Monster Integration - Chapter 835 - Kunai

Chapter 835 - Kunai

Chapter 835 - Kunai

Despite feeling exhausted, I did not sleep; instead, I just laid against the bed and started going over the whole battle.

The battle had been the most intense battle I've ever fought, in all the battles I have fought till now, there is never such distance of power between enemies and me I've fought but in an earlier battle, I've killed the enemies that are Four Levels or Five Levels higher than me.

Though two levels could be offset by the boost provided by my Totem Artifact. Still, the difference between the two and three-level is too great, especially when it came to the Golden Elite.

Before coming to Warzone, I would have never thought I would be able to fight so much higher than my level but coming here has changed everything, I not only got the tag of the Criminal but my perspective about fighting had also changed seeing the members of the death brigade fighting.

Having Strength is very important, but one also needs to learn to utilize it perfectly. If one utilizes perfectly, then crossing one or two levels is not much difficult. If I can do that, then I may be able to kill Seven Star Golden Elite as I kill Six Star Golden Elite.

I am very well aware that in my killing of the Seven Star Golden Elite, there was a big luck factor involved. First was that the Aqua Rhinoman that was too close; second, it was also confident of its ability and third, which I think most important is that Aqua Rhinoman was a Strength type monster.

If it had balanced attribute Grimm Monster or agility attribute Grimm Monsters, It would have been really hard to kill it. So, I am clearly aware that my current limit is the Six Star Golden Elite.

I have received many benefits during this battle, but most important of all is the realization of My Unique Style. I think it is very good with a lot of potential with perfect compatibility with the method.

It is Unique Style, which is best suited in large battles or when I am fighting against a group of strong enemies.

It is only in the nascent stage, I will have to furnish it quite a bit before it could become more effective, and I think two Extremely Hard difficulty missions will give us a perfect chance for that.

But before the battle, I should work little on my Knives throwing skills and what type of knives I want to use regularly.

Earlier, this idea came to me suddenly, and I used whatever knife I could find, but now it's time to choose perfect knives and practice according to them. It will have made my Unique style more powerful and efficient.

And it is a good thing. I have all types of knives in storage. There are thousands of them on a special shelf of their own.

I spread my senses and found a huge shelf. There are all types of knives placed there; both are fighting and knives throwing knives. I looked at them before remembering the knives I had used in the battle.

I have used three types of Knives in the battle, and the best ones were the four knives I had used in the last, they were perfectly balanced in my grip and also were the most accurate.

These knives come in 20 Cm to 40-centimeter sizes and also have a cool-looking ring at the end. If I am not wrong, then these knives are called kunai. They are one famous throwing knives type.

I looked at them and found there are a few hundred them on the shelf and looked for the biggest as size 40 Cm knives are good to throw, anything smaller than that would lose its lethality against the Grimm Monster.

What I am facing is a huge Grimm Monsters who are at least five meters tall. Against them I will need strong and long knives and kunai fits the bill, and if I need something more, I can make adjustments through the arrays carved in them.

There are about 231 40 Cm kunai's I have on me. I would have felt better if I had more, but they will be fine, I will commission them more according to my needs when I reach the city, I hope I do.

I took out all the Kunais and tapped the few b.u.t.tons on the watch, and the throwing target had appeared at the end of my room. The team leader has given us control over our rooms, so we can adjust it the way we want.

The room is smiling and not really good for the knives practice, but I do not have other options too, so I can only use it as the room.

I am a complete rookie in knife throwing. The only lesson I took on knife throwing was in school. I was able to take good shots due to my control over my body and my senses.

My aim could be said to be, but it is not perfect and I need it to be perfect, so there is a guarantee that every time I threw a knife, it hit where I aimed to be and not beside or anything.

Thuk Thuk Thuk…

I started to throw knives at the board at a rapid pace. At such a close distance, I did not have a problem with taking the accurate aim. This is why practicing at such close distance will not help my air, but it will surely help me get familiar with the process of throwing knives.

That is what I am aiming for. I want to get familiar with knife throwing so much that it started to come at me instinctively, just like my sword. When I am fighting the intense battle, I sometimes do not have to think about the direction of the sword as it moves toward where it should without my direction.

For the first fifteen minutes, I practiced throwing single knives, but after fifteen minutes, I started to throw two knives together and then three. Throwing three knives together is not much difficult as long as one has good control over their body and fine senses, both of which I have.

I continued the practice for two hours. I did not stop except for collecting the knives once I've expanded them all. These two hours of practice had been good. I felt like my knife-throwing skills have improved quite a bit.

I wanted to sleep, but there is still one thing I have to do, which is the practice of three methods. The future mission is going to be as dangerous as today's or even more dangerous, and for that, I have to get stronger.

Get stronger as much as I can so I can survive these dangerous missions and could take my revenge on the people who had put me in this position.

I popped the core in my mouth and continued practicing like mad, and as if I did not, then I will pop up like a balloon, so I practiced and practiced and till I could not be able to anymore.

And this time the practice was even more hard as this time, I am also using my Refinement Engine which is barely refining any mana but I am still happy as now I could use my refinement engine while practicing.


I fell with a thud on the floor completely exhausted, wanting to get up and shower in a few seconds when I got enough energy, but unknowingly, I fell asleep in my fatigued state.