu Ze and the girls in terror. “Who are you guys?!”

Weren’t these people just cosmic system states?!

How could they heavily injure them without even moving?

This was unbelievable!

Lu Ze and the girls smiled.

Boss Ying Ying was OP!

They flew to the two insectoids. Lu Ze said, “How did you get to the eastern region?”

The two insectoids realized why this guy was capturing them.

The two fell silent and didn’t say anything.

Lu Ze raised a brow and asked, “Hesha, can you charm them?”

Qiuyue Hesha flipped her hair. “I’ll try.”

The pink mist appeared in her eyes as she looked at the two black insectoids.

But in a short instant, the mist disappeared.

She shook her head. “I can’t, their mental force barrier is very powerful.”

One insectoid said in contempt, “You dare to control the insectoid. You’re dreaming.”

Ordinary insectoids might be controlled by cosmic cloud states, but how could advanced insectoids like them be easily controlled?

Lu Ze smiled. “Ying Ying, can you weaken their mental force defense?”

“I can.”

Suddenly, the two insectoids howled.

In a short instant, their chi dropped even weaker.

“Done.” Ying Ying said.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Let me try again.”

This time, the two insectoids’ eyes flashed pink after a moment.

Qiuyue Hesha rejoiced. “It worked.”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled.

In that case, they would be able to find where they came from.

Nangong Jing grinned and said, “Fox Demon, hurry up and ask.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded, looked at the insectoids, and asked, “Where did you two come from?”

One of the insectoids said, “We came from…”

At this moment, a red light suddenly burst out in their eyes.

Qiuyue Hesha was in disbelief. “The seduction G.o.d art has been cleansed.”

At this moment, their chi suddenly surged.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s face changed. “They’re going to self-destruct!”

Lu Ze immediately took the girls to retreat.


The explosion of two cosmic cloud state insectoids shook the cosmos. A blood-colored wave swept across all directions.

At this moment, the blood wave stopped instantly.

Ying Ying appeared holding a small red ball.

She looked at the group and said, “Sisters, are you okay?”

Lu Ze: “…”

She only cared about those girls?

Lin Ling shook her head. “We’re fine.”

With Ying Ying here, they knew they would be fine.

They looked at the place where the two insectoids self-destructed.

The s.p.a.ce was completely shattered and was slowly being repaired.

Lu Ze frowned. “I didn’t expect them to self-destruct.”

Nangong Jing complained. “What are you doing, Fox Demon? Didn’t you say you had them under control?”

Qiuyue Hesha didn’t argue back in this rare occurrence.

She said, “I did indeed control them, but for some reason, their mental force suddenly rose and broke free of the control in an instant.”

Lu Li said with some doubts, “The insectoids’ mental force seemed to be connected to a group. Did a more powerful insectoid really notice it?”

After being silent, Lu Ze said, “What a pity.”

At this moment, Ying Ying said, “I seemed to have sensed a powerful force from the void before.”

Alice opened her mouth and said, “Ying Ying, do you know where that power came from?”

Ying Ying blinked her eyes and said, “I have to look for it. It’s probably hidden in the void.”

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

Perhaps they could find the source now?

At this moment, Lu Ze and the girls’ faces suddenly changed. They seemed to have sensed something terrifying.

He quickly said, “Ying Ying, take us back to the hotel first.”

Ying Ying nodded. The group disappeared.

Two beams came to where they were.

It was Saint Shenwu and Lin.

Saint Shenwu looked around and said, “It seemed to be Ze and the girls? Where did they go?”

They were planning to contact Lu Ze and the girls, but their chi suddenly appeared near the insectoids.

Soon, the insectoids disappeared.

They knew that Lu Ze and the girls had come.

However, when they got here, Lu Ze and the girls were already gone.

Meanwhile, the other races were dazed.

“The insectoids’ chi disappeared?”

“What happened?”

“All those chi suddenly vanished?”

“Did that person intervene?”

“Definitely. Only he has that much power.”

They looked reverently in the direction of the Human Race.

The rise of the Human Race was unstoppable.

On the trade planet, the group appeared and panted.

Lin Ling said, “I was almost caught by grandpa.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying. “Ying Ying, can you find it?”

Ying Ying bit her finger.

“I don’t know. The void s.p.a.ce is too big. It might take some time.”

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her head.

“Good luck, if you find it, we’ll give you good food.”

Ying Ying’s eyes lit up, and she nodded seriously.