Monster Integration - Chapter 924 - Comprehending

Chapter 924 - Comprehending

Chapter 924 - Comprehending

I have reached 4 Star of Diamond Level means the middle level of Diamond, and with the enhancement from my Totem Artifact, I will have power equal to Six Star Diamond, one Star less than Seven Star Diamond which is Peak Diamond Level.

I wish I could drink another Potion and increase my strength to Five Star Diamond or at least take my strength to the peak Four Star Diamond, it would make me feel quite confident about facing the powerful Grimm Monsters at battle but unfortunately, I could not.

The Potion was so heavy that it made impurities in my body reach its limit; if I drink any more potion, then it is going to adversely affect my practice, which I don't want to happen. So unless my body gets cleansed of these impurities, I am not going to drink another Potion.

A few minutes later, I got up, walked to the shower, and slept right after I came out of it.

The next morning I woke very early, followed my morning routine, ate, and started the practice of my four methods together. After I finished with it, I showered and left for the Ice and Fire Building.

I want to use every free moment I have in comprehending the Rule; the sooner I made progress in it, the better.

This time when I entered, I directly walked toward the 5th layer, which felt a little lighter to me, it is probably because my strength had increased.

The pressure is still great, though, and I am still very cautious under such pressure. I picked the spot and started meditating, and like yesterday, just as I began to meditate, the comprehension began to flow inside me.

I lost in the meditation, losing a sense of everything around me and I became so lost that I had failed to see the progress I am making, the Rule power inside me steadily made progress and soon enough the Sunfire Rule reached the Absolute peak of the Basic Stage, and it did not stop progressing.

Chew Chew…

I was enjoying that wonderful sensation when suddenly I heard the loud chirp inside me, which woke me up and broke me out of that epiphany, which one rarely experiences in one's lifetime.

I was quite angry at Ashlyn at first for her to wake me from the wonderful Epiphany, but when I looked at the Sunfire Rule, my expressions changed.

The Sunfire Rule had reached the Absolute peak of the Basic Grade and just hair breath away from entering the intermediate Grade.

If Ashlyn had not broken me out of Epiphany, I would have reached the Intermediate Stage of Sunfire, which would have given a huge boost, huge enough I would be able to fight against the Adamantine, she did the very right thing.

Others may curse me for these thoughts as even a very tiny percentage of Adamantine were able to make their Rule Intermediate as it is extremely difficult to do that in the knight stage.

It would have been difficult for me too if not for Epiphany, but I do not want to make my Rule power advance to Intermediate Grade, at least not when my Rule powers are Level 2 Rule.

I have ambition, and that is to make my Rule powers advance to Level 1 Rule before they advance to Intermediate Stage; once Rule power reaches the Intermediate Grade, it is very difficult to advance its Grade from there.

Though it will be very hard for me to upgrade my Rule Powers to Level 1 Rules, I will still try, and because of this shot for trying, I sacrifice the strength, but if I am successful then, this sacrifice will bring me even greater strength.

With that through, I opened my eyes and started to walk to the door that will lead me toward the 4th Layer, with my Sunfire reaching Absolute Peak, the effect of Rule power here had me weakened by a great deal.

With Emerald pa.s.s in hand, the Guards did not stop as I entered the 4th layer, just as I did, I felt an intense sensation of the Ice and Fire Rule was.h.i.+ng over my body and I was utterly powerless to stop this sensation, so I stopped resisting and let it wash over me.

I felt I am being fried in boiling oil and pierced by th.o.r.n.y icy air through my whole body at the same time.

Under this pressure, I had stopped breathing for a minute and even saw the Guard coming toward me. If I had not somehow managed to take a breath, the Guard would have taken me out of the 4th layer.

I stayed on my spot for fifteen minutes before I got enough control over my body that I started to take very slow steps toward the meditation spot, it took me fifteen minutes to reach the spot and sit on it.

There I started to meditate; this time, I did not focus on comprehending Rule power to make it advance; this time, I am more focused on enriching My Sunfire Rule with enough comprehension to bring a complete change in it, which would upgrade it to the Level 1 Rule.

If I had been alone, I would not have the confidence, but I have Ashlyn, who is comprehending the Rules. It might take us some time, but I am sure we will be able to upgrade our Sunfire Rule to Level 1 Rule, and that time, Its power will be beyond imagination.

The Level 1 Rules are not famous for anything; whoever comprehended these Rule Posses the explosive power to crush any person within the same stage. If one does not have the Level 1 Rule to boost him then he can forget out surviving against those who had comprehended the Level 1 Rule.

There are very few people able to comprehend the Level 1 Rule as it is extremely hard, especially in the Knight stage, but I have confidence that I could do it, and I will do it.