Monster Integration - Chapter 724 Practicing Mystic Method II

Chapter 724 Practicing Mystic Method II

I could use the Yellow Golden sand, which I had brought a few days ago, but I decided to use the Grey one, and the grey one is perfect for the 1st level according to the instruction written in Mystical Method.

That Grimm monster has used low-level sand to Lower the Risk of practicing, still barely able to itself from dying. To hide this shame, it had even changed the Methods name to Scourge Of Golden Sand from Domain Of Withering Sand, which was its real name.

The Grey sand is best according to the instruction of the 1st level but using it would be highly dangerous, even with the changed body, I do not have confidence that I would be able to bear the Cosmic Energy present in the sand.

This grey sand is no ordinary sand; it is the sand that is tempered with the cosmic energy for G.o.d knows how many years, it had comic energy in every part of it if even a slight mistake occurred.

All that cosmic energy (Grey Energy) released, then I don't know if my body would be able to handle it even with the help of my refinement engine and little snake.

"No risk, no gain!"

I said with a firm voice and put down the sand on its place as I activated the formation, though it is true the risk is immense. If I can practice it successfully, then the power it would give would also be tremendous.


The formation buzzed as it lit up with the white glow, the formation on the floor as well the lily flower formation on my chest. As the formation lit up, some herbs started to get refined by fire and turned to herbal ash, while some had liquid extract coming out of them.

These solid and liquid essences came out of herbs and started to flow through the Runic lines that are connected to their Runic circle.

They began to move and finally reached the circle where the Grey sand is like all these connections of Runic lines connected to the runic circle that is connected to the runic circle where Grey Sand is present.

One by one, all the essences entered the runic circle of Grey Sand, and soon all the herbal extracts entered the Runic circle where the Grey sand is.

Just as that all the essences entered the Runic Circle of Grey Sand, the Runic circle lit up even more brilliantly, and all the essences and grey sand started to merge.

I first thought that grey sand would not be able to merge perfectly with herbal essence, as it stated in the method, as this cosmic energy tempered sand is tougher than the steel. But, to surprise, fifteen minutes after the merging process started, I saw the signs of sand dissolving into the herbal mixture.

Twenty minutes pa.s.sed as such, and the mixture of herbal solution and Grey sand created a dense solution Grey Green color, which is flowing through the runic line which connected to my body.

Soon it touched my body and started to climb up slowly, I thought the solution would be warm, but to my surprise, it was quite cold.

Time pa.s.sed by a few minutes later, the solution touched my chest and started to fill the Runic Lily I had painted on my chest, in just a few seconds later, the runic lily was completely filled with grey-green solution, and the rest of the formation below it started to dry up. In contrast, the lily formation, which is filled with Grey Green Liquid, started to light up.

It is harnessing the remaining energy that formation has left inside the formation, and within a minute, except for the lily formation, the rest of formation on my body and floor had been completely dried up and scattered as if it was never there.

'Now, the real part will start!' I said in my mind, till now everything had happened the easiest part, but now the thing that happened will be the hardest and most dangerous part, if I were not able to hold on, then this lily would crack apart, and all of its energy would spread into my body.


I sucked a sharp breath when suddenly I found runic lily turning warm as swift speed. First, it was slightly warm, but seconds later, it became hot, and a few seconds after that, it turned downright scorching.

The heat is increasing so fast that I am not able to wrap as within ten seconds it reached its peak, which is hotter than the melted iron.

The process is very, very painful; if I had not experienced the Baptism of the neutral energy in the cavern, then I would not have been able to bear such pain I am feeling.

Though this pain is less than what I had felt during the Baptism, it is still excruciating and concentrated on the single part of the body, which made it harder to bear.

'I wish it would have been a little fast!' I said in my mind as I saw lily seeping inside my skin at a plodding speed. Though its pace is slow, it is slow for a reason, and I have to bear it until it has wholly entered my body.

Time pa.s.sed as the lily continued to seep inside me at languid speed, and such an hour pa.s.sed, and finally, the Runic Lily completely seeped inside me.

Just as it seeped inside me, the torturous pain I was feeling earlier had disappeared entirely, and I've entirely lost the trace of the runic lily as if it had vanished, but it had not vanished.

I closed my eyes and looked into my sour heart s.p.a.ce where I saw Green Grey color runic lily beside my refinement engine.

The Runic Lily spinning slowly and as it spins, it is gathering the energy in the base of it, I know this will happen, but I am still quite surprised by it as that energy is no normal energy but Grey energy (Cosmic Energy).

Most of the cosmic energy-filtered though the world layer and diluted to the mana, but some tiny specks of the cosmic energy still sneaked inside and not to forget there are quite a lot of forbidden zones that released quite a bit of cosmic energy in the atmosphere of the world.

The amount of this cosmic energy is so tiny that it is harmless, but now this runic lily inside me is attracting the cosmic energy after it gathers enough energy, it will move up from its base while going through a concentration process before filling up the petals.

With the six petals, I will be able to use this mystic method six-time consecutively as each petal of the lily responds to one attack.


Soon enough, grey energy gathered for one petal to fill when it was about to rise from its base when light from Refinement Tower s.h.i.+ned on it and stopped the process.


I was really confused seeing that scratched my brain for a reason but did not find anything and just about to bang my fist in anger when I received a slight response from the tower.