Monster Integration - Chapter 944 - Garden Of Blazing Roses I

Chapter 944 - Garden Of Blazing Roses I

Chapter 944 - Garden Of Blazing Roses I

I am going to go toward the east since the west is unknown, and I aim to find chances that were not on the maps; I will have to find them myself.

Taking a look at the decimated and withered Ruins of Hilbert City, I walked toward the east, as where I am going in the east, I have no b.l.o.o.d.y idea. The only thing, I have to search for the chances.

'It would have saved me quite a lot of trouble, if the chances had been marked on the map, I would just go to get them.' I joked as I walked downhill. Ashlyn is flying ahead, scouting the way for me.

Like this small stream, which is fifty meters beside me, it looks beautiful as crystalline water is flowing from it, and yes, there is crystalline water floating from it, and if one looks carefully, there are also some very tiny runes.

This small stream may look very pleasant and not dangerous at all, but any knight walked ten meters of its radius, that person will be frozen to death before shattering into icy crystals and merging into the stream.

This is why the area around ten meters of its Radius is completely barren; there is not a single life that could be flouris.h.i.+ng there.

Just like this crystalline stream, there is the gentle emerald wind that could be seen rustling above with multicolored tree leaves; this gentle wind is even more dangerous than the stream.

If anyone entered its range, then they would be sliced in the thousands of extremely thin pieces. Danger lurks everywhere, and Ashlyn is the best scout there is; her danger sense is way greater than mine.

We continue our travel, avoiding danger and searching through the buildings to see if we found anything exciting. Many people found fortune and chances through this, I've had in the last batch, one girl just found a Mystic Weapon lying in a damaged building.

Though the Mystic Artifact was quite damaged, it is was far still greater than what she had imagined, she had become invincible with that weapon of hers, and I even heard, she was able to make that Mystic Weapon merge with her Totem Artifact, making it completely hers.

I don't know if these stories are true or not as they are from the feed and not any trustable source; still, there are too many stories on the feeds, and all stories have some truth.

I am very aware that many of the stories are true; Trojan Ruin is a complete treasure trove. Take those crystals in the stream or leaves in the wind; these are treasures with unimaginable value.

But no knights could take these treasures; the danger around them is so great that even those who are above the Knight will not be able to get close to those two things. Ellen said there are some things in this Ruin that have the power to instantly annihilate the Top Powerhouses of our world.

In this Ruin, not all treasures are unreachable; there are many other things one could get. Not all treasures are bound in extreme danger; some could be found easily like some things in the house that are not eroded by the time or things in attacks that had faded enough not to harm one.

I was just traveling behind the safe way shown by Ashlyn when something had entered my range. When I concentrated, I found it was a Grimm Monster and a Diamond-like me.

It seemed to have noticed me before I noticed it from the high ground, and now it is coming at it with the fiendish expression on its face when it saw me looking at it finally, it licked its lips and let out a laugh.

Seeing it, I felt good. Even if it is an enemy, at least I saw someone; walking into runes of the city alone is quite endearing, but now seeing the Grimm Monster, I did not feel alone anymore.


Unfortunately, it is an enemy which can't be left alive, so I took a regretful sigh and threw a knife at it, seeing the knife it had laughed at first but ist expression stiffened mid-laugh as it had started to laugh when suddenly a knife had appeared in front of it and pierced through its head.

Seeing it dead, I appeared before it's a dead body and stored it inside my storage before continuing with my journey.

As such, five hours had pa.s.sed, and in the five hours, I had come across the seven Grimm Monsters, all of them I had killed. It is such a regret that there are no humans.

According to data, whenever the Trojan Ruin opened, Grimm Monsters always sent ten times more numbers than us, and that is their least number as most of the time, they sent more than ten times.

Grimm Monsters have more powerhouses than us, and they also have greater l.u.s.t for this Ruin, so it is not surprising that they have more numbers than us; it gives us a lot of pressure as the more numbers they have, the more resources that will take from the Ruin.

Since exiting the Blood Pool, Ashlyn and I were not much luck finding something worthwhile, but the Grimm Monsters I've killed had pretty good things; two of Grimm Monsters had got quite lucky as they had very precious things inside their storages.

Chew Chew…

I was just thinking about the treasures when Ashlynn's chirp rang out across my mind; she had said she had found something interesting, and I should take a look. Hearing that, I did not waste time in the useless thoughts and walked toward Ashlyn quickly.

Ashlyn is about two kilometers away from me if it had been home. It would have taken me a few seconds to reach there, but now I am walking, albeit speedily toward her.

This city must have had a fierce battle in the past as every few hundred meters; there are some attacks remnant. I have to walk carefully through the city, as the smallest mistake could vaporize me without having thoughts of regret flashed in my mind.

So, I controlled my curiosity and did not look through our shared link as I walked toward Ashlyn.


A few minutes later I reached Ashlyn and saw what she wanted for me too and seeing it couldn't help but a curse in shock as seen in front of me is that amazing, it is one of the most wonderful scenes I've ever seen as it is both scary and beautiful.

In front of me is the Garden of roses or Garden of the Blazing roses, the whole garden is made of fire. Every rose tree is made of fire from root to flower; everything is made of fire.

If a normal person were to see this at first time, he would not believe it this Garden is made of fire, only those who have some type of fire Rule like me will notice the whole Garden being made of fire.


I was just watching the Garden when I saw Ashlyn suddenly flying toward the Garden, seeing that I couldn't help but scream out loud as going there is nothing less than Death sentence.