Monster Integration - Chapter 778 Primordial Voice

Chapter 778 Primordial Voice

I have never seen Ashlyn this serious before, she is always haughty and serious but never this serious. She, with her tiny legs, had now reached the boundary of the Cavern and looked at the cavern with complicated expressions.


I thought she would stay on her spot for some time, but a few seconds after she reached the entrance of the cavern, she took a step inside and just as it did, the whole Garden started to shake and all the green like and smoke came at her in an instant and completely drowned her.

This happened so suddenly that I am barely able to sense what happened and when I became capable of ascertaining what is happening in front of me, I have become completely immobile, unable even to twitch my fingers.

The suppressive energy that downed Ashlyn is so immense that it left me completly immobile, if not for me being s.h.i.+elded by something, I would have turned into a fine mist of blood within a moment of sensing this aura.

I don't know what is happening to Ashlyn, I could not sense her, nor could I see her, I only thing I know that she is alive and that is the only thing that keeps my rapidly beating heart from exploding.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued to watch Ashlyn while immobile; it was painful to watch as I could not do anything but that.

"t.i.taness Of Mysteries Moon, You Are Not Dead After All."

Suddenly I heard an aged voice ringing through my ears, it is an unknown language I've never heard, but somehow I was able to understand it clearly.

This voice seems like it is from the Old man, but I feel like it is said from the being that is older than time itself. Hearing this Primordial voice, I felt that strange feeling rise in me again but this time I am in no mood to focus on it as my focus is completely on Ashlyn.

The Green Smoke and light is now receding at the rapid pace, and soon Ashlyn revealed herself from smoke and light, she seemed absolutely fine, and there are no injuries or anything on her, seeing that I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

"What-what had happened to you?" I asked with a little strained voice as I am having a problem with speaking under such pressure.

Chew Chew Chew…

'Why have I even asked her such a question?' I said as I ma.s.saged my head, she never knew about strange things that happened to her, she would be blacked out whenever that happened.

I wanted to ask her about the name that Primordial Voice spoke as the same name spoken by the abomination in a different language, but seeing she does not have any idea about whatever secret she has, I also let it go.

Ashlyn seemed not to feel this suppressive energy and Gravity as easily flew front her spot and landed on the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree. As she fell, she instantly took a bite of the peak, without care for the sharp thorns the peach has.

She kept eating the peach, and before long, she finished eating it completely and started on the second.

I did not stop her as when she is full, she will pluck fruits for me, but as time pa.s.sed, I felt like I had overestimated her generosity and underestimated her food for love as she continued eating one Yellow Thorn Peach after another without stopping.

Soon she finished eating the 10th fruit of the tree, which was also the last one and flew toward another one.

My eyes became sharp, seeing that, if Ashlyn can eat the fruits from the second tree, then it will be a good thing for me as Ashlyn will be able to eat hundreds of fruits the most while the rest of them she could pluck for me.

But it looked like that beautiful dream will never be realized as ashlyn herself wasn't able to eat the fruit.

Chew Chew Chew...

Unable to eat the fruits of the tree, Ashlyn got angry and started to chirp angrily at the source of light. I shudder to see that; I am very well aware that there is sentient being here; if Ashlyn got it angry, then we both murked fine blood paste and became nutrients for the trees of this Grade.

Ashlyn continued to chirp angrily at a light source for a few minutes before she stopped and looked at the Yellow Thorn Peaches Lodgingly before she looked at the Emerald Kiwis with even more lodging.

I was about to stop her when I saw her looking at the Emerald Kiwi in case she planned to go toward them but she did not, she just quietly sat on the branch of the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree and closed her eyes in rest.

I finalized my training Plan, which is the first training in Body Cleansing Technique and then with my sword. I would have liked to train with Sword as Body Cleansing Technique would be extremely hard to practice in such pressure, but I still chose to practice it as it will be twenty times more effective than any other way.

Body Cleansing Technique makes muscles relax and contract, which would not only help in suck more energy into the body but also effectively merge it with my body, which makes it the best Method to be practiced in such an environment.

It is the best method, but it will also be hardest; I don't know if I will be even able to practice the first move of it under such pressure.

I walked back a few meters and reached a one-meter distance from the entrance, where the pressure is lowest of the cavern, I will start from the Lower pressure to the highest. If I directly started from highest, then I will not be able to last long.

'So f.u.c.king Hard!'

I screamed out in my mind as I just performed the few poses of the 1st move, I have started to feel tired at the 10th pose of the 1st pose. The 10th pose is nothing; I did not even feel anything when I performed the 1st and 2nd move, but now I am tired just at the 10th pose of the 1st move.

I continued performing through the gritted teeth, but as I reached the 20th pose, I felt drained, completely drained that I just wanted to fall but I did not; I continued performing with every bit of the energy I have.


Finally, at the 28th pose, I had reached my final limit and fell tiredly; this time, it took me a minute before I started to regain my energy, which made me feel like I have returned to past days where I have to wait for minutes for my body to recover.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued performing Supreme Combat Exercise, every time I would fall, I would take the rest of the fifteen minutes before continuing again and such away, I was finally able to perform the whole first move.

Just as I did that, I started to perform in two-meter distance from the cavern entrance, where the pressure is even greater than before. It was very difficult to perform, but I continued as I saw the result of it with my own eyes.

Which is amazing, better than I had thought. It was so good that it made me perform Body Cleansing Exercise even more zealously.