Monster Integration - Chapter 770 3rd Transformation And 5th Cleansing

Chapter 770 3rd Transformation And 5th Cleansing

"What a Day!"

I said as I entered my Abode, that second camp was too much, it was a good thing I did not kill the Grimm Monster and its minions right away, those f.u.c.kers have crossed the limit.

"You did good!" I said to Ashlyn as I pet her lovingly, Ashlyn had merged her Sunfire into bodies of Grimm Monsters and gave them a pain that they have not felt in their whole life.`

The only regret is that their minds have broken away too quickly; they were too weak in mind. Well, if they weren't so weak in mind, they would not have done such things.

I hope the Guild will provide them help from those high-level Counselors who came from the Central Continent; only those councilors will be able to heal the trauma they have gone through. I've requested it in my preliminary report, but I will try again after I reach the city.

After rescuing and leading them to a safe place before handing them to others, I returned to Mariana Hill's in a hurry, wanting to destroy the third camp, but I was not able to find one.

It was a good thing I was not able to find one; otherwise, I would have gone mad in killing them. Though I was not able to find a camp to vent, that did not stop me from venting on the Grimm Monsters.

Just earlier, I had fought against the strongest Grimm Monster I've ever fought. It was very strong, and I had to use all I had to kill it, including the over-drafting Occult energy into my body.

After entering the abode, the first thing I did was to take off the bloodied and torn clothes from my body and showered until the smell of the blood of Grimm Monsters completely vanished from me.

With the shower finished, I started to cook. By the time I had finished eating the dinner, my body had completely recovered from the fatigue I had acc.u.mulated from Over drafting the Occult energy.

After I finished dinner, I went to the practice room and started to refine energy as not only I had used all the Dark Grey Energy; I had also emptied all the mana I've had, which happened the first time since I got this refinement tower.

This Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower not only gives me pure mana, but its storage is also three times greater, which is why no matter how intense the fight is, I barely use 60% of my mana, but today, I've used a total 100%, leaving not a drop of it behind.

I started to refine the Grey Energy through the Tower. If one takes a look at that, they will notice that my speed of refining is faster than before, almost double, but despite the speed of refining being doubled, I can't use the refining with any other method, I solely will have to focus on the Refining only.

Though the speed of refining had increased, I still needed little more than two hours to fill my mana storage to the brim and charge up the Runic lily. After I finished with the refining, I rested for ten minutes before I started the practice three methods method.

Two energies are raging, and inside my body and soul, the body is being ravaged by the Medicinal Energy I got after eating the monster core, which is above the limit of what my body could bear. My soul is being ravaged by the tempering energy of Soul Tempering Diamond.

The tempering energy is so high that even a normal Nine Star Silver Elite would have difficulty standing a one-meter radius of me. I am leaving nothing to chance in practice, as I know Rachel with her Inheritance is making Swift progress, and if I did not want to be left behind by her, then I should give my all in practice if I did not then I will be left behind forever.

So, for improvement, bearing a little bit of torture is nothing, time pa.s.sed by and soon little snake came out and started to gobble the medicinal energy happily, seeing it happily eating the medicinal energies, I couldnt help but feel happy.

In a few days, under my guidance, this little snake started to show the basic emotions; if this continued, then within a year, It will gain all the emotions that newly born monsters should have which will be very amazing, with it having more intelligence many things will become easier for me.

Chew Chew...

Time pa.s.sed by, and I was reaching the end of my practice when suddenly Ashlyn chirped, saying some Grimm Monsters coming toward our direction, and they all are Nine Star Elites.

'How many?' I asked telepathically, 'Six!' I was quite surprised hearing that and nearly stopped practicing.

A team of six Grimm Monsters is quite rare, the biggest team of Grimm Monsters we have come across before were five, we didn't fight them, not because they were powerful but because we don't have time as we were leading the people out of the Mariana Hills.

Though we have not fought against the team of five, we have fought against the team of four, with each of us fighting the two Grimm Monsters.

Soon my senses also picked them up, and my brows furrowed a little as their battle power is very strong. If Ashlyn and I fought with them, then there is less than a 50% chance of us winning against them, especially mine, who is slightly weaker than Ashlyn despite having a Mystic Method.

As I observed them, I found they have a handwritten map in their hands, and they have been discussing something important looking at it while pointing toward the direction I have set up my abode.

After they finished their discussion, they moved toward my direction while looking at the map, and soon they appeared above my abode. They did not seem to notice it seeing that I couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief.

Though I did not fear them and very curious about the map they had in their hands, I did not go up as fighting them would be useless as I do not have full confidence in killing them and with that map in their hands, they will fight tooth and nail against me.

They were just about to walk out of the ground above my abode when one Grimm Monsters suddenly stopped and closed its eyes for a moment and when it opened its eyes, there was a cruel smile on his face.

Bang Bang Bang…

I know my abode had been discovered by it seeing that smile on its face and I was right as it attacked the ground next moment, not only it but its friends also joined with a cruel smile on their faces, it looks like they want to have some dinner before they continue.

I could feel shaking of my abode under their attacks, and seeing they are six of them, my abode would be able to defend their attacks for forty-five minutes and less if they use Mystic Skill, which I am sure they won't use.

'Looks Like I have to fight!' I thought with slight reluctance, I've fought too many battles today, but now I have fought these Grimm Monsters before I could get my much-needed sleep.

Crack Crack…

I had just thought that and was about to stop my practice when I heard the familiar crackling sound, which I was desperate to hear for months.