Monster Integration - Chapter 931 - Fighting Adamantine

Chapter 931 - Fighting Adamantine

Chapter 931 - Fighting Adamantine

I looked at the Adamantine, who attacked me and was not surprised even a bit when I found out it is Green Wind Foxman.

Unlike the other Grimm Monster of a similar stage, this Foxman is barely four meters tall with light green luxurious fur on its body, which made it look very charming.

It is wearing full body armor and holding a delicate rapier which looks like it is a work of the Art, it's got a completely matched aesthetic that the foxmen tribe preferred.

It looked quite shocked, seeing dodging its attack as it had launched the attack from a distance of two hundred meters, which is very close. While it may be feeling angry, I feel very different from what it is feeling.

I am scared s.h.i.+tless by this Adamantine; even though it is only One Star Adamantine, it is still an Adamantine, and I am scared s.h.i.+tless, but there is some excitement that is that beating in my heart.

I had never thought of fighting the Adamantine, but now seeing it, I really want to fight this Adamantine, which is why I had immediately switched to my Totem Artifact as soon as I dodged the attack.

Sup Sup Sup...

The Green Wind Foxman looked like the anger on its face subsided, and I had thought it would say something, but next moment, it started to swing its repair at the blurring speed, and it did threatening-looking dark Green wind blades began to come out of it.

Looking at these wind blades, I knew these wind blades were very threatening; the earlier attack was just a casual attack, but this attack is a serious attack, and I will have to dodge it whether I wanted it or not.

I let the madness take over my mind and instantly used the featherlight energy to dodge the attack, which again surprised me as it had not thought that puny Diamond could dodge its attack a second time in the row.

The real anger finally showed on its face, and it again started to launch the attack but attacks of this time were way more powerful than the last time as this time, It did not move an inch, but hundreds or wind blades started to materialize behind it, till the sky behind it completely downed in wind blades.

This is the power of the Adamantine; it is earthshaking that no Diamond could compare to it, just seeing those hundreds of Wind Blades materializing, cold sweat broke through my body as I clearly feel how dangerous these wind blades are.

Sup Sup Sup…

Finally, when nearly three hundred Dark Green Wind Blades Materialised behind it, it realized them all at me with a cruel laugh, but I did not have time to see its cruel laugh as these wind blades were coming at me.

I used featherlight and disappeared from my spot, but to my shock, these hundreds of wind blades changed their course and moved toward me. This had scared the h.e.l.l out of me, and I again disappeared from my spot and appeared a little far away, but these Wind Blades followed.

'What the f.u.c.k is going on!' I thought as I saw these terrifying wind blades coming after me like bloodthirsty wolves, no matter I moved, they were following behind me.

I have never heard about the Method that could do this, I have really weird s.h.i.+ts and experienced many of them, but none of them were weird. It is like these wind blades have the brain of their own, and they will follow me anywhere I went.

As I continued dodging the Wind Blades, I started tracking their energy as such skills need a large amount of expenditure, and I was right.

The more I moved, the more energy they lost, but to my shock, the expenditure of them is quite slow, or I may say these wind blades are made out of immense energy and would be able to support themselves quite a while.

And all I could do is dodge them, keep dodging them till they spent all their energy. It was a good thing I have a featherlight Method to do that speed of my Armor would not be enough to dodge such swift wind blades.

FeatherLight Method is a level lower than the Phantom Method, but it is purely a Speed type method. At the same time, the Phantom Method is a comprehensive method that has offensive, defensive, speed everything, so it is quite difficult for it to match the level of the pure Speed type method.

While I am running away like a joker, the Foxman looks like it is watching a show, the clear, pleasing smile on its face feels like a mock to me and which is making me really angry as I could do nothing to it.

The most I am angry at are the human Admantines; those f.u.c.kers were not able to contain this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, because of their incompetence to contain it, it was able to leave that battlefield.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d of the Foxman is quite smart too; it is one of the weakest Adamantine that fighting and craftily run away from the battlefield, but I did not unleash the ma.s.sacre on the humans as it is clearly aware that once it did that, one of human Adamantine to will come of hunt it.

So, it is lying low on the battlefield, targeting me, and once it kills me, it will target another as killing few humans would not make it come under the gaze of the human Admantines.

It is taking complete advantage of battle rules as if the Grimm Monster won the battle; no one will accuse it of running away as technically

I was just dodging the wind blades when my gaze fell on the Foxman whom I had fought earlier, it is still in its Phantom Wolf form and watching the battle from the edge.

Earlier this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was saved and became this Adamantine b.a.s.t.a.r.d from its tribe, let's see what that b.a.s.t.a.r.d does when it's tribesman life is in danger from the Wind Blades it had cast.

With the plan made, I did not waste any time. I took more featherlight energy than the regular dose and disappeared, when I had appeared I was behind the Phantom Fox.

The distance was nearly seven hundred meters but I crossed it in less than a second, the speed provided by the Featherlight method really amazing that one couldn't help but get enamored by its Marvel.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d fox did not notice me till it saw blades coming toward it, it got alarmed and despaired from its spot, and I disappeared with it and appeared where it appeared.

The wind blades, on the other hand, they got even more closer that there is barely five meters distance between Wind blades and us since I had started running, I had never let wind blades come this close to me.


The phantom fox got even more scared than me seeing the wind-blasted so close he called 'Ture!' While running constantly, 'ture' in Grimm Language means brother or friend, I don't form which meaning, it had called out the name but when wind blades were a one-meter distance from all of them disappeared.

This again shocked me as I did not think that it would be able to control the wind blades once they have been launched, but it looks like they could.