Monster Integration - Chapter 875 - Initial Level Of Brigadier Stage

Chapter 875 - Initial Level Of Brigadier Stage

Chapter 875 - Initial Level Of Brigadier Stage

After the first session, I rested for three hours before starting again, but this time, I had begun to practice one step closer to the Emerald Kiwis tree, where gravity and energy pressure higher.

I have to practice in places where energy pressure is strong as that where the suppressive energy is thickest which way. I would be able to take more suppressive energy into my body.

This time when I practiced, I did not eat a big piece of energy Monster Core, though the last session the monster core I had eaten had injured my body so deeply that to heal all the injuries, I had to take three hours of rest and that is after I drank my best healing potion.

Before I started training, I had planned on resting for an hour before starting again, but seeing how I wasted three hours just to get myself hyped by death. I concluded that sometimes it is best to work with my confidence than the borrowed threat.

So for the second session, I had eaten the monster core, which was not fatal enough to kill me but threatening enough to make me bleed a little, which is no thread at all.

The second session is also tested for me, to see if I could only accomplish something with a borrowed threat or I have confidence in myself accomplis.h.i.+ng it with my own will.

It is a challenge to myself, and I am planning on proving that I did not need borrowed threats all the time to accomplish something good.

So, I popped the piece of the monster core into my mouth before I started practicing, and I have to say it is hard.

It is harder than before as there is more Gravity and the energy pressure, but I am h.e.l.l bent on proving myself, so I will finish this session with every ounce of energy I have.

Time pa.s.sed, and I continued practicing; under this pressure, I wanted to give up many times. I nearly did give up two, but both of the times, I reminded myself of the challenge that I gave to myself and continued, and finally, after one and a half later, I completed the challenge I've given to myself.

But that was just the starting, I did not let myself enjoy my accomplishment and give myself even a greater challenge, and that is training in even high gravity and higher pressure.

After taking an hour of rest, I popped another piece of the core into my mouth before starting to practice again.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept giving myself one challenge after another, to be honest, it is very difficult to practice under such increasing pressure and I would have collapsed if not for me using every ounce of will I have.

There is even that motivation to live; I am aware that my life hangs by a thread and I have to get stronger as the mission I will get in the future will be going to get difficult, they will not sit calmly till they kill me.

So, I have to get stronger and stronger until they could not harm me. I am aware that only strength will not save me, I also have to find a powerful backing but currently, I do not have anything that would make me worthy enough to get such backing.

So, I have to continue trying harder till I get worthy enough until I can't relax even for a moment.

The night had finally come, it had been more than sixteen hours since I practiced, and till now, I had already done five sessions of Body Cleansing Technique, and this is the 6th session I am going through.

With sixteen hours of constant training, I am utterly exhausted and feeling very sleepy that, if I closed my eyes even for a second, I would fall into a heavy sleep in this terrifying Gravity and energy pressure.

The training is hard, but it was worth it. After I finish this session, I will reach quite close to Nine Star Golden Elite and would only have trained for two more sessions before I will become Nine Star Golden Elite.

But those two sessions are for the Morning, currently I am so tired and exhausted that I am going to sleep as soon as I finish with this session.

Soon Nero came out and started to eat energy; seeing it coming and guzzling energy at a rapid pace, a smile couldn't help but appear on my exhausted face, and now I have to continue for a few more minutes before I could let go of everything and fall asleep.

Five more minutes pa.s.sed, and Nero was eating the last bit of energy that had remained in my body. I had already reached my limit, just as Nero finished eating the remaining energy, I am going to let go.


Finally, Nero finished eating, and I started to let go and closed my eyes slowly when Nero's body began to s.h.i.+ne. Seeing that all the sleep disappeared from my eyes and complete exhaustion, I am feeling also gone.

Leveling Up!

I know this feeling, Nero is leveling up. I had thought there was still sometime before Nero could level up but looked like I was wrong.

Seeing Leveling up about to start, I opened the link between Ashlyn and me but I saw Ashlyn, who was still sleeping, had turned into energy and entered inside me.

Just as she did, the level up started, the energy released from Nero and it split into two, one had come at me while others had gone toward Ashlyn and change began to appear in my body.


The exhaustion that disappeared due to happiness had appeared, and I fell on the floor so heavily that I had lightly injured myself, but I did not care about the small injuries when I was leveling up.

The level up lasted for quite a while, but when it finished, my whole body was filled with energy. I have reached the Initial Level of Brigadier stage, and with it, I have finally become Nine Star Golden Elite.

Though the boost provided by the level up was not that high, it was still great. It had given me that last bit of enhancements. I needed to become a Nine Star Golden Elite.