Monster Integration - Chapter 951 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 951 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 951 - Uninvited Guest


I exclaimed in my mind as I saw the whole sea of fire, becoming a funnel shape, and it trapped the monster inside. This is an amazing form of energy control at such a huge scale is simply incredible, which is very, very hard to gain in the Knight Stage.


The fire had packed the monster inside, but it was not able to kill it, it was still roaring as it tried to break the cage of fire that Ashlyn had created, seeing it, one could imagine how powerful and terrifying its defense and vitality is.

Lightning Arcs could be seen from the center of the fire funnel, but as they appear, they are crushed by the Black Sand that Ashlyn is constantly releasing into the funnel, to crush any resistance that the monster is creating.

That not the only thing is doing as with pa.s.sing time; she is concentrating the fire, which is why the Silver Fire Funnel is getting smaller and brighter every second. She wanted to create a powerful furnace in which she could kill a monster by directly burning it.

For others doing something is very hard, but to Ashlyn, it did not take much effort. Every moment she is concentrating the fire more and more, so she could increase the power of the fire, which is already at the level of the Mystic Method.

I wish I could do something like this, my control is very good, and I don't think anyone at my level could match me in control, but it is still quite off from what Ashlyn is capable off, it will take quite a lot of time and hard work of me if I want to have such level of energy control.


Ten minutes pa.s.sed by, and the Thunder Hog kept roaring loudly, but as the time pa.s.sed as it's roars began to tone down slowly and till they lost all the fierceness it had and also their pitch became very low that they stopped hurting my ears.

But it is still roaring and which is enough to tell there is quite much life left in it and it will not be easy to kill it.


I had just thought that when suddenly I saw Ashlyn entering the funnel, seeing that I couldn't help but scream loudly. Getting close to the monster is extremely dangerous; it is not only alive, but it has also covered itself in a cage of the Thunder to blunt the blow of the fire.

It would be very dangerous for her to attack the monster from a close distance, but she had entered the funnel means she would have some plant in mind, if not for that Ashlyn wouldn't have taken such a dangerous risk.


A few seconds after she entered the funnel, I saw thunder disappearing, and next second I heard a soft thud, and soon after the fire starts to fizzle away till there were none and the monster revealed itself, in the form of a corpse.

It is dead, Ashlyn had killed it completely as otherwise, Ashlyn wouldn't have stood on its corpse having a victory pose, which looked quite funny due to her chubby body.

"You have really killed it," I said as I approached the corpse of the monster and about to say something to Ashlyn when I saw the condition of the monster's body, which looked fine.

The monster's body is not much injured, except the upper part of its skin being charred which is a minor injury, even after such fearsome attack all Ashlyn was able to do is charred its body a little.

'What kind of defense and vitality is this.' I thought as I touched the monster's body, seeing such minor damage, I am sure it would have taken Ashlyn hours if she had tried to kill it conventional way.

As for how she killed it, it is likely that she had reduced her size and entered the inside of its monster through its ears before melting its brains out, only using an unconventional way could Ashlyn kill a monster powerful as this.

"Good Job Ashlyn," I said to Ashlyn as I petted her and before storing the monster corps inside the storage. I wanted to cut some pieces of the monster for the evening dinner, but seeing its defense, I would take time, and with the commotion we have, it will be better for us to get away from us as soon as possible.

"Friend, Wait!"

With that, I thought I had taken a step to walk away when I heard someone calling me in a weird accent, hearing that my body couldn't help but turn taut, and my expression became serious.

I slowly turned my body toward the sound and saw that Earth Crockman standing at four hundred meters away from me on top of the building, seeing it so close I couldn't help but feel extremely alarmed.

It is a very close distance, but neither I nor Ashlyn was able to sense it, something like this never had happened, especially after we had obtained a Tri-Color Sensory Modulating Stone which amplified our sensory abilities.

And since I had entered this Ruin, I kept sensory modulating stone always activated in a range of five hundred meters. This Grimm Monster can enter my range without me noticing, not only me, but Ashlyn also did not notice it; that is what especially worried me.

I completely moved toward it and looked at it fully; this Grimm Monster is Earth Crockman, who is holding a huge spiked Warhammer on his shoulder.

Seeing we are being targeted by the powerful Grimm Monster, I did not shy away and moved my senses toward it, and this time, I was able to sense it, and with it, I was able to sense its aura.

When I sensed it aura, I was shocked, more shocked when I had heard his voice a few seconds ago.

This Grimm Monster is a Diamond like me, to be exact it is an Initial level Diamond but its Diamond aura felt deep as the ocean; giving me some type of feeling as a Girl in high heels did; which is a very very bad thing for us.