Monster Integration - Chapter 785 Return II

Chapter 785 Return II


I said as I silhouette of the Big city appeared in front of me, it has been more than two weeks since I've gone out for the Mission, but now I have finally returned.

Soon I reached the city gates and went inside without a problem, I wanted to go to my apartment and take a long rest but I could not. I first have to go to the Guild, make the report of my Mission before I can return to my apartment.

I just hope that after submitting my report, I did not get handed down another mission. The past eighteen days were intense that I had barely taken a complete rest; in the past days, either I was fighting or training and had not got more than five hours of sleep.


I landed in front of the gate and walked inside, with my current access, and I could fly directly to the upper floor, but I like walking down the floor.

The first thing I've done as I entered the Guild made my report; I've submitted all the proof of battles and proof of charges of people I've handed to others before making my way to eight floors to register my power.

In the crystal, I did not disclose all my power, but I showed my power to the Peak of Nine Star Silver Elite. I updated it because I want to have better chances of leaving Milfred, though there will be a big chance of me getting a dangerous mission; I have no choice but to do that; everything had some good and some bad.

After doing these two things, I have entered the special section of Guild, which I did not access to enter before. Here only officers could enter, and now I am an officer, I have access to enter as well.

Here the first thing I did was to buy all the material needed for the 2nd level of Mystic Method, though I am still far from practicing it, I still liked to have all the materials in my hand, and since I have a huge amount of money, I brought the best of best.

There is another reason to buying the best material when the average would have been fine, and that is my Tower since the toward could refine the Grey energy to Dark Grey energy; the runic lily bore the extra weight.

Though, until now, it did not show any strain of Dark Grey Energy; there is no telling it will not work in the future. I might reach the 2nd level of Tower before the 2nd level of Mystic Method, and that time the Grey Energy will be even more and put a lot of strain on the Runic Lily.

This is why I will try to reach the 2nd Level of Mystic Method earlier so that I could reinforce better materials as such; the Mystic Method will be able to bear the load of the refined energy.

I have not brought the material for the 2nd but also the 3rd level of Mystic Method also. Though the material needed for 3rd is high level, I could only buy some of them, while for rest, I have to wait till I become Golden Elite.

After I finished buying materials for Mystic Method, I started buying the materials for strength strengthening potion. Though I already have the main ingredients and some subst.i.tute ingredients, there are still many I need.

I will need all the ingredients if I want to gain the maximum benefits from the Yellow thorn Peach. Though it can't make me Golden Elite, increasing my large strength margin would not be a problem for it.

After I finished with herb buying, I went to the hall of artisans, where I commissioned an artifact which could amply, I told them all the runic formations I want to be enchanted in the artifact and how it should look and what its shape would be.

With all the requirements I've made, they have refused the payment of natural crystals, which I had expected. With the level of enchantment I am commissioning on the Artifact, its difficulty, and its value is astronomical.

So, I paid them with Black Grade Origin Water, which I have in the huge amount; I have killed so many high-level Grimm Monsters that I've acc.u.mulated a huge amount of Origin Water.

So paying some for the Artifact is not a big problem, so I made payment in the Origin Water before leaving the Guild, the craftsman said that the Artifact would be ready in a week and I can't wait to have it.

With the aid of the Runic Array, Sensory Modulating stones power will surely increase.

"Finally, Home!"

I said as I entered my apartment, it has been quite long. I have felt this safe; the rest one could get in the safety of one's home could not get outside, no matter how strong the defensive function of the Abode is.

The first thing I did after entering abode is a bath and eat leftovers of the morning before sleeping in a warm bed. When I woke up, it was early evening, but my bed was empty as earlier.

I know that Rachel will return tomorrow, but I still can't help but hope that she will return early, I am missing her.

With a disappointed sigh, I woke up and freshened up before I started cooking. Since I have all the time in the world, I did not cook the hurried dinner as usual but took my time cooking it.

"Let's eat Ashlyn," I said to Ashlyn, and we both began to eat and eat till our stomachs started to feel bloated.

After I finished eating, I went to the training hall and started opening rings, Ashlyn, and I killed lots of Grimm Monsters. From them, I have got many storage rings, though I've spent every moment of my free time sorting the storages, there are still many storages that have remained to be sorted.

As I opened them, I found many rare things inside them, most of them were known, but some of them were completely unknown to me, which I had placed on the unknown shelf, I will take all out when Rachel comes.

Though her Inheritance she had not only received the powers but knowledge also and knowledge she had received was far waster than what knowledge crystals have given me, I am sure she will be able to identify most of these things.

With my soul energy increased, my speed of opening rings also increases; if one will look inside my storage ring, they will see hundreds of things flying toward different shelves every second.

I sorted the storage rings for the whole three hours but still not finished with them, so I left them for tomorrow as I started to refine the energy.

When I first practiced the Mystic Method, I had only nine units of energy. Six on the Runic Lily and three in the receive, and now with the strength of body and soul energy, I now have extra slots with it. I could launch ten attacks from the Mystic Method.

The increase of 1 unit may seem small, but it is huge and could affect life and death in the battle.