My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1667 - Yue Yangzi the Beast Tamer

Chapter 1667 - Yue Yangzi the Beast Tamer

Chapter 1667: Yue Yangzi the Beast Tamer

As Yu Shangrong returned the Longevity Sword to its scabbard, Ouyang Ziyun kept staring at Yu Shangrongs every move. Finally, he could not help but ask, Young man, whos your master?

Its not important, Yu Shangrong said.

Ouyang Ziyun replied, Its very important.

Im very sorry. According to the rules of the compet.i.tion, youve already lost. You should leave the arena, Yu Shangrong said.

Ouyang Ziyun frowned slightly.

When Yu Shangrong saw that Ouyang Ziyun did not show any signs of moving, he gestured with his hand and said again, Time is precious. Please.

Ouyang Ziyun said, If it werent because of my considerations for your master, Im afraid youd have lost.

Yu Shangrong did not seem affected by these words. He only said, I could feel you were holding back so I only used 50% of my strength.

The crowd was in an uproar when they heard Yu Shangrongs words.

The f*cking s.p.a.ce tore so greatly! Fortunately, there arent any buildings in the Cloud Domain, and its far away from the mountains and the rivers. Otherwise, the sky would darken, and the land would shake. However, he said hes only using 50% of his strength?!

At this moment, Lan Xihe called out, Mr. Ouyang, come back.

With that, Ouyang Ziyun returned to Xihe Halls flying chariot.

Yu Shangrong turned to look around as he said calmly, I think no one else is going to challenge me, right?

One of the flying chariots.

The cultivator next to Zhu Honggong reminded Zhu Honggong, Mr. Zhu, its your turn now.

Zhu Honggong immediately pulled a long face and glared at the cultivator as he said, Nonsense! What do you mean by its my turn?

But, but, but you just said that you want to challenge Xuan Meng Hall the cultivator said with a slightly aggrieved expression.

Did I?

Didnt you?

Did I? Zhu Honggong asked as his tone turned threatening and his gaze turned murderous.

Uh So did you or did you not? The cultivator looked as though he was going to cry. No matter what, it seemed like whatever he said would be wrong.

Zhu Honggong turned back to look at the arena and said, Lets rea.s.sess the situation. Theres no rush. Rou Zhao seems quite good as well. Hmm, what about Zhu Yong? There are also Xuanyi and Zhao Yang

Just as expected, no one stepped forward to Yu Shangrong.

The strength Yu Shangrong had displayed was that of a Great Dao Saint. With the addition of his comment about using only 50% of his strength, who would dare to challenge him?

There were not many challengers above the level of a Dao Saint. It was not realistic for them to defeat him at all.

After 15 minutes had pa.s.sed, Yu Shangrong calmly returned to Ling Weiyangs flying chariot.

Next match, Qi Sheng said in a clear voice.

Ling Weiyang nodded in satisfaction. He looked at Bai Zhaoju and said, Bai Zhaoju, dont be so timid. Are you going to wait until the end until everyone is weakened before you send these two girls out?

Bai Zhaoju frowned slightly, Im not that despicable. If I want to win, Ill win fair and square. Im an honest person. If I win, Illmake sure to convince the with my strength.

Then, Bai Zhaoju waved his sleeve.

Zhao Yue said, Let me go.

After Zhao Yue landed, she said, Im Zhao Yue. I want to challenge the Commander of Zhu Yong Hall.

With this, everyone looked at Zhu Yong Halls flying chariot immediately.

When Zhu Yong arrived at the Cloud Domain, he did not say much. He only perfunctorily greeted a few people. He had a small conflict with Shang Zhang due to the struggle to s.n.a.t.c.h the owners of the Great Void Seeds. Apart from that, he also had a few issues with Qi Sheng.

Li Changhe, the Commander of Zhu Yong Hall, bowed at Zhu Yong and said, Your Majesty, Ill be right back.

Stop, Zhu Yong said.

Huh? Li Changhe was puzzled.

Zhu Yong did not bother to explain to Li Changhe. Instead, he said in an unmistakably clear voice, Li Changhe is willing to admit defeat.


The crowd began to discuss among themselves again.

What the h.e.l.l is happening?

Why are the high and mighty ten halls admitting defeat so easily? Whats going on?

Li Changhe swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue.

Upon seeing the reluctant expression on Li Changhes face, Zhu Yong glared at him and said, Obey the order.

Ling Changhe could only say with an aggrieved expression on his face, I, Commander Li Changhe of Zhu Yong Hall, admit defeat.

Zhao Yue did not expect this at all.

Bai Zhaoju laughed out loud. Chi Biaonu, Ling Weiyang, look carefully. This is called true aura. Look at how the other party willingly surrendered and admitted defeat.

Ling Weiyang said mockingly, What happened to convincing the with strength?

Zhao Yue, show them your strength. Dont let anyone say that I got you the position.

Understood. Zhao Yue nodded slightly before she flew up to the sky and silently chanted the mantra for Brilliant Jade Technique.

The clouds in the sky began to change colors as energy surged.

Following that, Zhao Yues body turned incorporeal.

Void Transformation? someone exclaimed in surprise.

With this, isnt she invincible? Who can hurt her?

Void Transformation was a state where one hid ones true body between the folds of the s.p.a.ce to gain an incorporeal form. When a cultivator became a Dao Saint, they would be able to comprehend the law of s.p.a.ce. Nonetheless, it was not an easy feat to gain an incorporeal form by hiding between the folds of the s.p.a.ce. Only when ones speed and frequency reached a certain stage would one be able to enter the Void Transformation state.

With an incorporeal form, unless faced with stronger laws, one was basically invulnerable.

Her law is very close to that of the Great Dao!

Whats wrong with today? Why did Dao Saints suddenly seem so worthless?

The crowd was rather emotional at this time.

Finally, Zhao Yue descended from the sky and returned to her original position. When the surging energy in the sky calmed down, she asked loudly, Is there anyone who wants to challenge me?

In fact, when the cultivators saw the arrival of three Emperors of the Lost Land, they knew six out of the ten positions of commanders of the ten halls would be taken. Regardless of the strength of the three emperors subordinates, they still had to show a little deference to them and give way. With the three emperors as their support, who would dare to challenge them? Even if the others were strong enough, they would still step back.

As expected, no one stepped forward to challenge Zhao Yue.

With that, Zhao Yue became the new Commander of Zhu Yong Hall.

When Zhao Yue flew back to the flying chariot, Qi Sheng nodded in the direction of Zhu Yongs flying chariot, and Zhu Yong nodded in response.

Upon seeing this, Li Changhe, who felt very unresigned, asked, Your Majesty, why?

Zhu Yong said through voice transmission, This times commanders compet.i.tion is very dangerous. Its best to stay out of it. Moreover, Qi Sheng isnt simple. Not only does he have a good relations.h.i.+p with Shang Zhang Hall, but he has a good relations.h.i.+p with the Sacred Temple as well.

But I thought you hated him?

Theyre two different matters, Zhu Yong replied.

I understand.

The following battles were within everyones expectations.

Ye Tianxin chose Rou Zhao Hall, and the Commander of Rou Zhao Hall decisively admitted defeat. Following that, no one stepped forward to challenge her. After all, with the White Emperors support, who would dare to challenge her? Even the Commander of Rou Zhao Hall had given up.

Bai Zhaoju was quite satisfied with this. He said to Chi Biaonu and Ling Weiyang, Those who subdue others without fighting are true experts.

Chi Biaonu scoffed and said, How dare you intimidate the other partic.i.p.ants using your ident.i.ty as the White Emperor?

Bai Zhaoju shook his head. Thats not it. Experts are experts. Being feared by others is also part of an experts strength. If they have the ability, they can step forward. I wont interfere.

Despite Bao Zhaojus words, who would dare to step forward?

Chi Biaonu did not refute Bai Zhaojus words. Instead, he said, Mings.h.i.+ Yin, Duanmu Sheng, choose your opponents. If anyone refuses to submit, theres no need to show mercy.

Chi Biaonus words were clearly directed to the ten halls and the other cultivators.

The Cloud Domain was vast. Everyone was thousands of feet away from each other. Cultivators with low cultivation would not be able to see what was going on in the flying chariots.

However, Chi Biaonus voice was powerful and sonorous so everyone present heard him clearly.

With this, the crowd began to discuss fervently among themselves again.

Mings.h.i.+ Yin? Duanmu Sheng? A friend of mine from Southern Split Mountain told me those two defeated the Commander of Xuanyi Palace so why are they here?

The battle at Southern Split Mountain was just a warm-up, not an official one. Ive heard of that matter as well. Im afraid theyre not that simple since theyre able to defeat Zhang He.

Forget it. We, lowly cultivators, shouldnt get involved in the three emperors affairs.

The Ten Halls of the Great Void were clear about Chi Biaonus intention as well.

Mings.h.i.+ Yin chose Qiang Yu Hall and won without any suspense.

As for Duanmu Sheng, he had no intention of choosing Xuanyi Palace. However, due to Qi Shengs advice before coming to the Cloud Domain, he ended up choosing Xuanyi Palace.

Zhang He had suffered defeat before. Xuanyi had already warned him before coming to Cloud Domain that it would not be easy to retain his position as Commander of Xuanyi Palace.

After fighting for a few rounds, Zhang He graciously admitted defeat and returned to Xuanyi Palaces flying chariot.

With this, only four halls were left: Shang Zhang Hall, Xihe Hall, Zhao Yang Hall, and Tu Wei Hall.

Mr. Zhu, we have to avoid Qi Sheng. You can choose from Shang Zhang Hall, Xihe Hall, and Tu Wei Hall. Which one do you plan to choose? the cultivator asked Zhu Honggong.

Zhu Honggong said impatiently, Why do you care so much? Ill choose whatever I want whenever I want. You really talk too much.

I I, Im just worried youll choose the wrong one. I think Mr. Zhus strategy of avoiding the strong is correct. Hence, I suggest that you give up on Xihe Hall. Between Shang Zhang Hall and Zhao Yang Hall, there should be no one who can compete with you, the cultivator said.

Zhu Honggong said with a satisfied expression, Youre finally speaking the human language! Theres no need to prove our strength. We cant afford to offend Lan Xihe so lets give up on Xihe Hall. As for Shang Zhang Hall and Zhao Yang Hall

Before Zhu Honggong could finish his words, a thunderous voice rang in the air.

Great Voids Yue Yangzi challenges Commander Qi Sheng of Tu Wei Hall.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

A huge beast flapped its wings and flew over slowly.

Everyone was shocked.

Yue Yangzi? The Great Dao Saint whos the best at taming fierce beasts in the Great Void? Hes also one of the cultivators who are closest to becoming a supreme being! Why is he here?

Why is Yue Yangzi fighting for the position of commander?

The beast tamers handle all fierce beasts in the Great Void, and theyre under the jurisdiction of the Sacred Temple. Its strange and puzzling that the temple allows a beast tamer to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.

The core figures of the ten halls, the White Emperor, the Azure Emperor, and the Scarlet Emperor looked at the huge beast.

Yue Yangzi stood on the huge beast with his hands on his back as he said in a clear voice, Yue Yangzi pays respect to the White Emperor, the Azure Emperor, and the Scarlet Emperor.

In terms of status, the three Emperors of the Lost Lands were much higher than Yue Yangzi. However, Yue Yangzi belonged to the Sacred Temple.

Ling Weiyang said, Yue Yangzi, youre a little late.

Im neither too early nor too late. I have no intention of competing with the three seniors subordinates. I only came here for Tu Wei Hall, Yue Yangzi said. His gaze was piercing as he turned to look at Qi Sheng, who wore a mask, in the western direction.

When the duos eyes met, the temperature seemed to plummet.