Monster Integration - Chapter 899 - Hundred

Chapter 899 - Hundred

Chapter 899 - Hundred

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The Intense momentum raged inside me and I wanted to unleash its fury on a limit that had kept it caged for months.

It was about to be unleashed when I stopped it forcefully. If I let it go and break the limit then all my efforts of the past six months will be naught, I will be just a regular Platinum which I do not think is worth the months of efforts, I put into bloodcurdling practice.

I have not wasted my blood and sweat for months just to become a normal Platinum.

Currently, the momentum I have is majorly built on the Body Cleansing Technique and Secret Method. At the same time, the construction of my Refinement Tower and Supreme Combat Exercise is really less compared to two.

But that is up to Normal seal and Amethyst Seal, but once I created Ruby Seal, everything will change. From the information provided by Ellen, I know that the power of the Ruby Seal is nothing to scoff at.

The Power of the Single Ruby seal is enough to break the seal and take one to the Middle of Platinum Level without the help of others, and if I merged the momentum created by my methods into its them what kind of momentum it will be and how high it will take me.

So, for all my months of efforts to be worth, I have to create the Ruby Seal, but it will not be easy, not to forget I have Six more seals to create, but there is also momentum which I have to control from breaking out and with every seal I create, the power of the momentum will increase, and it will be more difficult for me to control it.

But that is what I have been training for months; after I read the Information that Ellen had provided, I knew that I might be able to build a momentum completely before I create Ruby seal, for it I had been practicing control.

From the moment I read I knew I had to learn control, the control is needed for the two most important things of my plan. Controlling this momentum is the 1st and most easiest thing as the hardest thing will come right after I will need to control something which is uncontrollable.

But before doing that, I will have to control this momentum till I create 100 seals, only then I will be able to reach that 2nd thing.

"I thought Platinums are powerful but seeing you who is even using the extremely rare Phantom Method, I have to say the Platinums are just so so or maybe it is only you that weak that you can't even utilise all your power properly,"

"All the brainwas.h.i.+ng of the Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.d has made you weak as p.u.s.s.y.: I said.

I really have limited time and need great motivation and what could be better motivation when frenzied Platinum Elite that is thirsty for your blood.

"You wretched Animal, if I did not slice you into a thousand pieces, then I wouldn't be Dene." he shouted at the top of his voice and came at me with burning, killing intent that made me feel intoxicated.

The Mock worked like a charm, this human as if became frenzied Grimm Monster started to attack me crazily, in its craziness it's power had increased thrice which directly led me to the edge of life and death.

Every attack of it would be dodged by inches difference; every second, I would feel that freezing coldness that its sword held and knew that if the sword touched me even slightly, I would directly become a frozen popsicle without having any chance of resistance.

This kind of danger had motivated me to the extreme, and I was able to 95th and 96th seal in quick succession. Seeing the speed, I am creating the seals; I wish I had focused on my refinement Engine.

If I had crashed through the 4th Floor and refined the Mystic Energies earlier, then I would have fought the Platinum Earlier and might have been a peak elite like Ashlyn and dealing with traitors like him would have been a cinch like me.

As this thought came into my mind, I couldn't help but laugh as coming across such scenarios wasn't easy, as I could have come across the Peak Platinum instead of the Initial one who had just leveled up a few days ago.

To be honest, my luck is very good that I had come across this Platinum like him, who had just leveled up within a few days if it had some other member of Team 22 who had turned traitor, my bloodies body would be lying on the ground by now.

This traitor is the weakest member of Team 22, which is one the reason why it hadn't been suspected of anything despite his gloomy and unusual temperament.

The 97th and 98th seal also completed, though they took a little longer as they are difficult to create; I was still able to create them in the estimated time. However, for that, I bore a heavy price of veins of my eyes popping apart and me being unable to see anything through my eyes.

But it did not affect me much as I see through Red vision, so the use of the eyes is not much, I still preferred them as they let me see the other color than the red.

the 99th seal had been created, and the power of momentum had increased further. Now I will be only able to control it for less than five minutes.

If that's not enough trouble for me then what about my body reaching its limit, it is completely exhausted by repeated over-drafting of featherlight energy. It could only support me for two-three minutes.

In just two-three minutes, I will have to create the hardest Seal I've ever created, it is a huge challenge, but I am ready for it.

"Loser is this all you got; even these wretched Grimm Monsters do better than you." "It looks like you are a true human after all, not a Glorious Grimm or whatever you were blabbering earlier." I mocked it more.


It said with gritted teeth and came at me and this time, it directly overdrafted energy and appeared behind me like a Ghost, if not my killing intense warning me, I would have cut into two by waist up.

Still, I dodge it by bare centimeter distance, its sword was just centimeter distance from me, feeling death so close I had regretted for a moment antagonizing it this much before I calmed down and started running away like mad.

I used every bit of my killing rule running away, tracking its every movement but still, every attack of it was dodged by me at centimeter distance, no matter how complicated and the unexpected way I chose it will follow me like a hound on the blood, not giving me, even a chance of rest.

It had also become harder for me to run away, every part of my body and soul exhausted and aching, wanted me to stop but I did not as It is not a time; instead, I channeled everything I am feeling into the creation of last 100 seals and creation of it would give relief from all this fatigue and grant me immense power.

Finally, after what it felt like ages, the phantom of the 100th Seal appeared inside my temple, and just as that happened, the momentum finally broke out of my control.