Monster Integration - Chapter 715 White Grade

Chapter 715 White Grade

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"Dinner was delicious, Micheal," Kyla said as she put her spoon down after eating the last bite of the desert.

'Well, it should be I have worked quite hard on it.' I said in my mind, "Thank You, it means a lot." I replied with a smile. Soon after, others also finished eating their dinner and complimented me, and I like their compliments very much as every host would.

After dinner, we all went to the hall and talked; they all told me what had happened in the past five days when I was out of contact, and there were some interesting things that had happened, and one of them even caught my attention which I will talk about later.

"I want to thank you all for what you did, and this is a small token from me, please don't reject otherwise I will feel bad," I said and placed six boxes in front of Kayla and team.

I knew they would feel bad about receiving something for me and reject it, which is why I did not give them a chance to reject these small gifts for me.

These boxed as jet black and looked very s.h.i.+ny; they seemed to be made of very fine Marble. I have found them in the storage of humans whom I reverse looted in Ruin; his storage had hundreds of exquisite boxes.

They looked a little hesitant in accepting the gift, but after seeing my face, they had picked the boxes one by one.

"What's in it?" Alex asked as she picked up the box and started to open, "Don't open it here, open it in your home, and as for the things inside, all of them will be very useful to you guys." I replied with a smile.

I could tell Alex wanted to open the box very much, but she had stopped herself from doing that. They stayed for an hour more before they left for their homes together.

"It is time for us to leave Micheal!" Sophia said after some time, they have an airs.h.i.+p to catch.

"Will you give this Rachel and Leo, tell them thanks from me," I said, and I took out two boxes and gave them to Sophia. Rachel and Leo went to the same Midzone as the twins.

The reason twins were able to come early to search for me is that they have some connection in Grimm Battlefield due to their brother, which got them permission to leave early. At the same time, it took Leo and Rachel five days to get that, but when they are about to leave, I have already been found.

Though they were not able to come, they had intentions that are more than enough for me, I am fortunate to have such friends.

"Micheal, you are giving gifts to everyone, will you not give to us," Sophia said jokingly.


Just as she said that she got admonished by Raina loudly, "I was joking, jeez, you understand a joke." Sophia said, the complaining voice.

"Sophia is right; I do have one last thing for you guys," I said, taking out a palm-size bottle from my storage, which is half-filled with the milky white liquid.

"Micheal, you don't have to give us anything; we are already indebted to you by the mold you had given us," Raina said outright, rejecting what I am giving it to them. Seeing that, I couldn't help but shake my head.

"The Violet Grade Origin Water you guys have given me had saved my life, if it weren't for it, I would have died in the forbidden ground," I said with a truthful voice.

What I said is absolutely true if not Violet origin water, I would have turned to husk before I fell into the lake to Milky White Origin Water, it could be said that they have saved my life.

"Please take it; I will feel safe if you have this with you," I said slowly, hearing how I truly wanted to have them, they finally took the bottle of Milky while Origin Water.

To others, I have only given them about fifty drops each but to twins I have given the half-full bottle which has little more than four thousand drops. This will be enough to alter their const.i.tution and Talent by quite a Margin.

"What is it?" Sophia asked as she took the half-filled bottle in her hand, "Open it, and you will find it." I said.

They may not know about it, but when they smell its fragrance, they will understand its value on their own.

Hearing me, Sophia wasted no time in opening the cap of the bottle and took a long whip from its mouth, and just as she did that, a look of utter shock appeared in their faces.

"W...White Grade Origin Transformative Water!" Sophia said in a shaking voice, not only her voice is shaking; her body is also shaking, seeing that, I kept my gaze locked on it, in case it fell on the floor.


Just as White Grade Origin Transformative Water uttered from Sophia's mouth, both Rain and Rachel got similar expressions on their face, and Raina, who is usually very calm, did not hesitate to s.n.a.t.c.h the bottle from her sister's hand and smell the fragrance herself.

A smile couldn't help couldn't help but appear this Comic behavior; for one moment, I thought it was not Raina, but Sophia herself; it looks like these sisters are more similar than they are different.

Compared to twins, Rachel's reaction was a little more measured, she controlled herself from s.n.a.t.c.hing the bottle off Raina's hand and looked at me intently, feeling her intense gaze, I mouth something to her which brought a huge smile on her face which seemed to lit the whole room extra bright.

I was a little surprised to see such a smile on her face as the only time I had seen her such a smile on her face when I made my confession to her when we were in Ruin.

"It really is While Grade Origin Water!" Raina said after she got control over emotions and looked at me, "Micheal, this is too precious." Raina said, move her hand to give me back the bottle.

I could tell she wanted this Origin Water, but seeing its preciousness, she had decided to return it, I couldn't help but feel touched seeing it.

"Keep it; I have a few bottles more for myself." I rejected resolutely, and seeing adamant expression; she finally took back the bottle.

"Could you tell me more about this White Grade Origin Water?" I asked back; I have never heard this grade before; otherwise, I would not have called it the Milky While Origin Water.

"White Grade saturated Origin water, it is only found in the Central Continent, and even there it is quite rare," she said and started explaining its value and other details about it.

"My brother had found a thousand drops in the central continent, and it helped him gain the perfect fusion with his inheritance," Raina said after some time.

With her explaining, I got a clear idea about the value of Milky White Origin Water and couldn't help but feel lucky to get such treasure.