Monster Integration - Chapter 76 Miracle Frui

Chapter 76 Miracle Frui

She is leveling up, means I am leveling up, soon mana inside my body started to drain.

I quickly put down my backpack and remove the fist-size portion meat from the heart of Corporal grade monster, if it were normal level up this portion would have been too much but it is level up between grades, so it will be fine.

I would have drink mana potions but that would have been such waste of mana potions as they are better used during emergencies.

I quickly cooked it with my strongest fire for a few seconds and then ate it without wasting any second.

Rhea started to understand what is happening after seeing Micheal eating the heart of the corporal level monster.

Micheal is quite surprised by sudden leveling up of Ashlyn but he didn't think much as sometimes unexpected leveling up did happen.

I started to operate refinement engine at full speed, to provide much-needed mana for the level up.

The changes started to occur all over my body giving me enhancement in all aspect from physical to magical.

Not only that my runes on my refinement engine also started to brighten and soon my refinement engine started to expand.

This goes for half an hour and I and Ashlyn leveled up to Specialist grade when the seal of supreme combat exercise of begin to throb rapidly and started sucking all the limited mana I have in my body at abnormal speed, so fast that I started to feel pain in my body.

Without cooking, I started to take bites out if the heart of Corporal level monster, it tasted awful but I still ate it.

The seal started to suck more and more energy out of me and to provide enough energy, I have to keep taking bites of the heart of the corporal monster.

The throb of the seal's only stopped when I ate one forth of heart, I felt relieved as it stopped sucking my mana but then seal brighten and it started to transfer its energy to certain toward the certain source.

I got startled realizing that source is Ashlyn and after my careful probing I noticed that the seal is copying itself on Ashlyn.

The seal had to start to form on Ashlyn's body, I didn't know that monster can have seals of supreme combat exercise, I have to conform with rhea later.

If the seal fully copied into the body of Ashlyn then her physique would enhance greatly, as monster her defense would be better than mine.

I can feel Ashlyn id feeling very good as the seal is forming in her body, I can understand the feeling, I felt it too when the seal is forming in my body.

The forming of seal going on for ten minutes before stopping.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn comes out of me and flew high in the air, only after a few seconds later did she come down and I got the good look at her.

Apart from growing few centimeters and her feathers becoming more vibrant than before there are no changes in her.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn said something that made startled but I soon controlled my emotions.

"Did supreme combat exercise seals imprinted on our monster during level up?" I asked Rhea, in order to divert my mind from the thing that Ashlyn told me.

When Ashlyn parents leveled up, they grew three times that normal size but Ashlyn but she stayed near the same.

''Yes, they do but the only level up between grades not level up between normal levels." She said.

I nodded in understanding and take out the Grade 1 shoes that I found near the dead body yesterday.

I had already cleaned them well yesterday well, now that level up to specialist grade, I can wear them without further ado.

I want to test my power so badly but here not the place, many powerful monsters are lurking here.

Without wasting time we resumed our journey, I took a sneak peek at rhea as we walking but she seemed normal.

I am still quite shocked by the thing Ashlyn told me after leveling up.

She said when she was on shoulder earlier, she smelled the wonderful fragrance from fruit and she ate that wonderful fruit with relish but when she was about to fly away from that tree, she started to feel hot suddenly and feeling of leveling up came soon after.

After being shocked for a while, I reasonably thought it through and found there is only one reasonable explanation to had.

Miracle Fruit!

She definitely ate the Miracle fruit, they are known as Miracle Fruit because they have miraculous abilities.

Some may help in level up like the one Ashlyn did, some may enhance physical abilities and power one have.

I even read some Miracle Fruit that can even grant power, I thought all that is faux but after seeing the effects of Miracle Fruits.

They are extremely hard to find and recognize like the one Ashlyn ate, it looked like any other normal fruit, they say only some monster had some innate talent to recognize them.

Wait! Didn't she said she smell the wonderful fragrance from the fruit, she may have the talent to find Miracle Fruit, I will ask her later when we are alone.

I become so happy that I couldn't contain myself, rhea even frowned, seeing me like but she thought it was because I leveled up.

Suddenly I came to myself, Miracle fruits aren't the normal fruits which were lying around waiting for Ashlyn to smell them, the Miracle fruit may well be the only Miracle fruit in this realm.

But still, talent to detect fruit has immense value, whenever Ashlyn near any Miracle fruit she will be able to smell it.