Monster Integration - Chapter 70 The Map

Chapter 70 The Map

I stopped on my tracks seeing all of them are at Private Grade, it really incomprehensible to think they can kill the monsters two grade above easily and these monsters were not normal monsters either, they are many times stronger than the normal monsters back home.

"Hey, what happened to you?" said hammer welding boy snappily which brought me out my stupor.

"Are you all from the westblood city?" I asked, I know they are not from the westblood city, their strength is completely different level compared to elites in the republic.

I watched many videos on the web and come across many elites of the organization while hunting but I've never seen anyone have fighting prowess to skip two grades in combat.

''No, we are from the central continent." Replied the girl in their team.

"Central continent?" I asked back, I know there are other continents besides ours but I never heard central.

"Central cont…" she is just answering my queries when other boy cut in. "Nina, enough chitchatting! if we waste our time here, we will lose to the other teams."

"Look, friend, we are in a hurry so ask whatever you want to ask quickly?" said the other boy.

''I had accidentally entered this spatial realm, do you know how to get out of it," I asked, I just want to quickly get out of this realm, G.o.d knows what will happen if I stayed longer, these type unstable s.p.a.ce realms are extremely dangerous.

"Looks like this realm had formed two connection, No we don't know. We have our own entrance," he said, I got disappointed hearing that.

"Did you encounter any new people since yesterday," I asked, this is the only choice I have, find people from the westblood city and try to find a solution with them.

The government will not leave this much person stranded, they will do something rescue us.

"Yes, we did, a fifty-something people were fighting some Grade 3 monsters deep inside the forest, I don't suggest you go inside before finding reinforcement." he cautioned.

My mood worsens as he said they are inside the forest and he mentioned that there are lots of Corporal monsters are there, I don't think most of them will survive, seeing the strength of the monsters in this s.p.a.ce realm.

"Let me give you the map we have?" Girl names nana offered said and sent my map into my holowatch.

"Thank you!" I said, giving me the nod they left in a hurry. looking at their actions, some sort of compet.i.tion is going on here.

This means my earlier conjuncture is wrong, this realm is quite stable but that doesn't make it any better for me as here any specialist grade monster is a danger to me.

The new I've read before coming into Green hill said that there are approximately five thousand people had disappeared, so I can find many other people who had accidentally entered this realm.

I opened the map that girl name Nina had given me, this realm is a lot bigger than I thought.

The map is expertly drawn a map with all the details and I can say that they had already scoured this realm and using it to for training.

Taking s.p.a.ce realm is stable, I don't have to worry about its collapsing anymore and now that I am free from that worry I can relaxedly decide my next course of action.

I've decided to walk by the outskirt of forest which is less dangerous than the depth of the forest, it will take some time but I will eventually find some people.

I looked at the twenty-four bodies of ice wolves, they didn't even look at bodies after they killed it, so much wealth.

I quickly started to take out their cores, these cores alone sell for three hundred credits.

Except for cores, I took out some meat and hearts of the Corporal Stage monster for eating.

All these ice wolfs bodies worth more than million credit but I can't take them with me, my heart pains seeing so many credits going waste.

I started to walk the outskirt of the forest, I still didn't dare to enter inside fearing, I've come across any specialist grade monster.

I've enough water for now but I have to remove it from the trees later.

It feels good to walk in the shadow to trees, feeling light breeze of air but all can change in a minute if any monster spotted me.

It's only been two hours since I started walking by outskirts of the forest but I have already come across more than ten Private Grade monsters.

I've barely able to avoid their notice but one time I've caught by the group of hundred some scarlet crows and they all were at Specialist Grade.

I had got so scared seeing them and was about fight them when luckily Ashlyn noticed hollowed tree trunk inside the bushes.

I quickly hide inside it, although I had to stay inside cramped s.p.a.ce for a half an hour and the monster was still searching for me above.

That was a h.e.l.l of an experience, I would have surely died if not for a timely finding hiding spot.

It's like every minute I am walking on the tight rope of life and death if a strong monster notices me then it will be my death.

It is a good thing that this realms limit is Corporal grade, otherwise, it would have been many times dangerous.

"Cry…" I heard faint cried from the sky, without looking up, I scramble to find a hiding spot.

Seeing no notable spot except for the tree, I crouch down at the base of the tree, making myself small as possible, I pray that whatever is coming didn't notice.

Craning my neck a little I looked at the sky, most of my view is obstructed but I can still see between the cries.

The cries of birds getting louder and louder, I am sure that monsters will fly above me within a seconds.

''Hnn!" Comes out of my mouth when I saw that three yellow birds big as me flew above and right behind them are the group of hundred something scarlet crows.

I am sure I saw a human silhouette on the birds and these crows were probably the same crows as that come after just earlier.

Sighing, I pick my backpack and started to walk, finding more people is utmost important, this is the only way of returning home.

After walking for an hour i come across battle scene, there is a signs of battle all over it, especially swords marks on the trees and specialist Grade monsters carca.s.s.

looking at small destruction it caused around it both monster and human probably at specialist Grade and these signs of battle looked quite fresh, only a few hours old.