Monster Integration - Chapter 717 Practice I

Chapter 717 Practice I

'I wonder how it felt like to be inside such concentrated energy' I asked myself as I saw millions of mana crystals turning into energy smoke. Normal Knight wouldn't be alive under thick energy, h.e.l.l even Lords will have the problem staying under such thick energy.

Mana crystals are the practice resource, and Knight could use them, but they don't, our bodies aren't equipped to handle and refine such energy, only lords capable of doing that.

When I thought about refining, I wondered if my new refining engine would be able to refine this energy. I am quite sure it will; if it can refine the Filtered Cosmic Energy, then refining energy from the mana crystal should not be a problem for it.

I was busy in my thoughts when I felt faint black smoke appear in the dome, though it is very faint, it could be clearly seen in the done as whenever this black smoke appears, the colorless smoke makes way for it on its own or I might say this black smoke.

This black smoke is not peaceful like the colorless smoke; it is floating everywhere in a chaotic manner; just looking at this nature, one will know where it comes from. It is from the Vaporiser.

I am quite shocked to see that this formation is extracting energy from the Vaporiser without making it explode; this thing is known for exploding after the slight tinkering.

As I was watching everything in full concentration, I saw a faint purple glow in the center of the Formation; I do not doubt that it is Rachel that is emitting the purple glow.

As time pa.s.sed, that glow got brighter and brighter till it had become bright enough that it looked one could look at it under the thick fog, but that was just a start.

Soon the purple color spread from Rachel and enveloped all the runic formation, and with it enveloping, the runes started to change, and to my utter shock, they have started to change into the Ancient Runes.

Within just a few minutes, a formation made of normal runes had turned into the formation of Ancient Runes, which changed everything, including its appearance. Now the whole formation is purple, and including the forcefield, it is also faint purple.

It was a good thing that the Ancient Runes are hazy for some reason otherwise I would have burned my eyes in a moment, even now my eyes started to burn if I looked at the formation too closely.

Which is why I am only staring at the forcefield where there are hardly any runes. After the Ancient Runes took over, the big change occurred inside; this Ancient Formation able to extract all the energy from the Vaporiser within a second.

I am not surprised to see that, with Ancient Runes, this formation had become at least a thousand times stronger, so total extraction energy from the Vaporiser Rock is no big thing.

A few minutes pa.s.sed by, nothing happened, or I might say the fog was obscuring my vision so much that I wasn't able to see anything, but with pa.s.sing time, I had noticed something.

That the Rachels is sucking the energies around her into her, her speed seems slow, but it is extremely fast when one sees how much energy is around her.

This is the energy of about twenty-five million Manan crystals and a fist-size Vaporiser which have to contain at least 100 times more than that, taking this much amount of energy into the frail body is a shocking thing.

I watched half an hour more before I looked away and typed a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch, and soon, the left wall of Big Training Hall disappeared, revealing the small training room.

All the training rooms are connected if one wants one big training hall, then one just has to remove the wall. After the wall had disappeared, I walked into the training room and took out thirteen Swords from my storage.

I don't think Rachel's awakening is not going to end very soon, and there is no use in watching the whole process, so at that time, I might well do some training and the things I have to do.

The thirteen words in front of me are the Sword that fits my criteria, all of them are the Greatsword and have similar length and width as my Sword, now I have to choose one of them.

The Sword I will choose will depend upon what Enchantment it has, so without wasting any time, I started to inspect one Sword after another.

All the swords are top quality and have great Enchantment, I wanted to choose every Sword I took in my hand, but I controlled myself and inspected every Sword with great precision.

I've not only checked their Enchantment but also their familiarity with me, and finally, little more than two hours later, I chose the Sword.

It is a sword that has a brown metallic blade and Blue handle; it is similar in height but has a greater width and weighs around 300 Kg, which is the limit of what I can handle with my current ability.

It had the Enchantment of the weight; if I willed it, I could increase its weight, and this is the main reason why I had chosen the second Sword, which I liked; that Sword had the lethal vibration enchantment.

If I had chosen that Sword, it would have defeated the whole purpose of choosing the Sword. The main reason I am using this Sword is to get used to fighting with Greatsword and get used to the weight; with this Sword, I could get used to both.

As I progress, I could increase the weight of the Sword until I became capable of using the 1000 Kg sword.


I put away all other weapons back in storage and picked up the Sword which is quite heavy, the heaviest Sword I've ever used is my Red Sword which was around 12 Kg but this Sword weighs 25 times stronger than that, learning to use it is going to be quite a challenge.

But I am upped for it, and soon I will use it with the same mastery I used my Red Sword with.

Seeing Rachel still absorbing the energy around me, I moved my gaze at the Sword which I am holding in my hand, now that I picked up the Sword, it is time to practice with it, I thought as I lifted the Sword.

Lifting Sword, I started to practice the Twenty Four Moves of the Clock Sword Style. It is the best fighting style I've ever learned, and through the epiphany, I have quite a grasp over its basics, so I directly decided to practice that.

I started to practice Clock Sword Style, and to be honest, I was very bad at it, my movements were full of flaws, my balance was imperfect, and my arms were shaking as I was holding the Sword.

The Sword was quite heavy, and with just half an hour of practice, I started to feel the soreness of my muscles and slight tiredness came over me. This was very surprising, but it has inspired me even more that I continued to practice with even more diligence.