Monster Integration - Chapter 971 - Level 10 Sin Constitution

Chapter 971 - Level 10 Sin Constitution

Chapter 971 - Level 10 Sin Const.i.tution

After 82nd Floor, I keep coming across the humans and Grimm Monsters every floor. I would kill any Grimm Monster than I come across and add the things I found in the storage into my Const.i.tution Storage.

As such, I continued crossing the level until I reached the 99th Level; at the 100th level, I would receive a reward. Even though the Reward would be Golden Elite Stage and would not be much useful for me, I couldn't help but feel excited.

Taking a deep breath, I walked into the exit of the 99th floor and found myself in a small room. It also had the formation carved on it but only on the floor.

As I appeared in the small stool, I found there is a small stool in front of me, and on that stool is copper Axe about 1.2 meters long. The Axe looked amazing, and when I picked it up in my hand, I found it's weight also amazing.

As I added my mana into it, it's a coppery blade gleamed faintly with light. It is an amazing weapon, far better than the normal Totem Artifact, any Golden Elite who uses Axe would be thrilled to have it.

And as like the weapons that Tower gift, this Axe also has a merging seed, which means it could merge with Totem Artifact and increase its quality and power. This merging seed makes all weapons found in the Tower very valuable.

As people could not always get the best materials when they created the Totem Artifact or had the best formation, merging with weapons found in the Tower could upgrade its blueprint, thus enhancing their potentials.

This is useless to me, it is the Golden Elite Level, and I do not use the Axe. Even if I had used the Axe, I would not use it. My Totem Artifact far surpa.s.sed normal Totem Artifact, it has the unlimited potential, to make it a forbidden ground had been nearly drained.

I put away the Axe in my storage, the will fetch a very good price due to its merging ability. I stayed in the room for a few seconds before I teleported to the 101st level and continued climbing the levels.

If I wanted, I could have stayed in the 100th Level for a day; there was a door that leads to a resting room. Every hundred levels, the Tower offers the rest of one day, those who want to could take it.

The level after 100th had more Grimm Monster in them, and that is a very good thing for me. I get to kill more and more Grimm Monster, which gives me more and more stuff.

These Platinum Level Grimm Monsters have a lot of stuff, a lot more than that of Golden Elites. It made me really happy, as the more things they have, the quicker I will be able to Advance my const.i.tution.

110th, 120th,130th, 140th, 150th, 160th, 170th, I kept climbing the level. It is no challenge to me at all, if not for me collecting the stuff from the Grimm Monster after killing them, my speed would have been even higher.

I wonder how Ashlyn must be doing; she had also entered The War Tower with me. I'm sure she would be faster than me. Before entering the tower, I had told her not to be too fast; she should kill all the Grimm Monster and also slow down at the higher level so that she could kill some Special Grimm Monsters and take their stuff.

When I reach the last four hundred levels, I am planning on slowing down a little so that I could kill some special Grimm Monster. I had already planned a strategy from the information I have read about the Tower.


I had just killed all the Grimm Monsters from the level 176th and stuff their thing into Const.i.tution Storage and moved speedily toward the exit when suddenly, my whole body vibrates slightly.

Seeing that an ecstatic smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I was finally able to acc.u.mulate enough resources to upgrade my Const.i.tution to Level 10.

I had thought I would have to kill the Grimm Monster till 300th till I got enough stuff from the Grimm Monster as the things I need is humongous, it is four-times what small hill size herbs I have acc.u.mulated through the year, though the quality of these herbs was quite low, the amount was humongous.

Still, in this amazing Ruin, I was able to collect them in less than a week, doing such a feat outside would be nearly impossible.


Seeing I had collected all the materials required for the Advancement of my const.i.tution, I immediately started it as I did, a rumble resounded through my body before energy from the formation began to spread every inch of my body.

As the energy spread, I found my power slowly regressing, which is not strange seeing I am advancing in the const.i.tution.

I am not worried about regressing my level, if it were outside, I would have been a little worried as I would need the humongous amount of energy to level up, but here I do not have to worry about those things.

There is Elixir, though the elixir I am getting through the current levels are not much use to when I reach higher levels; the Elixir will become powerful, and I will be able to advance my levels through it.

I watched the process of const.i.tution advancement for a minute before I started to move forward. I could move and use my powers during the Advancement, so there is no need for me to stay in a single spot during my advancement.

I continued climbing the levels as I did, my const.i.tution continued advancing, and my level kept regression, from Peak Adamantine to Mid Adamantine to Initial Adamantine and it is still regressing, which had surprised me little.

As during the first nine-level, my level had regressed to that of Initial Platinum from Peak Diamond, but how huge difference of power between the Diamond and Adamantine is and how I already have Level 9 Const.i.tution, I thought my level would only regress to the Mid Adamantine at most Initial Adamantine.

But I was wrong, and I am very happy about it as the more level regressed, the more potential I have, and since this tower, I don't have to worry about getting my Level back, it made me even more ecstatic.

The advancement continued for nearly an hour, and when it finished, my level regressed to the Mid Diamond, but my strength had increased at least by three times, it is such a huge advancement, I couldn't believe how strong I have gotten.

With such a level, I have some confidence that I might be able to cross all the Adamantine Levels, especially level 801 to 900; they are the most difficult levels for an Adamantine, and only Specials could survive inside them.

Normal Adamantine could not reach there, even if it does normal Adamantine would not last even second before he got killed. That area is for specials and very, very powerful Specials could reach the end of it.

As for entering the level above 900, it is a simple joke; only those above Adamantine could survive there. I don't have the confidence to survive there, the only one I know who could survive above 900 level is Ashlyn.