My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170: Threw It Away Long Ago

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Feng Chen looked at him vigilantly.

However, this reflexive response that was practically an instant answer rather confirmed Dao Wujis suspicions that the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal definitely had this spiritual peach wine on him!

Big Bro Chen, this isnt right of you! You naturally have to share good wine with buddies!

Feng Chen glared at him with an expression that said who is your big bro? He vehemently condemned, Youre already so old, yet youre still trying to act young and call me your big bro!

The Peony Immortal burst into giggles.


Dao Wuji twitched his mouth, and he pounced over to hold Feng Chens arm without caring anymore. Big Bro Chen, we should share our fortunes. You got to share the good stuff with the rest of us.

Its better to be happy in a group rather than be happy alone

Scram! Feng Chen kicked him away without any hesitation. He then hid behind the Little Despot with a flash.

Dao Wuji pounded his chest. This spiritual peach wine must be especially delicious. Otherwise why would you be acting like this?

He had rejected having friends for just a single taste of wine. This wine became even more deeply alluring to Dao Wuji.

The Little Despot glanced at him in distaste. Where is your pride?

I threw it away long ago.


How come Dao Wuji, this clown, was part of their group?

How thoughtless was this remark!

They really felt embarra.s.sed for Dao Wuji!

Qiao Mu glanced at that certain Mr. Dao that kept messing around, and took out a jug of wine out of exasperation.

Yet because Dao Wujis back was to her, and Feng Chen was especially speedily

He arrived next to her in the blink of an eye, and it the next second, uh this lord had already plucked the jug of wine from her pet.i.te hand.

Ah! What are you doing Feng Chen? You shameless guy, you s.n.a.t.c.hed my wine!

Is this wine really that tasty? Even the Peony Immortals curiosity was piqued.

The older of the Luo Brothers stretched his neck and sniffed. He praised, Sure enough, it is excellent wine.

The jug wasnt even open, yet a faint peach blossom fragrance, accompanied by the thick scent of wine, a.s.saulted his nose. The smell also invigorated his mind.

It is indeed good wine! Even the gaunt beggar, who was taciturn by nature, couldnt resist looking up at the jug of wine in Feng Chens hands.

Speaking of the gaunt beggar, he had a somewhat strange appearance.

He was half bald, while the other half of his hair hung loosely around his shoulders like dry gra.s.s. He had a sallow complexion, and normally didnt like talking. Most of the time, he just sat there quietly, listening to everybodys conversations.


A wine that could make him talk was evidently a superior-grade wine.

Dao Wuji was even more intent on s.n.a.t.c.hing back his wine. He grabbed Feng Chens arms and harped relentlessly, Feng Chen, quickly give my wine back to me!

Qiao Mu truly couldnt look on. Alright, everybody gets one.

Dao Wuji hastily ditched Feng Chen and ran all the way back to Qiao Mu in delight. Qiaoqiao, give it to me first to try.

Mo Lian cast him a look and scolded in his mind: Foodie!

Qiao Mu handed a jug to Dao Wuji, and then she distributed the rest of the wine to everybody. At last, she glanced at Feng Chen, who was looking at her expectantly.

There are just this many jugs from the first brew. Miss Qiao glared at him in a huff: Feng Chen this guy had already pocketed the rest of the peach blossom wine!

She had distributed the remaining small portion to everybody too!

She only had two jugs remaining. Two jugs!

The person who brewed the wine had no wine to drink. So infuriating!

Feng Chen peered at her listlessly. My Qiao.