Monster Integration - Chapter 95 The Great Limi

Chapter 95 The Great Limi

It's been three days we have been walking in the wasteland, it is very hot that we have to drink water every half an hour and we don't have any form protection from this intense heat.

Its good thing that we don't have to worry about the water as we had packed enough before venturing into the wasteland.

My skin had become dry and I had parched lips, this journey really getting on my nerves.

Sometimes I feel like throwing all down and then crush them with my feet.

The wasteland is so hot that Ashlyn who always like to be outside and cooped up inside me, no matter how many times I called her to come out she wouldn't listen.

She only comes out at evening and integrates into my morning as it started to become hot.

We had expected to see someone as we journey toward wasteland as nearly five thousand had entered this realm but we saw no one.

f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t! This realm is so big that we can hardly come across anyone and the only highlight of the day when some sand monster or bird monster attack us.

That is the only time that I forget about this f.u.c.king heat and fight to forget all this.

I sighed as looked at the time in front of me, there are two more hours till evening that means we have to walk to more f.u.c.king hours.

I try to pa.s.s the time by reading and watching movies and videos in my holowach, I just have to brighten it a little to see clearly in bright daylight.

I feel little weird doing that at first not to say dangerous as any sand monster could attack us at the minute but I succ.u.mbed to boredom and forget the danger that might attack me out of nowhere.

Although it felt weird watching movies and videos while waking in this dangerous environment but seeing it is the only way to pa.s.s the time as I walk.

Seeing me rhea also started to do that to pa.s.s the time.

Time pa.s.sed on and soon two hours over and the sky started to darken and we set the camp.

''If we walk this speed, we will reach the scind forest three days later." She said as she studied the map.

I nodded as I looked toward the map, we have strictly following the route on the map and based on the distance we covered in three days we can deduce the time we will need to reach the forest that is two whole days before the end date.

We can travel this fast, is all due to Rhea, whatever monster that comes to our way had been killed by Rhea in minutes.

The strongest monster we ever faced since traveling wasteland is sandworms and sand snake monster which are killed by Rhea, so most of our journey had been smooth sailing.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn comes out of me seeing it is evening and hee help is needed in cooking.

I and deedee keep a watch while Rhea and Ashlyn are cooking, past three days whenever we cook many small monsters had always come attacked because of smell.

So, it is easy to kill them or shoo them away before reaching the camp, having decided with is makes this job quite easier.

''Bam!" Deedee killed another monster that had come near the camp and expertly removed its core for rhea.

In past few days I have been observing DeeDee quite closely and I found the conjecture right that I had made earlier that Ashlyn's intelligence is comparable to corporal level monsters.

She and DeeDee had a similar level intelligence but when deedee and Ashlyn level up another level, Ashlyn will leave behind DeeDee in intelligence.

From the birth, Ashlyn had high intelligence and she leveling up, it is increasing at an alarming degree.

Grey spark sparrow is known to be mediocre in intelligence but silver spark arrow Ashlyn is mutated and maybe that mutation had given her intelligence.

If only this mutation had spread to her strain making it high level, at least to be at the lieutenant level that would have been great.

''Dinner ready!" ''Chew chew!" Ashlyn and Rhea both called out at the same time as dinner readied.

"Let's go deedee!" I asked little panda deedee who is trying to pick four specialist grade cores in her lite paws.

She somehow manages to pick them and walk toward the camp, its been five days since DeeDee level up she can't control her body at the delicate level, it would take her another week to do that.

Inside the camp, Rhea already had served the plates and Ashlyn had already started to dig in without waiting for us.

As we eating, I ask the question that has been bugging me since this afternoon.

''Is your mana purification slowed down after 88%?" I asked, two days ago my mana reach 87% purity then suddenly slowed down as if stop purifying from past two days increase in my man purity minute, it is even slow compared to the speed at back home.

''It happens to everyone, it happened to me too!" She said with a laugh as I asked this question.

She stopped for a while before answering as if finding the right words for it.

"It is called The Great Limit, it happens after mana reached above 85%, my mana reached Great Limit at 88%!" she said.

The Great limit? I've never heard of this term before, seeing I am not understanding she answered patiently.

"The Great Limit happen when once mana teach above 85%. After our mana reached above 85% purification rate our mana started to slow down extremely and it does not matter how good is your Purification Engine is!" She said.

"I also reached a great limit at 88% mana purity and it took me near a year to make 90%, it would have taken more if not for me entering this realm." She said.

I understood everything after she explained in detail, looked like Blazing Strike have to wait for little more than expected to be used by me.

After that, I clean the dishes and started reading as Rhea sleep, today is my turn to take first watch.

I looked at the sleeping rhea and sigh, whenever I look at her, the memory of her in swimsuit flood in my mind, especially time like this when I can hardly control my hormones.

Taking a couple of deep breaths I come myself and studied skill Blazing Strike for a few hours before waking up rhea for her watch.