Monster Integration - Chapter 97 Sand Scorpians

Chapter 97 Sand Scorpians

We ran towards them while activating our artifacts, as we got close we got clear looked at the fight that made me so shocked that I nearly stopped in my tracks as I wanted to run in the opposite direction.

What shocked me was the monsters, they are one of the most dangerous monsters in the wasteland.

They are Sand Scorpions, we come across it only one time and it was Mid-level Specialist grade Sand Scorpion.

it had taken me more than two hours to kill it and by the time I was finished dealing with it, I had injuries all over my by the body.

There are twelve Sand scorpions, that are attacking the adventurers and looking at their sizes, four are Corporal grade while eight are specialist grade.

Specialist grade Sand Scorpions are nearly double the size of a normal person while Corporal grade is triple the size, they are really giant monsters.

I was wrong about one thing though when I looked at the fighting scene earlier, I thought there are only seven people with their monsters are fighting the monsters but I was wrong.

There are two more, a boy and the girl are laid on the ground, they are either dead or unconscious.

Of the seven people who are fighting the sand scorpions, four are Specialist grade and three are corporal grade.

Of the seven people, the highest level boy who is at Mid-level Corporal grade and is fighting against two initial and mid-level scoring alone.

Except for two in Aqua blue clothes all are in dire need of help, if they did not receive any reinforcement or not have any strong trump card, then they will die within an hour or two.

There are no running away from these monster, the wasteland is their territory, they can easily follow you, wherever you ran.

Seeing Rhea and me running toward them, hope had arisen on their face for a moment but seeing we are only two of us and I'm only at initial level Specialist grade their faces fell as they did not expect much from us.

I had activated both my knight grade sword and s.h.i.+eld as these Scorpions are elite monsters.

We decided not to show specialty of our Knight Grade artifacts like size manipulation and instant activation and deactivation.

We are helping them now but once I fight is over, greed can rise in anyone's heart.

So, Rhea and both decided while on the company of outsiders we will refrain from showing the special trait of our artifact.

When we were fifty meters away from the fight, rhea and I separated as we had already chosen our opponents, she is moving toward the Corporal Grade evolver who is fighting against two Sand Scorpions and I also move toward the girl and her monster who is also fighting against two monsters.

That girl was so busy dodging pincer and stinger of two scorpions that she didn't notice that coming to help her.

"First Tide!" I shouted the skill name in my mind as I am twenty meters away from my fight.

My speed suddenly increased as I activated the skill but this will not last long as first tides power will only last for three seconds.

With the power of the first tide coursing in my body, I swiftly ran toward the sand scorpion while avoiding its pincers.

"Boom! crack!" I directly attack its head and a layer of sand cracked a little.

"Second Tide!" I circulated the second move as I saw poisonous stinger of the scorpion coming toward me.

There is no way to dodge despite the power of the second tide causing through my body.

That stinger is too fast and closing on my swiftly, all I can do defense with my s.h.i.+ed while being careful of its pincers.

"Bam!" I defended my s.h.i.+eld and use that force to put some distance between me and scorpian to put some distance between us.

"Boom!" as I am retreating, Azure Stag of that girl attacked scorpion's head with its horns

Stag Monsters are known for their nimbleness and fast speed, It took the stage a single second to attack and retreat.

No wonder that this girl is without much injury and survived two mid-level Sand Scorpions despite being at initial level Specialist Grade evolver.

With such speed and nimbleness, she can survive peak level specialist sand scorpions much less two mid-level specialist grade sand scorpions.

She flashed me a grateful smile and attacked the other Sand Scorpion with her Stag monster.

Quickly drinking Potion, I continue my dance with the Sand Scorpion, it is very difficult to fight Sand Scorpions.

Aside from its eight legs which gave it free movement, it has two sharp pincers which can crush me in the single move if I get caught in them.

It also has a super fast tail with a poisonous stinger, if I got hit by it, I will be good as dead.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn suddenly comes out me, which startles, usually she stayed inside me till evening and didn't come out even if I am fighting.

This time she comes out on her own, I thought she would help me fighting the monsters.

Although her attacks couldn't do any damage to the sand scorpion, it will at least annoy it but no, she didn't give the second glace to me or Sand Scorpions as she flew into the air and started hovering around the fight scene.

I wanted to ask her but the stinger of the monster came at me so suddenly that leaving me no choice to defend against it.

It's not even giving me a second of rest, it had very fast speed with its eight legs and it can do super fast attacks with it pincer and stinger.

Fighting it I feel like I have become monkey who was dodging its attack one after another.

"Yes!" I shouted in happiness in my mind as I circulated to the sixteenth move of supreme combat exercise.

I have been trying since yesterday but the pain is so intense that I failed every time.

Ever since I had entered the wasteland, I've never used skill, supreme compete for exercise and refinement engine same time.

Although that method helps in advancing moves of supreme combat exercise it also put a lot of strain on veins in my head, its damage had been so bad that I still feel a slight headache at nights.

I had decided to wait until my head stopped hurting at night before using that method again, I don't want to have any lasting injury that will leave problems for my future practice.