Monster Integration - Chapter 954 - Blood Red Sea Of Mist

Chapter 954 - Blood Red Sea Of Mist

Chapter 954 - Blood Red Sea Of Mist

The knives appeared behind us; there is barely a meter difference between us and the knives that came at us with the intention to reap our lives.

Kach Katch Katch...

Ashlyn already started moving through the air and also created the s.h.i.+eld of Armor energy behind us, but it seemed to no avail as these knives pierced through it like hot knife pierces through the b.u.t.ter.

Seeing the knives so close, my mood couldn't help but worsen as I am very aware that no matter how good Ashlyn's flying skill is. If these thousand knives are attacking us, some of them will hit us no matter how good we are.

Puch! Puch! Puch!...

Ashlyn tried to dodge the knives, but some of them she did till finally knives were able to hit her. First second, two knives pierced through her and one through me and next second another knife pierced through me while three in her.


I let out the mournful scream as the two knives that pierced through me transformed into the earthly mystic energy and drilled through my body in the most painful way before it started to tear it apart from inside.

It is very painful, it felt like thousands of knives piercing through my body, and they will only stop when they make a complete paste off my skin and bones.

I made attempts to confine this earthy mystic energy; I crushed healing medicine and also started to create blocks using Rule powers and other energies.

But it is to no avail; the earthly energy is too overbearing, whatever block or confinement I was trying to create, it would crush them in a moment before moving forward to tear me apart.

I am screaming in pain, forgetting where I am and what I am doing. In front of this torturous pain, I forgot everything.


I was screaming in pain when suddenly the killing Rule inside me activated on its own and started to behave madly, the ribbon inside my source began to s.h.i.+ne brightly as it got super excited over something.


I who was screaming in pain suddenly found the pain I am feeling is lessening at the incredible speed and within a few seconds it became manageable.

Seeing that I felt startled and about to open my eyes when suddenly I felt like falling and before I could understand what was happening, I found myself falling. Next second, I fell on the flood so hard that some bones even broke.

My eyes flew open by such a fall, and I found myself in deep blood red mist, the mist so thick that I could see anything other than Blood Red Mist.


I couldn't help but curse loudly when I found myself in such thick mist. I had read about this Blood Red Sea of Mist before and knew the deeper one goes, the more dangerous it becomes and looking at such dense blood-red mist, it seemed like I am pretty deep.

Calming my raging heart down, I started to check my injuries that had been torturing me to death a few seconds ago, but when I checked inside me, I found nothing, I saw my body being perfectly fine without even a tiny bit of injury.


h.e.l.l, except for some broken bones I had got from my fall earlier, there were no other injuries in me, seeing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, but next moment the smile on my face froze, and I cursed in horror.

"This is an illusion," I said with a horror-filled voice; just now, when I checked my connection with Ashlyn and I found it being void, there is nothing there.

Which made this an illusion, as there is no other conjecture and even though Ashlyn had received huge injuries, given her abnormality, they are not enough to kill her, and even if they had killed her, I would feel it as my soul would have been damaged with our connection broken.

So, I am very sure this is an illusion and very powerful at that as I could everything is real. My strength, ground beneath my feet, and this blood-red mist, which is giving off a thick b.l.o.o.d.y smell from which my killing Rule is strangely resonating.

I am feeling a huge urge to kill and would have found myself lost in the madness of it if not me spending seven months learning to control this urge. Even if the urge to kill is overwhelming, I am still controlling it.

I am very much aware that once I lost myself in that urge of killing, the madness will take over me, and I will never be able to get out of this place and die here like countless others.

Calming my mind, I started to think about everything I know about this Blood Red Sea of Mist. There is only small information about it that is entering it; one would enter illusions.

One quickly has to get out of the illusion and use a few precious seconds to flee before another illusion comes over.

There is no end to these illusions; they will come one after another; one has to defeat each one of these illusions and find an escape as quickly as possible.

Many people have died in this Blood Red Sea of Mist, there is one account about one team, the seven people had entered this mist, and only two of them were able to come out while five of them lost in mist forever.

As for what type of illusions this b.l.o.o.d.y mist gives, they all are always about fighting and killing. There one silver lining in a dangerous mission that those who have comprehended Rules Madness, Killing, Murder, Blood, Carnage, and other same type rules of this category get unprecedented advancement in this Mist.

My Killing Rule had already reached the Absolute Peak of the Basic Stage, and I had been finding a way to upgrade it to Level 1 Rule, and this might be my chance, I thought ruefully to cheer myself from this despair filled situation.


I was busy with my thoughts when I felt mist move, and a second later, I saw five three-meter tall skeletons coming toward me with blood scimitar in their hands.