Monster Integration - Chapter 926 - It's Time

Chapter 926 - It's Time

Chapter 926 - It's Time

Currently, only Silver Elite and Golden Elite are fighting, but it would not long before fighting reaches the Diamond Level, unlike the other cities of the Midzone the Guildmaster of S Cla.s.s Guilds are Diamond.

Unfortunately, that time would not be our time to enter; only when the Grimm Monster would bring out their Elite reserves, only then would we come out to fight them.

"Have you seen, these Grimm Monsters seemed to be more trained in such battles than the usual bunch." Elton commented, "Hm." I nodded, he is right the Grimm Monster that is fighting is not the usual bunch, these Grimm Monsters seemed to be slightly trained in the battle.

"You know from my friends, I heard that the Grimm Monsters coming for the battles are more trained than the normal," Elton said while looking at the battle. "The Grimm Monsters also seemed to be more focusing on building the forward bases," I said.

We are not directly saying what we are thinking, just noting the important point as we both are intelligent enough to sense what is happening over the months.

The battle-trained Grimm Monsters, Building Forward Bases, recruiting more and more people for the Elite Corps, Bringing more powerhouses from the central continent. These things are happening for months; a little experienced person would already have noticed something is cooking.

It is very likely, or surely we are headed for War, both sides have started to bring their forces out. Once the fuse is lit, the whole War would erupt, as for what scale it would go or how much longer it would last, nothing can be said about it.

The biggest war that happened had swept the whole world in it and lasted for years while some limited Grimm Battlefield and ended in a week; nothing could be said about it; everything is dependent on the Higher-ups.

"The Influence of Ice and Fire Building could be clearly seen, don't you think?" Elton asked after some time of quiet, "Nearly 60% of our people are fighting with Ice and Fire Rule." I said.

Ice and fire Elementals attacks had downed the battlefield, everywhere one look they will see Ice and Fire elemental attacks are flying everywhere, it all due to the Ice and Fire Building.

It is quite hard to comprehend the Rule and those who wish to do that, have to go to the Rule palace which is quite expensive, unlike the Ice and Fire which did not charge anything, anyone can go inside without any restriction.

I've heard that those people who have Ice and fire Elemental powers were given special presence to come to Raven City.

If this continues, then 90% of residents will be Ice and Fire Rule Comprehender, which will make Raven city even more distinct than it already is.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed since the Battle had started, and it began to pick up speed; the people could be seen fighting everywhere, using every move they had in their a.r.s.enal to kill the energy.

Despite the double numbers and battle-trained forces, the Grimm Monsters were still not able to gain advantage over humans, if one observes very carefully, they would see that humans are faintly gaining advantages in the battle.

The Grimm Monster probably saw this is why the leaders of the battle came, there are fifteen diamonds with two hundred Platinum Elites behind them, seeing that leaders of the Guilds and Platinum behind and also flew toward the Grimm Monsters.

A minute later, Diamond and Platinum level Fight had started, seeing that I straightened my back and watched the fight seriously. Now the real fight has started, it will be interesting to see if those hiding behind would come out during this fight or not.

I hope they come as only when they come will I be able to fight but it was to happen it will take time, the battle had just started, it had been half an hour since Silver and Golden Elite state fighting, I would have waited for a while, at least till the fight matured.

"Those people from Red Flag are crazy and powerful as always," I said with a sigh, in any battle, if one count whose performance is best, then it would be Red Flag. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really crazy in dealing, almost crossing the limits when they fight.

They never cared about the consequence when they fight, especially when fighting against the Grimm Monsters. Even Grimm Monster always remained careful of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, avoiding fighting them if they could.

Unlike the other Guilds, the Red Flag has special training for their members, only those who completed the training will officially be accepted in the Red Flag. They also held many specialized training sessions for their members.

To normal, their Battle Style may seem crazy even self-destructive, but it is not; it is a special way of fighting in which they have been trained.

They may look like bloodiest, but if one looked carefully, they would see all of these injuries were aimed at the nonvital parts of the body, rarely any of the attacks. .h.i.tting their vitals.

There is a method in their madness, every attack of theirs has a meaning, every dodge has a reason behind it. If they are taking the attack of the enemy on their body then there must be some reason behind it.

Other people may not dare to take the attack of the enemy head-on as Method attacks are fairly dangerous, but people from the Red Flag won't hesitate, especially those of Platinum and above.

Those who reach platinum and above get a chance to practice a special method called 'Cage.' This method does not have any other uses other than trapping and crus.h.i.+ng the energies that came inside one.

Be it method energy or the force that came clash or any other energy, it may seem useless but it is extremely useful, especially to members of the Red Flag, to be honest, if I ever got a chance to practice that 'Cage' Method, I would practice it without hesitation.

I am not joking; I would really practice it as my body has enough capacity to practice another Mystic method; practicing it would not be a problem for me.

Two hours pa.s.sed since the battle had started, and in these two hours, thousands of people have fallen on both sides, but the battle is still continuing, and it is continuing on at full speed.

Some people could be seen lost in battle l.u.s.t as the only thing they have in their mind is kill. Kill every enemy you kill till there is no enemy seen in front of your eyes; this seemed to have become the motto in this battle.

Another Diamond of the Grimm Monsters was killed; this is the seventh Diamond Elite of the Grimm Monsters had been killed since the battle started and with its death, the scales of the upper battle finally tipped into complete favor of the humans.

Ting Ting Ting...

If there is no reinforcement, then it would not take long for this battle to end, this thought had just entered my mind when suddenly my and others holowatches started to buzz.

"Its Time." Elton said as he read the two-word message 'Its Time!' from his holowatch.