Monster Integration - Chapter 946 - 1%

Chapter 946 - 1%

Chapter 946 - 1%

The Firebird in the center of her source is Blazing, though it is always blazing since it is the source of her ability, this time, it is blazing in a very dangerous fire. Just looking at this fire, I couldn't help but shudder in excitement all over my body.

The fire ability of hers has become very powerful, and this is just starting, as she was not even able to extract 1% of energy from that Fiery Lotus, which is still above her source.

Lines of bright orange fire are fusing into fiery Bird, making it more blazing and resplendent. Its power is increasing at a visible rate, and it wouldn't be long before I receive the most powerful fire ability.

The fire ability of mine may seem powerful, but it is lesser than mediocre when compared to those specials and those with the special const.i.tution, but now it's power increases at a very fast speed if this is going on then it wouldn't be long before my Fire Ability gets a lethality of Mystic Method.

The source kept sucking off the energy from the fire Lotus, and finally, my fire ability had become strong as a normal offensive method when it finally stopped, seeing that I couldn't help but let out the sight of disappointment.

"Barely 1%," I muttered, the Lotus possess the power to make our fire ability stronger than our imagination, but to have such strong ability, we also need to have a strong const.i.tution.

The Blazing Rose is melted lava, and my body is a cup of clay, maximum it will be able to store a drop or two at most before shattering under the pressure of the Lava. Mine and Ashlyn's bodies are the same.

We have all-powerful Lotus that could make our fire ability is all-powerful, but our bodies are not all capable enough to host that all-powerful powerful fire. Still, I am quite happy with this rose as just 1% of it is able to make our fire ability lethal as a normal mystic method.

The only regretful thing is that I would not be able to use this fire ability, I have currently reached my limit, so unless I broke it and became Adamantine, I will not be able to use my new ability.

There is a silver lining in it, that when I become Adamantine the fire ability, I will also be stronger; as my power reaches higher, the greater power I will be able to get from the Rose.

If I am not wrong, then at Adamantine I should be able to take 2% to 3% of that Blazing lotus power, I thought with smiles and as I looked at my holowatch, the evening had come, it is time to find a safe place to set up the camp.

There is not the only danger of residual powers and Grimm Monsters; there is also a danger of native monsters of this Ruin. Till now, I had not come across any monsters likely because I am in an area where danger is every few hundred meters, which made it habitable for only certain types of Monsters.

I have to find a place safe enough to save me from all this danger, and I already know what sort of a place I should look in this Ruined city.

This Ruin City may be dangerous, but there are also safe spots that other places could not offer. So, I started to search for the place to spend the night and one and a half-hour later when it had become completely dark, I found the place.

It is beaten down by a half-collapsed four-story building, which still had runes flas.h.i.+ng faintly in some places. Its 1st, 3rd, and 4th floor half collapse, but the second floor looks quite fine compared to the other three floors.

It is quite intact with small gaps here and there; there is one gap on the 2nd floor, which is big enough that I could squeeze inside it. Seeing the building, I stopped and observed it from outside to see if it is safe.

It was regretful that Ashlyn has not woken up yet. If she had awake, I would have asked her to check out the place, but now all I could do is send some drones, I hope they work as the fluctuations from incomplete Runic formation tends to make drones go haywire.


I sighed as I looked one drone after another falling from the sky, 'Looks like I will have to go there myself.' I thought, staying in such a building which still had runes flas.h.i.+ng are quite dangerous, but it is still dangerous staying in the open, for a peaceful night in such dangerous runes, the risk worth it.

So, I flew toward the second floor, which is quite difficult in the four times gravity, but to me it is just more effort. I Flew to the second floor and stopped in front of the Gap.

This is the biggest Gap into the second floor, and inside it is dark as outside, earlier I had tried to use my Rule power to look inside, but my rule power had been another seep in.

The runes and special materials the buildings have made of, make it really difficult to investigate; still, there are some ways like things one, I thought, as I took out light crystal from my storage.

These are a natural light source, as long as I one I add mana into it will glow. I completely gripped my fist and added mana into it, as I did light started to seep from the cracks of my finger, and my hands have also shone red due to the light.

Clung Clung...

Seeing it had brightened enough, I threw it inside through the gap, and it went without obstructions and lit up s.p.a.ce inside, which is a big hall which is shambles.

I took a look inside the hall, seeing if any stray formation is active like outside, and seeing none, I walked inside through the gap.