Monster Integration - Chapter 910 - Level 4

Chapter 910 - Level 4

Chapter 910 - Level 4

The first thing I did after I reached my apartment was sleep; I did not even shower, just went to my apartment and slept. Sleeping in the pod could never beat sleeping in a real bed.

When I woke up, I found it was an evening I had slept through the whole afternoon, and it was good as now I did not feel tired at all, all the fatigue and frustration had completely vanished.

After waking up, I showered unhurriedly enjoying the cold water that falls on every inch of my body; it is heavenly. I showed longer than usual before I came out, dried myself with my ability, and wore comfortable clothes.

Chew Chew…

I was just walking toward the kitchen when I heard the Ashlyn chirp, clearly asking me to cook the dinner for her, "I am cooking." I said as I entered the kitchen and started taking out cooking ingredients.

I am not going to cook an elaborate meal but not a simple meal either, I am going to cook something good with a high energy punch.

For the past seven months, I've grown tired of eating normal food as I could not digest the energy coming from it, and so it Nero as he had also reached his limit because of me.

So the undigested energy could only roam my body and injure every part inside until it is completely spent.

So, now I am going to cook something that makes me feel little heat in my body and stomach, and I know just what to cook. I started to take ingredients from my storage, and a minute later, the cooking began.

An hour later, Ashlyn and I are eating the food from our plates, with every bite I would feel slight heat in the stomach before it disappears and comes again after I take another bite.

We ate until there was nothing left on our plates before watching the night sky from our places.

For today's food, I wanted to use something higher grade than what I had used, which would bolt me up the training hall for the practice as I missed those days when I used it, it felt like years had pa.s.sed since I last did that.

But I did not do that, not today as there are many important things I had to do. I have to practice my methods; I have to bring two methods up to date and practice the third method.

I gaze at the stars for quite a while before I walk to the Training Hall, there I take out lots of things that I will need for practicing the two levels of the featherlight Method.

I spread the formation mat before I started to make the formation ink. To create the ink, I had not only used the White Grade Origin Water but the other two things of similar Grade, which I 've come across in the past seven months.

It took me twenty minutes to perfectly make the which I added in the formation mat which spread about the mat evenly, covering each formation Line perfectly, I know it because I checked it two times.

I don't want any mistake to occur during the especially not of Featherlight, which is a very dangerous method, to begin with. I became every aspect of the method, so there are no mistakes that could occur.

After I am done with all the inspection, I sat in the centre of the formation Mat and started to draw the formation on myself which again took me forty minutes; I inspected the formation I have dawn on myself twice before I activated the formation and practice of 3rd Level of Featherlight method had started.

The process is the same as before and one and half an hour later, I have three Violet feathers inside my chest. I looked at three feathers for a few seconds before I got up from the formation of Mat.

I did not even refine the energy of the 3rd level of Featherlight as there is no need to as I am going to the 4th Level right after which is for the Diamond Level, then I will refine the energy.

I stored the old formation Mat in my storage and brought the new formation Mat for the practice of the 4th Level of FeatherLight. I repeated the same procedure as the 3rd Level with little different materials and different formations.

For the 4th level too, I took two hours, and finally, there are four Violet feathers, feeling the energy these feathers emitting made my heart beat faster.

I am imagining the speed I will have with their energy, and this is finished, I've yet to refine its energy though the 4th floor.

I did not waste any time and took energy toward the 4th floor for refining with a worried heart as I am feeling that such strong energy would not get refined but looks like my worries were unfounded.

I started to refine the energy, but my speed is quite low as such powerful energy takes quite a time to get refined.

It took me one and a half hours to refine the energy completely, and now the aura that it is emitting is completely different than before, there is no danger that could be felt from the feathers now.

They are looking like normal feathers which are gently swaying in the air; they give the feeling gentle wind that by one softly while giving a pleasant feeling but it is just a facade of the energy.

Now refined by the 4th Floor of the tower, the featherlight energy has become extremely strong that there will be very few in Diamond Level that will be able to catch me.

This is just the 4th Level of the FeatherLight, there are three more levels, but that could not be practiced in the Diamond level, even with the protection of the Tower, I don't have the confidence to practice the 5th level of featherlight in a Diamond level, it is extremely dangerous.