Monster Integration - Chapter 867 - Old Friend

Chapter 867 - Old Friend

Chapter 867 - Old Friend

The reason I am ecstatic is that Station No. 3 is in the same region as Milfred.

The distance between Region 3 and Milfred is not small, and travel would be quite dangerous but if I took the risk then I might be able to reach Milfred in one and half days with my current fastest speed, and if I took the help from Ashlyn, it would be even sooner.

"There is still a whole day and night, don't worry, all the doors have not closed yet, seeing how unfair the mission is somebody will help," Stephen said, misreading my serious expression to that of feeling helpless.

"There is no need, I am confident I will return alive." I said with a soft smile. The people who sent this death mission to me are very powerful. No matter how much Stephan tries, he will not be able to change anything, and it's not like there is a 100% chance I'll die during the mission.

There is quite a high chance that I will return alive. I have a killing rule and Ashlyn as long as I remain careful, I will be fine, and if I am lucky, then I would return as Nine Star Golden Elite.

Stephan looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn't, he just closed his open mouth and fell into his thoughts.

He is also clearly aware that the problem that could even Vice Guildmaster referred to as 'come from above' is from either Guild Master or those above him, and he did not have power or connections to convince such powerful people.

As for the Impartial Rules of the Guild, that is a facade. As long as one has enough power, they can do whatever the f.u.c.k they want without care for the rules.

After some time of silence, Stephen forwarded me the rest of the Mission details. This mission is not an immediate one. I will have to board the Military airs.h.i.+p tomorrow at Dawn.

That airs.h.i.+p will take me to Hidden Camp, and from there I would be teleported to the area that is close to the Station from there I will start my Mission of Gathering intelligence.

"We have also received the Mission, this time we have to destroy the Six Camps of the Grimm Monsters, like yours this mission is also a month-long," Stephan said with a heavy sigh as they transferred the mission details to me.

Six Camps! It is quite a dangerous mission for the team like ours, which is understaffed. Destroying two or three missions is fine, but continually destroying six camps, it's very dangerous.

As with each mission, strain on one keeps increasing till it starts to affect one's performance. It was a good thing all my team members are quite experienced and well able to handle the stress, but what about rookies.

Our former team leader said that some rookies would be joining the team, the continued six missions would be a death warrant for them, no wonder Stephan looked stressed.

"Have we got the rookies?" I asked Stephen, hearing my question, Stephen became even more stressed.

"Yes, we got six rookies, they will be coming here any minute, now," he said, there is no smile on his face as one would have after getting a new team member in the understaffed team.

I was about to ask about them when the door of the room opened, and Charles and Tom walked inside the room, "Look who I found waiting beside our door, our new rookies." Tom said loudly as he looked outside the door.

"Come, rookies, make sure to enjoy the meeting as some of you or all of you might die on the oming mission," Tom said as he invited rookies in.

I couldn't help but shake my head seeing Tom's behavior when I entered the room. He had also teased me quite a bit, especially when we were discussing the mission, and to be honest, I was quite scared by it when he quipped about the difficulty of the Mission in a gruesome way.

I was just thinking about the gruesome mission when a familiar person from the past walked in. I was so surprised by seeing her that I wasn't able to talk for a minute.

Rhea entered the room with a slightly nervous expression. She is not weakling; otherwise, she would not have been able to become the Golden Elite this early, but these people from the Death Brigade are terrifying.

The six of them met outside the door and were waiting for the mentioned time before going in when they saw two seniors whose strength not only feel threatening but the unconscious aura they emit feels even more threatening that we started to shake just looking at them.

When I enter inside, I saw two more people inside, one sitting on the head chair while others on the near end of the long conference table when I looked at the back of young man near the end of the table, I felt familiar before a confident face appeared in my mind which perfectly match the young man that is sitting on the chair.

"Micheal." I blurted loudly; just as I did, I found gazes of everyone locked one me, which made me even more uncomfortable than before, but seeing the smile on Micheal's face all that uncomfortableness vanished completely.

I had thought Micheal would talk to me, but he just performed a familiar sign with his hands, which we used when we traveled through the s.p.a.ce Realm together. The hand had a simple meaning, which is 'we will talk later.'

"Micheal, do you know her?" Tom asked as he sat beside me, "Yes, she is a friend." I said while feeling quite surprised inside as the strength of Rhea is not weak, she is Five Star Golden Elite.

Though it is lesser than me, it is quite surprising how quickly she can become a Golden Elite.

I was planning to leave in a few minutes, but seeing Rhea, I decided to attend the meeting even if it is unrelated to me as I want to talk with the old friend and reminisce some old memories before she went on her own death mission.