Monster Integration - Chapter 984 - Level 11 Sin Constitution

Chapter 984 - Level 11 Sin Constitution

Chapter 984 - Level 11 Sin Const.i.tution


I added all of its stuff into my Const.i.tutional Storage, and the next moment, my body shook a little.

Finally, Level 11 Const.i.tution, the advancement had started; for that, I couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

This Earth Crockman seemed to be my lucky star, last time it chased me to the Blood Red Mist, and I got this wonderful Const.i.tution, and now it has given me enough stuff to make advancement in my Const.i.tution.

It was a really powerful opponent, and if it had its Earth Const.i.tution is the same level as mine, then the battle would have quite a different result, not to forget it was not able to utilize its art and did not have the Inheritance.

If it had the Inheritance, the art would have been even more powerful. Most of the Arts Grimm Monsters used are related by their inheritance; if it had the Art, it would have been able to utilize the Art even better than it is right now.

When I was fighting against it, I noticed its Art had seemed a little hollow, It may have comprehended the 1st part of it, but it was not able to utilize it properly.

It fell short, not only due to the Inheritance but also due to it not having enough strength to bring out its real power, that Art needs more than just comprehension to bring out its real power.

Still, I would have preferred if it had been a little stronger, strong enough to force me to bring out the only ability my Const.i.tution had given. Yes, I've received an ability from my Const.i.tution advanced to level 10.

That ability is very good, though I have never used it; that being had told me about it when I had asked it about it.

I looked inside the changes that are happening, and my level which had reached the peak of the Adamantine has started to regress again, and this time, the speed of its regressing is great. In just a few minutes, it had already regressed to the Initial Adamantine and regressed even further.

I tracked changes in my body further before starting to cross the levels again, the advancement will continue for a while, and I could waste my time in staying at single-level, so I continued crossing the levels.

At the next 872nd Level, I was lucky enough to find the two Grimm Monsters, and since they were able to reach that level, they were pretty strong and played with them for a few minutes before killing them.

The next level was dry, or there was only a single human there who was fighting against Snow Golem there. He had already reached his limit at 873rd Level and would be lucky if he could reach the 874th.

At the next level, I did not find any, but level after that, I found some and killed them as usual before continuing toward the next level, and as such, I had reached 890 level, which was empty of any Grimm Monster or human.

I was pa.s.sing through the 880th Level when the buzzing inside me finally slowed down. My Const.i.tution had advanced to Level 11, bringing out huge benefits with it.

My strength had increased even further, but my level had regressed to Initial Platinum, which was a little surprising but not that much.

When my const.i.tution had advanced to Level 10, my level had regressed to Mid Diamond, so at Level 11 Const.i.tution, getting regressed to Initial Platinum is not that surprising.

I checked all the changes I had for a minute before walking into the exit of the 880th level and entered the small room again to receive the Elixir. Earlier I would not have been interested in receiving the Elixir, but now I am very much interested in it as my level regressed.


The green light of the Elixir had enveloped me, and right at that moment, my level started climbing steadily.

One Star Platinum, Two Star Platinum, Three Star Platinum, and it continued to climb till it reached the Peak Platinum; it stopped them as Elixir was finished.

I was shocked, happy, and sad at the same time; this super powerful Elixir is only able to take my level from Initial Platinum to the Peak Platinum.

This Elixir is for powerful specials, it even used to increase my level in Adamantine by one but now all increase seven levels of puny Platinum Level. What kind of resource guzzling being I am becoming.

It is fine in the Tower, but outside of the Tower, I would have a huge problem in my hands, just thinking about it, my head started to throb in pain wildly.

After taking the Elixir, I continued my level crossing and fighting the Monsters that are getting stronger and stronger. Though they are getting stronger, I've not met any Grimm Monsters who are matched against me.

I crossed another ten levels and soon received another Elixir, which took me to just 1st Star of Diamond. For other powerful Specials, this elixir increases one level in Adamantine, but to me, this is enough to increase one level in a Diamond.

After taking elixir, I again started to cross the level and came across even more powerful Grimm Monsters, three I fought had the power equal to the Earth Crockman that I fought.

Soon I reached the 899 level which, to my surprise, was empty; I would not be surprised if not past twelve levels, every level I was at found at least two Grimm Monsters.

If it had been normal levels, I would have been quite disappointed, but this 899th, the last level before I received the reward, so I am more than happy to see there was obstruction between me and the reward at the other end.

Increased my speed and crossed two hundred kilometers in a minute before I appeared in front of the exit, which I walked through without hesitation and found myself in the small room and fronted me is fist-size crystal floating.

Knowledge Crystal!

I said ecstatically, a weapon and potions other things might use for some time, but they could not be useful forever. Knowledge Crystal gives the knowledge that is forever useful.

No matter what kind of knowledge this knowledge crystal contains, it is going to be very useful to me, and even if I had the knowledge inside it, it would be useful to my parents.

So, I am more than happy to receive the reward of Knowledge Crystal, and without waiting, I covered my hand thickly with Mana and took the knowledge crystal into my hands and put it into an ornate wooden box where there was already some knowledge crystal.

I had no wish to touch it with my n.a.k.e.d hand, once I do, it will a.s.similate in me, and that process took time, which I did not have.

After putting them into the box, I immediately moved out of the formation, walked in case I was teleported and walked toward the resting room.

I have to practice and raise my strength as this will be the only chance I have to increase it. The higher my strength will be the closest I will be able to get to the 1000th Level.