Monster Integration - Chapter 907 - Special Cell

Chapter 907 - Special Cell

Chapter 907 - Special Cell

"You have given a nice surprise from Golden Elite Excelsior to Mid Diamond, even in my Organisation Back home, this is quite a shocking thing," Clara said as she flew toward me after she killed the last Diamond.

A clear hit of appreciation could be seen in her eyes with a hint of shock, which is still lingering deep inside.

I took her praise with a smile, saying anything would be just humblebrag, "How are your injuries?" I asked as I changed the subject. Her injuries are healing her injuries at a visible rate as she had drunk a couple of bottle potions a few moments ago.

"They are healing, but to fully heal I will need two hours." She replied as we started to flow down. "We have a traitor among us," I informed her. She did not sound surprised by that, "I figured after coming across the attack of so many Platinum and Diamonds," she said with a sigh as tuned toward me.

"Who is it?" She asked, "Dene." I replied directly, "What!" she exclaimed in shock as if she could not believe it. If I had been in her face, I would too not have believed it; finding my own teammates traitor is a very difficult thing to accept, especially when you are a team leader.

I did not say anything; I just took her to the Sphere where the traitor is, when I reached there, I saw the baldy, which is still unconsciously being guarded by Ashlyn and several Platinum Elite very tightly.

"Team Leader." Said Platinums seeing Clara coming inside the Sphere, she just nodded at them before she walked toward the place where the traitor is lying in a pool of blood.

He may look wretched with all the blood all over his body but he is quite fine; the little injuries he had suffered during the attack are already half-healed; the rest will heal on their own in a few hours.

"Your bindings are good," said Clara as she touched and sensed the internal binding I had placed inside of its body, even a Diamond powerhouse like Clara would need at least a day to remove all of them safely.

She had sensed the bindings for a few minutes before she started to take out physical binding from her storage.

"These internal bindings are very good, but one has to take the extra measures against the tractors, these people are very wily capable of escaping from the most controlled situations." she said as she started to bind him physically.

Soon she finished binding traitor carefully, now except for some part of his head, everything has wholly disappeared in coc.o.o.n-like bindings.

"The Airs.h.i.+p will pick us up in two hours, clean everything by then." Clara said. Everyone started to collect, unlike them, I did not have to spend much effort as the storage of the Grimm Monsters has already been collected for me by these Golden Elites.

I am very grateful for that, collecting from the burned bodies of the Grimm Monsters would be a very tiring and dirty job which I would have done grudgingly if not for these nice people who have helped me.

"Um, we all were hoping if you could give us your mail, we want to consult you if we had any problem in practicing, it is totally fine if you don't want to." asked a young man similar age as me.

He looked quite nervous when he asked; I could feel the hopeful eyes of everyone on me when he asked the question, this is likely they have collected the storages and bodies of Grimm Monsters for me.

"Sure," I said as I transferred my mail to them, I know they likely have questions about Limit Breaking. I will answer them if I have free time and do not touch on my secret.

After walking out of the Sphere, I collected bodies of Platinum and Diamonds, which I have killed.

"How are the casualties?" I asked, "We have a lot quite a lot of people in this battle, including two Platinum or three if we count the traitor, we have lost 235 Golden Elites." said Clara with a heavy sigh.

The numbers are quite disastrous; this mission ranked third in casualty in all the Mission I've done in Warzone. Such casualties are quite rare but not that rare; the teams suffered such casualties now and then.

It felt quite painful to see so many bodies, these people all of them have come with the aspiration to rise higher, but the single battle took all of them away, leaving only memories for their friends and family.

Only due to such sacrifices, we can go against the Grimm Monsters for thousands of years, as they not only had a higher number than us but also had more powerhouses.

Clara and I helped in putting the bodies of our teammates in a coffin, and after that, I activated a small abode and took a shower. This is a special privilege of the Diamond; even Platinum won't dare to do that in fear of being charged under dereliction of duty.

We Diamonds at most will get a rebuke or small fine by doing that, though it is normal behavior, Clara and I did that because we have one us always to stand guard over the battlefield if she or I were the only one Diamond in the field we would not have done that no matter how much dirty were feeling.

The two hours pa.s.sed and we flew into the airs.h.i.+p, bringing the traitor with us who is placed in a special Cell in the airs.h.i.+p which is made for such prisoners, we placed him in a cell and shared the feed of the cell with all Platinums.

This feed will play in their pods, whether they want it or not till we reach the Heim safely.

After securing the traitor in its cell, I walked into my pod where the feed of Cell was playing in my pod. I took a look at it before I comfortably laid on my bed and popped the core into my mouth as what I am going to do will need lots of energy.

As the core entered my mouth, I asked Nero to start the level up, just as I said Nero started to initiate the level up.

It feels quite good to get the feeling of level up again after more than seven months, but I only get to enjoy the feeling for a few seconds before the seals started to imprint themselves on Ashlyn. I have to provide them with energy.

Last time I did not have the time to observe the making of the Ruby seal, but this now that seal is getting imprinted in the Ashlyn, I am getting a clear look, and I have to today, it is magnificent.

The seal looking like it is made of blood Blood crystals and it made of entwining of various runes which I can't seem to fathom, they feel very mysterious as if the origin world is hidden in those runes and if one was able to understand those runes them one will able to utilize the strength of the world for his own.

I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but when I looked at the Seal, I felt it more and more to be true.