Monster Integration - Chapter 961 - Runic Chains II

Chapter 961 - Runic Chains II

Chapter 961 - Runic Chains II

"What Is It? Tell What Is It You b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" It roared loudly at me as the two chains bound it, and runes from it started to spread around the whole crystal.

I could feel how s.h.i.+t scared it is seeing the Green and Silver Runes enveloping it. The Blood Red Crystal is struggling with all its might, but all of its attempts were futile, in front of those chains, it had become incapable of doing anything.

There two Green and Silver chains are from the two beings. The Green ones are from the beings that are present in the Garden. It is what bound the Abomination, which was hiding in my sword and extracts energies from it to feed to the blood of Annihilation t.i.tan, which is hiddenly somewhere inside me.

I do not doubt these chains sucking energy from it and feeding it to the blood of Annihilation t.i.tan, and as for the silver chains, they are from Ashlyn; her aura could clearly be felt from the chains.

Currently, both of the chains are spreading around the crystal, covering every inch of the while blood-red crystals rave and struggle, any of its actions are not affecting the operations of the Runes, they continue to spread around it.

It had struggled and raved about the runes for a while before finally, it stopped as if knowing all of its struggles futile. "Boy, do you know what these runic chains are?" it asked in its calm voice again, though its voice may seem calm, it is full of hidden tremors.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d is extremely scared and likely fis.h.i.+ng for information from me so that it could get out of its predicament.

"These chains are from t.i.tan Blood that is hidden inside me; before you, there was an Abomination who tried to occupy my body, but it was also bounded by chains and became nutrition for the t.i.tan Blood," I replied truthfully, though it is not the complete truth, it is close enough.

I told it true because I wanted to see its reactions, and the reaction I got was more intense than I had expected.

"T...Ti...t.i.tan A...Ab...Abomination." It is said in a terrified voice; it is so scared it was not even able to form the words right. The fear it had shown it, I had never heard in any one voice.

The words t.i.tan and Abomination had really scared so silly that it was not even able to say the words fully. "B...Boy, are you telling the truth?" It asked in a slightly shaking voice.

"I don't know if its true or not, that thing who called itself Abomination Said that is a survivor of t.i.tan Abomination War, and it was able to get Blood of the t.i.tan during that War," I replied truthfully, hearing blood-red crystal made a huge ripple far greater than before when

"My Lord t.i.tan, this is lowly one Singred son of Angred Leader of Sin Blood Lion Race, My race is va.s.sal of Blood t.i.tan Aondel. Please forgive this lowly one for this transgression." It said in barely stable voice.

Its voice felt so pitiful to the extreme, even I who hated it to core felt pity for it a moment when I heard its voice.

"My Lord t.i.tan, please forg" "AHHHHH….."

It apologized again but this when it halfway into the sentence, the runes fully covered the core and s.h.i.+ned brightly and that moment it started scream loudly, It screams were so loud that I felt my soul shudder and if nor Ashlyn defending, I sure that its screams would have shattered my soul into bing pieces of fine dust.

'Harnessing has started.' I thought as I saw both of energies started sucking the energies of the core. Faint red energy could be seen pa.s.sing through the chains as the crystals scream.

Hearing its painful screams, I couldn't help but feel happy as if not for these chains, my body would have been taken over by this blood-red crystal, and I would be screaming the same way as this being did.

It seemed to be in pain beyond imagination, the pain I had felt earlier nothing compares to what this blood-red crystal is feeling. Well, its very self is getting sucked by the chains, not only the energy crystal but also its soul is getting devoured.

This Crystal seemed to have held s.h.i.+t loads of energies, it had been quite a while and chains were only able to reduce its size by only a little. Seeing these two runic chains, sucking the energy, I kind of feel jealous.

This crystal contains a huge amount of energy, a micro fraction of it would be more than enough to take peak Adamantine.


Just a few seconds had pa.s.sed when that thought came into my mind when the faint change occurred in the two chains that were sucking off the energy from the crystal.

The silver chain started to release the refined energies into me, the energies releasing a very tiny fraction of what she is sucking up, but it is more than enough for me as my level is rising at very fast speed.

On the other hand, the Green chain separated tiny chains from it, which had dug deep inside me till it latched itself into Nero and started to pump green energies inside him.

I was a little worried about seeing the condition of the Nero, but soon those thoughts left my mind when I saw the delightful expression on the Neros Face, it is clear that whatever Green Chain is giving him is very beneficial to him.

I sensed change happening in Nero, I saw him becoming more and more complete, Nero was life but was not fully able to connect with me. I could sense him when it was coming from deep inside me, but now, as this green energy started to enter inside him, our connection becoming stronger and stronger.

It wouldn't be long before I have a strong connection with Nero as I had with Ashlyn and that I might even get ability from the Nero, which is a good thing and bad thing.

The reason why most people have one monster is because of the s.p.a.ce it gets in once. The freer one's source is the greater one's connection with the world remains, which helps one comprehend and advance many things like Rule powers from the world.

This is the reason why smart people don't get the second monster, they would sacrifice the second ability which they might get from getting second monsters as it is simply not worth it.

There is also a problem; I was born with a faulty source which could not be expended, though I had felt clear change into my soul when my const.i.tution changed into the Sin Const.i.tution.

Nothing could be said about being Nero able to form a similar connection like Ashlyn or nor, or I would get an ability if he can form the connection.

There is one other thing that complicates the matter even further, and that is that Nero is not a monster. He is a special being who formed from the energies of Miracle fruit coincidentally and got the seed of wisdom from the being in the Garden.

Everything about him is very complicated; the only thing I could do is wait and watch how things proceed.