Monster Integration - Chapter 799 Power I

Chapter 799 Power I

Puh Puh...

My Sword clashed across the delicate Knife of it, and for a moment, we both stopped our position completely still, but next moment, the Grimm Monster flew out like a deflated balloon while puking multiple times on the way.

The delicate Knife it had a hand in its hands also flung away, and its whole body became pale in an instant. I have become quite surprised by seeing such a result.

As I had most expected it to take a couple of steps back, but the result was far, far greater, looks like I had grossly underestimated the power I got from my SwordSword.

Though I am very surprised that it did not stop me from instantly reacting, just as it flung away, I instantly followed behind it.

It took me second to reach the While Serpentman, and as I reached it, I slashed my SwordSword at it.


It looked panicked, seeing my SwordSword coming at me and quickly tried to take out another knife from its storage, but it was already too late as my SwordSword already pierced through its heart.


I've killed a Two Star Golden Elite within five seconds, to be honest, I had not thought I would be able to defeat the Grimm Monsters as my strength is just One Star Golden Elite and only aid of the SwordSword did I get such powers.

It was a swift battle, so quick that White Serpentman did not even get a chance to use its Mystic Method.

Without any hesitation, I stored the body of White Serpentman in Runic Disk, and looked at the two White Serpentman who were still in the fight with the girl, and had no idea of me killing their mate.

The girl seemed fine right now, still under pressure, but fine. Even if she were not able to kill these two White Serpentman, it would be quite easy for her kept them engaged for a long while.


'Let me give her a helping hand!' I thought and again slashed my hand through the air, and the fire Arc released from it and shot two the two Grimm Monsters at a swift speed.

This time also the White Serpentmen easily dealt with the attack, but this time there was no annoyance on their face but extreme anger when they noticed their friend was nowhere to be seen.

"Nim, you handle this filthy Human, I will go take revenge for JoJo." Said the strongest White Serpentman as it came at me.

This team of White Serpentman is quite different, most of the Golden Elite Grimm Monsters fighting are from the different tribes, but these three are from the same tribe and all of the Golden Elite, they must have come under some lucky encounter to be able to make three of them a Golden Elite.

"Wretched Human, you pay the price of killing Jojo!" It said as it shot toward me, this White Serpentman may look angry, but it is very cautious, one could see it from the way it is coming at me.

In a second, it had appeared in front of me and swung its Knife at me, the Knife looked like the Knife used by another White Serpentman but this one extra sharper, just looking at ist blade made me have jitters, and I felt like this Knife had cut me all over my body.

Seeing the Grimm Monster attacking me is Peak Two Golden Elite, I did not dare to be complacent and attacked me with my all.


Step Step Step...

Our weapons clashed, and a drastic change came across its face as it started to take steps back uncontrollably.

It was just about to wipe the trickle of blood coming from its lips when I found me in front of me, swinging my SwordSword at it. Its face hardened, seeing my attack and swung its Knife at me to counter it, but how can a delicate knife compare to the 1-ton SwordSword?


This time when our weapons clashed, it nearly flew away from its sport; it was because of its great experience that it was able to stop itself from flying away, but soon it is realized it had made a mistake.

If it had flown away, it may have gotten some slight time, but it had spent whatever time it had on stopping itself from flying backward, and just as it stabilized itself, it found a devil of the SwordSword coming at it, wanting to split into two.

It became furious before a crazy look appeared in its eyes, and I felt it's aura rise. Sensing the aura, I know it had over-drafted the Occult energy, but I couldn't understand why.

If it had wanted, it could have just used its Mystic Method, just as this thought appeared in my mind, I understood the reason why it did that. Mystic Skill is like mine, which is ranged.

If it used ist Mystic Method right now, it might be able to kill me, but it would not be able to save itself from the momentum of my SwordSword, which is moving toward it as if it is Scythe of the Grim Reaper.


Our weapons clashed and next moment, and it again took a step back and puke blood, over drafting occult energy only able to save its life barely but did not give it enough strength to be remained unaffected by it.


Seeing it taking a step back, I followed it and appeared beside it; just as I was about to swing my SwordSword, I heard a weird laugh from it, and next moment, it opened its mouth and spurted Ghostly Purple Smoke at me.

Mystic Method! It had finally used it, and I have to say it is very dangerous. I have a feeling that if it touched my skin, it would melt my body like it is a candle.

The purple smoke came at me with swift speed, and there was no way to avoid it, I could see White Serpentman through the smoke, it had a victorious smile on its face despite its face getting pale and its aura weakening.


Surely, I will die by it attack which is why it had freely let go Occult Energy which it had been over drafting, seeing a victorious smile on its face, a mocking smile appeared my face as a thick cloud of Black Sand released from my mouth when the Ghostly Purple Cloud a hand distance away from me.

When I appeared in front of it for an attack of it, I had already sensed its attack, so I had ample time when I saw its attack, and if I wanted to, I could have made the retreat with some injuries, but wh[y should I.

Its Mythic Method may be powerful, but it is nothing compared to mine when it is specially refined by the 2nd Floor of Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower, which is refinement is far higher than that of the 1st floor.

Crackle Crackle…

Just as the cloud of Black Sand touched the purple fog, the crackling sound rang out as it started to burn away the purple energy, its speed so fast that within a second it burned away the whole purple fog and only lost less than one-third of the energy.