Monster Integration - Chapter 853 - Frigid

Chapter 853 - Frigid

Chapter 853 - Frigid

The hall where the Teleportation Gate is present is jam-packed with cannons, everywhere one sees, they will find a dangerous-looking cannon aiming at them. Even the smallest cannon is giving me a feeling of extreme danger.

Just looking at them, there is no in this hall is a match for these cannons, even the smallest cannon possess the power to vaporize once it.

As we entered and looked at the cannons, we became exceptionally quiet. So quiet that we so much didn't dare to breathe out loudly.

Our team took the small corner in the hall and waited for others to appear without making any sound or doing something that could agonize the one who's finger is on the cannon.

One by one, the team entered the hall till the whole hall became packed with people, but despite the close proximity, no one dared to make the slightest sound. They just stood there waiting for the teleportation gate to activate.

"Please enter the Teleportation Gate." said the Man in Mid Twenties, who is responsible for the activating formation as he activated the Teleportation Gate.

As the translucent layer appeared on the Teleportation Gate, the people started to enter one by one inside it without making a crowd around it. The first people who entered were obviously from the Elite+ teams only after Elite+ teams entered.


A few minutes later, my number came, and I too swiftly entered the Teleportation Gate. When I came to the other side, I found it exactly similar to the hall from where I began.

If not for experiencing the strange feeling of the Teleportation, I would have thought; I am in the same hall.


"Please take Elevators; they will take outside." said the girl who is responsible for the teleportation gate. With her saying, the wall on the opposite side opened and revealed five big elevators, with each having the capacity to take the fifty.

Like last time, it was Elite+ teams that took the elevators first before. My team was one of two last teams that took the elevator at last.

The elevator's speed was quite fast, but it still took us a minute to get above, which tells me how deep in the underground this teleportation gate is.


The door of the elevator opened, and my team and I found ourselves in the big cave and, for the first time, felt cold. Ever Since we have come to the north we have no contact with cold, this is the first time experiencing it here.

There was no one in the cave to greet us, and other teams left as well, our two teams looked around and soon saw the way and walked toward it unhesitatingly as it took us out.

I am right five minutes later we came out of the cave, with snowy wind cras.h.i.+ng across our body.

"F.u.c.k, its cold!" said Tom loudly, all of us looked at him immediately, which shut him up. This is the territory of the Grimm Monster, though the number of them is very scarred here due, it is still their territory, and it is not wise to make a loud sound.

But Tom is right; it is frigid. Even if our bodies are stronger than normal humans, the temperature here is still cold enough to freeze us to death, which makes one guess how cold it is here.


But someone does not seem to feel the cold, Ashlyn came out of me without asking and flew away before I could stop her, this had got me a curious gaze of my teammates.

"She will show us the way," I said sheepishly. There is medium speed wind going on, which makes it very hard for us to see more than five meters distance, and since Ashlyn loves flying in such cold weather, she can be our guide.

She is a perfect guide in such an environment, she is small and had silvery color which will help her completely meld in the background and most importantly she has the Red Vision which had higher range than me, which will help us very greatly reaching our destination quickly as we have to reach The Station before dawn.

With such a tight schedule, we had to be quick, and my teammates understood as well as they nodded at my explanation before starting moving toward The Station.

We have five hours, and in these five hours, we have to cross the 50 Kilometers without alerting any patrolling Grimm Monsters in such crazy weather, it is quite hard, but we have to do it, some lives are at stake.

Each team is given a map and position we have to attack from, and we have to be at our position before the time of the attack as the absence of even a single team could make the already dangerous mission even more critical for us.

We continue to travel through the snowy wind with our highest speed, without even stopping for a moment. First, we used to stop and look for the map, but when my teammates realized how accurately Ashlyn had been gilding us, we stopped our little map discussions altogether.

Ashlyn not only accurately guides us, but she is also notifying us of the Grimm Monsters' presence ahead so that we can avoid them altogether. The orders said that we have to avoid killing the Grimm Monsters if possible.

The Mission Leader did not want to take any risk on this mission, did not want to give even the slightest hint to the Grimm Monsters, which made me even more sure that this mission has more to it than it meets the eye.

Time pa.s.sed by, and such two hours had pa.s.sed, in these two hours we had already crossed the snowy fields and entered the mountain range, and now we were pa.s.sing through the various mountains to reach the mount Carlson which is our destination.

"Micheal, how longer?," asked Tom, this is his fourth time asking me how long it will take to reach our destination, he really did not seem to like cold at all, "About two hours more," I answered his question, hearing it look of stress appeared on his face, seeing that I couldn't help but smile.

It will not take two hours, but I still answered as I wanted to see the expression on Tom's face.

"We have reached The Station, it is two kilometers above us," I said one hour later,

"From now follow me closely, we will have to go through the heavy patrol to reach our destination," I said, hearing me they all nodded.

This StationStation had the cover of the camouflaged device, and it is not single but double cover. Even on sunny days, no one will be able to see the StationStation even if they are a one-kilometer distance from it.

Seeing there are camouflage devices in play, I closed my eyes and activated my red vision as normal vision is no use no. We climbed slowly but cautiously avoiding all patrol, we even stopped talking and started using sign language, to not to alert any Grimm Monsters.

The climb was very slow, and we stopped many times for minutes seeing the patrols before continuing again, and as such, fifty minutes had pa.s.sed, and finally, we reached the position that had been a.s.signed to us.