Monster Integration - Chapter 79 Paymen

Chapter 79 Paymen

Sitting on the ground, I watch the fight which is happening in front of me, of the three corporal level monsters, one has fallen while Shawn and his teammates fighting the remaining two.

The fight should be over within an hour, the only reason it taking so long because of the defense of the monsters.

Earthworm monsters have thick layer earth covering their body, it is quite harder breach, especially Corporal level earthworm which defense layer has metallic texture in on it, which makes it even harder to penetrate.

But I can see many injuries on the bodies of monsters, they should not be able to last more than an hour.

Its good thing for me though, an hour rest would be enough for me to walk normally again.

Seeing many amazing skills that Shawn and his teammates are using, I also want to see if I will get any skills in my payment.

If I had such skill that Shawn is attacking with, I would have finished my fight one-fourth of the original time.

As I watch the Shawn fight, I learned many things, especially on how to fight.

Their way of fighting is really precise and efficient, not a single moment is wasteful, every flick of their finger to thump of their foot for the purpose.

The one thing startle me as much as skipping of the grade is their teamwork, its flawless, they rarely talk in the fight but each other seem to know what other going do and they act according to it.

If I could implement any of the good points in my fighting, it will be very helpful to me.

Sometime later they killed another monster leaving behind only one, seeing the fight is going to over soon, I walk toward them but not before taking out the core from the monster that I just killed.

I stopped walking after I reached a certain distance from the fight and wait for it finishes it, I don't want to become a casualty of my recklessness.

"Bang!" three of them release different skills but they had merged seamlessly and attacked the monster.

"Thud!" this was the attack that broke the last lifeline of monster and it fell into the ground with a thud.

Three of them had rested on the ground while taking out a potion from their pocket.

Shawn just gave me tired smile but didn't talk looks like this fight had taken too much out of them.

I am very happy seeing that, I didn't have to immediately go into the cave immediately as I wanted to remove the core of the monster.

If it were other monsters, I would have removed the heard from the corporal level monster but looking at their horrible faces, I didn't want to do it.

If is westblood I would have taken their heart to sell but here I only took the heart of monster to eat and I don't want to eat the heart of these horrible looking monsters.

I quickly removed the core of eight monsters, including the monster that I killed earlier, I got a total of nine monster cores today. Six specialist grade and three Corporal grade.

When I taking out the core, I disnt see any ridicule or satire in Shawn's eyes but I did see in his teammate's eyes.

I didn't mind that looks least a bit, compared to this much money, their looks nothing to me.

"Let's go! Carol may be already waiting for us!" he said after resting for fifteen minutes.

All four of us follow behind Shawn, this time his speed not that fast and I could easily follow behind him.

On the way to the monster's cave, I've asked many questions to Shawn, some he answered while on some he just smiled without saying anything but all the question Shawn answered me will be very helpful to me in my future practice.

A half an hour later we reached the place from which I threw the gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s but we didn't stop there and kept going.

Only when we reached the intersection of two caves did we stopped as we found Carol standing there with three girls.

''What took you so long?" Carol asked, "There was three Grade 3 monster on our part." Shawn replied with his usual smile on his face.

''Now that you arrived, we should head inside!" Said Carol and we walked towards the last cave.

Rhea and I walk behind six people, she seemed little roughed up, looks like she also fought with the monsters.

Cave, where monster resides, is extremely big and it didn't seems to smell foul which is expected.

Sarah and Shawn had lightened the light stone to the limit which made the whole cave bright as a day.

The cave looked mostly empty, except for some monster s.h.i.+t and few rock and stones here and there.

Shawn and Sarah walk toward the corner of the cave and picked up two while color palm-size leather pouches which seemed to have runes drawn all over them.

My heart beating fast as Shawn and Sarah picked pouches and removed the fist-size black badge from it.

Not only me even Rhea cant seemed to control her face and emotion seeing those pouched.

I can feel the satirical gazes but didn't mind, my breath starts to quicken as Shawn and Carol come to wars us.

Shawn had again removed something from them this time half fist size disc, seeing him doing Carol also did that.

Shawn took the disc off the carol hand and seem to read it, ''Two low-level Knight grade skills, Blazing strikes, and Mirabelle's dance, these are a quite good low-level skill." He said looking toward us.

Blazing strikes? Mirabelle's dance? This is my first time hearing these skills name and Rhea also seems to be clueless about it.

Seeing our clueless faces, Shawn explained to us. "Blazing strikes is fire manipulation skill and Mirabelle's dance is speed related skill," Shawn explained in the short term.

''Which one do you want?" He asked as he looks at us. There is a no question about which skill I want, Ashlyn and I share fire ability, of course, I will select fire-related ability.

''I will take Mirabelle's Dance," Rhea answered before me.

''I will take Blazing strikes." I also said after Rhea. Shawn nodded seeing our choices.

''Give me your holowatch!" He said, I got confused but I moved my hand toward him.

He did something with a rectangular rectangular disc.

''Beep!" A notification sounded I my holowatch, their folder named Blazing Layers but when I tried to open it, it reminded code.

When l looked shown in confusion, ''Osc*3h..." he said extra long code which I typed after him, soon the folder opened.

He repeated the same process to Rhea, "Here take this." he said and handed me and Rhea the pouches.

''We had already wasted enough time in this cave, we should get going!" He said to Carol, nodding both Carol and his teams started to leave but he suddenly stopped.

"I'll give advice, don't use mana crystal for practice, it does more harm than good. Use it only when you get past 12 basic stages." saying this he left with his teammates.