Monster Integration - Chapter 993 - Domain of Sin Vs Domain Of Horror

Chapter 993 - Domain of Sin Vs Domain Of Horror

Chapter 993 - Domain of Sin Vs Domain Of Horror

"Domain, I never expected I would encounter a Domain in the Final Battle," I said as I watched its summoned domain expanding rapidly than in just five seconds, it had grown over hundred meters and it is still growing.

Domains are not Mystic Methods, which could be learned by anyone, they are extremely, extremely rare, and very few knights have the capability and ability to use them.

My eyes became glazed with excitement as I saw its domain, which looked like it came out of some kind of horror movie. The Domain of it is completely grey and inside it, all kinds of Ghosts could be seen lingering.

"Domain Of Horror."

Rang out from the center of the Domain in a deep ghostly voice as the domain stopped expanding after it covered the diameter of the two hundred and fifty kilometers.

"Don't think only you have a Domain," I said with a laugh, and the next moment, the blood-red fog started to come out of me and started expanding in a Semi Sphere Fas.h.i.+on. I have also summoned out my Domain, my final trump card.

This is my Domain, Domain of Sin. It is the Const.i.tutional ability I got after my Const.i.tution reached the 10th Level and further strengthened in the 11th level, it is now pretty strong.

My Domain kept expanding until it finally stopped after becoming two hundred meters in Diameter. It now becomes a completely blood-red world with blood mist being everywhere.

Though it is smaller than fifty meters, its strength isn't less than the domain of the Wendigo's Domain of Horror.

Between our domains, there is less than ten meters distance; if we crossed that distance our domains would clash, and that is what I want, I want to make a clash of Domains, I heard it is amazing.

Step Step…

Next moment, I took the step forward and found Wendigo also doing the same, it is coming closer to making our domain clash and who am I to reject the clash of the domain.

So we took one step after another till there were only inches of distance remaining between our domains.

Chin Chin Chin…

Finally, our domains clashed as It felt like two celestial bodies are clas.h.i.+ng against each other. The sharps sound and huge sparks could be seen around the point where our domains are clas.h.i.+ng.

As the clash started, I could feel the properties of the ist domain, which are similar to strange grey energy with a good mix of horror. This illusory horrific feeling attacked my mind as domains started to clash, but it did not much affect me.

I have pretty great willpower; if these puny ghosts were able to affect me, then I would have long become the vegetable when that being was constructing a const.i.tutional base inside me.

Not to forget, my sin domain is resistance toward the Mental attacks as itself attacks the person mentally.

If it had any living being in the place of the Wendigo, it would already have come under the effect of the domain, but I am not fighting a live being but a Golem in the form of the wendigo.

My Sin has the power of all Sin Rules, but they are a minority; 75% of its power is based on the Archaic Killing, the Level 1 killing Rule I had comprehended. If I had comprehended other sin Rule, its power would become the majority with killing Rule.

The more Sin Rules, I will comprehend the Stronger my Domain would become, by that having only comprehending one type of Sin Rule may seem like my Domain is weak since the killing Rule I had comprehended did not have any offensive power, but they would be extremely wrong.

Though it is true, my Domain did not have the Offensive power due to me only comprehending the Killing Rule, but Domain based on killing rule is a marvel itself, inside it I became absolutely aware of everything, I am Omniscient in it.

The Domain user is naturally aware of everything that is happening in their Domain since it is the specialty of the Domain, but my domain is one step above that, with the power of killing Rule, I became omniscient in my domain and would have been able to do much more if the Wendigo had been a living being.

That is why I have a splitting headache as I am receiving huge information every moment. It is ten times worse than when I am using my killing Rule at Full Strength.

It is a good thing that this Domain ability is from my Const.i.tution, and so I get a conscious boost in handling all this; if not of it, I would go mad by the huge information I am receiving every second.


Our Domains clashed before they started to mix as we kept taking steps toward each other, one could see how grey and red energies started fighting as they.

Step by step, we kept coming closer and closer to each other as we did; our domains also kept mixing and fighting.

The grey and red energies fighting each other, when the ghosts tried to interfere with silky ribbons, would appear and bind these Ghosts to make them useless.

These Ghosts are extremely powerful; each of them possesses the power of earlier attacks of the wendigo.

Finally, I entered Wendigos Domain, and it entered the mine, just as this happened, the Migraine I am feeling has got even stronger as more and more data started coming at me.

Wu Wu Wu...

As I entered the domains of Wendigo, the ghosts inside had completely gone crazy and came at me while making a strange noise, but before they would touch me, hundreds of blood-red ribbons started to materialize and bound these Ghosts that were started to attack me.

It is a very beautiful scene, it felt like ribbons of Death G.o.d came down to take these vengeful Ghost to the underworld.

Sealing is one of the properties of my killing Rule and since I am using the Domain, this property has become even stronger as it had only sealing Ghosts, it also tried to seal the Wendigo itself but like em to ghosts, the sealing ribbons did not affect it even a bit.

Its power is too great and it is also non living, so sealing it is very difficult for the blood red ribbons.

The mental attack from it had substantially gotten stronger as I entered its domain, but the migraine I am feeling every moment is so hard that these mental attacks were not able to affect me even a bit.

Still, this migraine is not a good thing, and I will try to find something which increases my soul power so that I could use this information load on my consciousness.

Finally, both of the Domains merged completely, and we stood five meters away from each other, now that the Domains have been merged, it is time for the final battle.

This battle will decide the final winner and It will be me, though I will have to fight with every ounce of my strength.

I am ready, I have full confidence in my strength, so I will Conquer this War Tower.