Monster Integration - Chapter 788 Date II

Chapter 788 Date II

"You Look"

When I came out of my room and looked at Rachel, I became awestruck; I just continued looking like an idiot and when I opened my mouth to say something but stopped after few words as there are no correct words to describe her,

She is wearing a white spaghetti top and Black mini flare skirt which showed her perfectly toned thighs and thigh-high boots; it made her look like an enchantress that I have no words to convey my meaning and could only kiss her to let her know what I want to say.

She seemed to understand my feeling as she snaked her arms around my neck as we kissed; we kissed for a while before we let go.

"Let's go," I said as I held my hand in her hand and walked toward the elevator, I had planned the best I could, I hoped she would love it.

"Thank you for taking me to the best date of my life." Rachel said as we stood in front of the biggest fountain in the city.

It is evening right now, and we are taking a stroll in the Garden while talking about everything about ourselves. I shared many of my good, bad, and secrete memories with her that I never shared with someone.

She just listened silently while responding now and then but mostly listening with the happy smile on her face.

"I am happy that you loved it," I said as I walked closer to the fountain, there is huge water show going on with soft music in the background, it felt very romantic, and probably that is why there are so many couples.

"It is beautiful, isn't it." Rachel said after some time, "Yes, it is." I replied, the water show is best Ive ever seen, and one would feel calms automatically watching thousands of water jets spraying in the air.

"It is beautiful, but it will not last long; when its time comes, it will stop." Rachel said melancholically. If I were looking at Rachel now, I would have found her eyes glazed and distant, as if she is talking about something else.

"Though it will be end soon, it will start again tomorrow. If you want, we can come back tomorrow to watch the water show again." I said, seeing she is feeling sad about the ending of the water show.

"Yes, I would like that very much." Rachel said, I felt something different about voice, but I did not think much and continued looking at water show which had come to its last stage.

If I had looked at Rachel's face, I would have found there is a peaceful smile on her face, all the complicated emotions that were hidden in her eyes had vanished, it like she had found the answer to the problem that had been bugging her for all the while.

Ten minutes later, the water show ended, and we walked out of the garden.

Our apartment is a little far from the Garden, but we still decided to walk toward it slowly, instead of flying there.

I felt very happy to spend time with Rachel; I should have tried harder for the date in the past. Well, I can't change the past, but in the future, I should take Rachel on more dates, and I had already decided to take her on the second date in a few days.

It took us one and a half hour, but we have finally reached our apartment, and as we did, the excitement started to build inside me as Rachel had said she would give me a gift that will blow my mind.

"I haven;t had time to wrap the gift I've prepared for you, come to my room half an hour later by that time I should be finished with wrapping." Rachel said as we entered our apartment.

"There is no need to waste time on the wrap, just give it to me," I said as I raised my hand forward for the gift, to that she just shook her head. "Wrapping is necessary; you will understand when you will see your gift." Rachel said mysteriously and went to her room before I could say something to her.

I couldn't help but shake my head, seeing her behavior, sometimes Rachel is too stubborn about her way of doing things.

Seeing I have half an hour to kill, I went to my room, freshened up before I came back to the living room, and started sorting the storages. There are just too many rings here that I will have to spend quite a few hours sorting all of them out.


I was busy sorting when I heart my holowatch buzz. I opened my eyes and saw the message floating above the holowatch. It is from Rachel and saying I should come to her room.

Seeing that, I got up excitedly and nearly Ran toward Rachel's room while thinking what could be it that Rachel wanted half an hour to wrap.


I excitedly open the door and about to take a step inside when my eyes fall on the bed, and I stopped. I am utterly completely shocked by the scene on the bed. It is a scene I will never be able to forget as long as I live, and it will be forever carved in my memories.

"Do you like your gift?" I heard Rachel's voice which brought me out of my stupor, I immediately closed the door and walked in, my eyes never leaving the G.o.ddess that was laying on the bed.

"I love my gift," I said breathlessly as I reached the bed.

On the bed, Rachel is lying like an Enchantress wearing nothing except for the red sating ribbon. The satin ribbon is wrapped around her body, perfectly covering every inviting part of her. If I want to look at it, then I will have to unwrap the ribbon.

"Can I open my gift!" I asked softly, my head beating like never before, even in life and death battle my heart hadn't beaten this fast as it is beating right now after seeing Rachel is wrapped in the Ribbon.

"It is your gift." Rachel said boldly, but I could see there is a hint of nervousness in her eyes, this is a big step for both us, after tonight, our relations.h.i.+p will reach an entirely new level.

I slowly raised my hands toward the center of the ribbon, which is the center of the chest between the two most wonderful globes Ive ever seen and I slowly moved my hands toward it.


I lightly pulled the one end of the Ribbon, and just as I did, the whole Ribbon unfurled, and I saw Rachel in full glory.

Seeing her beauty, I wasn't able to move from my spot for several seconds as her beauty is too much, especially when it combines with smile and nervousness Rachel showing on her face.


I couldnt help but mutter as I look her whole, she looked like a G.o.ddess that had come to the mortal world from the heavens and I am going to wors.h.i.+p her tonight.


I took Rachel's body in my eyes before moved my mouth toward her breast, just as my mouth touched her breast, I heard the most beautiful voice ive ever heard in my life.