Monster Integration - Chapter 729 Feather Rain Vs Withering Sand

Chapter 729 Feather Rain Vs Withering Sand

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"Yes, It is time!" I said while I took a quick look at the runic Lily in my heart s.p.a.ce. This will be an extremely dangerous part of our battle, a slight mistake and we might accidentally kill each other.

I've prepared all the precautions that even if she is directly hit by my Mystic Method, she will survive.

"Be careful, Michae. Admit defeat when you can't hold on anymore." Rachel said from a distance, "You too, Rachel!" I spoke with a smile and moved toward her to close the gap between us.

Seeing me coming toward her, her face hardened, but she did not move from her spot, just looked at me coming toward her.

"Angel Ability Feather Rain!"

I was just ten meters away from her when I heard her soft melodious voice chanting the name to her ability, and next moment, I saw faint wings appearing behind her and from which about hundreds of faint feathers released.

Sup Sup Sup...

As the faint feathers released from wings, the change occurred in them as the faint white feathers had turned into feathers of purple lightning and came at me at an extremely fast speed.

These lightning feathers are the first thing I had sensed from her, and they are giving me a very threatening feeling, they could kill me if a sufficient number of them hit me.

A smile came across my face when I looked at the lightning feathers coming at me, with a beating heart I lightly swung my sword toward the lightning feathers, as I did that expression on Rachel's face changed.

She was about to stop the attack as there is no way the sword could counter such an attack but she stopped when she saw what I did next.

"Breeze of Withering Sand!"

I muttered softly and a breezy wave of dark grey sand released from my sword, it's presence is not less threatening than the Lightning feathers as moved toward the lightning feather to clash against them.\

Crackle Crackle Crackle…

A crackling sound rang out as my dark grey sand enveloped each and every lightning feathers and started to whittle away the power of the feathers. However, lightning feathers are not the only thing that is whittling away, the dark grey sand also losing the power, and soon, it vanished with the lightning feathers.

The first level of Domain of Withering Sand is called Breeze of Withering Sand, each level has a name that is derived from the form of the wind.

Though it may seem like our clash had taken a minute, it had taken barely five-second; everything was over within five seconds.

Rachel seemed quite shocked seeing this, it was very clear in her eyes, "Did you practice its 2nd stage?" Rachel asked suddenly, to that I just shook my head.

Previously I had explained this Method in quite a detail, she knew its power and limitations, and the move I had performed now clearly has the power of the 2nd level.

"Then how was your attack able to get the power of the second level?" she asked, clearly confused by my answer. "It's a secret!" I said. I had no problem telling her, but I had been told that too irritated her, and she had gotter irritated.

"Don't get too, Micheal, that was just me holding back, thinking you will not be able to defend yourself." said irritatingly after seeing a smile on my face.

"Now I will attack with real power, defend against it if you can!" She said, "Angel Ability: feather Rain!"

Sup Sup Sup…

Another barrage of lightning feathers came at me. Still, unlike before, this one had more lightning feathers, about two hundred, which is more than double of previous and threatening feelings they are giving me, also higher than the previous attack.

"Breeze of Withering Sand!"

I muttered and released a larger breeze of dark grey sand than previously. The sand I created through my attack is dark grey energy, but when I look at it, there are signs of green in it, but it is barely discernible even to me.

If my refinement Tower had not refined the Grey energy, the green would have been more prominent, but with it being refined, the green color is deeply hidden within the dark grey.

Crackle Crackle Crackle…

A crackling sound rang out again as the two attacks clashed, but like last time both of the attacks had neutralized themselves. In this exchange also, n.o.body was able to get the upper hand.

"This is my most powerful attack, Micheal, defend against it if you dare!" Rachel said.

"Angel Ability: feather Rain!"

She attacked again, and this time her attack was more powerful than before, it had about three hundred lightning feathers, the fatalness of this attack had broken the chart if this attack hit me, then I would die before I got a chance to scream.

It is a good thing I have a way to counter it, but like Rachel, I would also end up in slightly bad condition, the mystic method gives powers, but they also make one very tired quickly.

"Breeze Of Withering Sand!"

I said and attacked like I had expected tiredness had come over me as soon as I launched the attack.

Earlier, two attacks had taken three petalful of dark grey energy, but this attack had taken three petalful of dark energy alone, the load I had to bear to launch such an attack is immense.


The loud crackling sound rang out as our attacks clashed, it felt like purple and grey fireworks exploding in front of us; it looked wonderful but equally dangerous.


This attack had also been neutralized as no attack was able to get an upper hand, I have the energy to launch one more of such attack, but that would be a total waste of energy, which is why as both of the attacks neutralized we moved toward each other at our highest speed.

While shooting toward her, I was quite surprised to find out that I am already recovering from the strain I had gone through to launch that powerful attack and would be able to recover in less than a minute.

This is shocking to me as I know how much strain my body had gone through to launch such an attack, but soon a smile spread over my face as this amazing thing for me.

Clang Clang Clang Step…

We attacked as we got close to each other, and there was intensity from the start. I had thought that I would send Rachel Flying with clashes of my heavy attack, but all I was able to do was make her take steps back.

It looks like I am not the only one who is recovering fast, she is recovering quickly too with similar speed as mine.

Clang Clang Clang…

Time as we continue fighting, not us one of us is willing to accept the defeat, and giving their all to defeat the other. Still, it is me suppressing Rachel as with each attack; my realization of Clock Sword Style is getting better and better which gave me the confidence to defeat Rachel.

"You Lost!" I said with a huffing breath as I placed my sword near her chest, which is shaking lightly. I had thought I would defeat Rachel soon, but it took three more hours of intense attacking before I was able to find an opening to defeat her.