Monster Integration - Chapter 679 Peak One Star Elite

Chapter 679 Peak One Star Elite

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"Did you guys Rob anyone before us?" Alex asked, immediately, these guys started to shake their heads, saying no, they have seen what Kind of terror Alex is, and they shudder whenever they look at the body of their leader.

Their leader is lying on the ground like a dying dog, nearly every bone in his body has broken; Alex did not even s.p.a.ce his faces as she broke his nose with her fist.

"N...No, we did not, you guys are the first we have tried to Rob." said the teammates of squinty-eyed guy shudderingly.

"This time, I am leaving you guys with this small lesson, but if I again caught robbing someone, then I wouldn't be this nice as I am now." Warned Alex.

We did not stay there long after warning them and continued with our hunting; the battles are going everywhere; we just have to select the opponent and move towards them.

It is like shopping where there are lots of options before you; you have to pick one and go with it. Here is also the same, there are Grimm monsters everywhere, and we only chose to fight against those who are challenging us as they are the ones who could force us to improve.

Suddenly I stopped and craned my neck toward my teammates and with a finger on my lips. It is a sign for them to stay absolutely silent and not move; I have only used this sign once that is three hours ago.

I close my eyes while feeling cold sweat dripping from my back, but I do not care as I am wholeheartedly focused on the tracking of the fearful Grimm monster that had entered my range.

I opened my eyes and motioned my team to follow my direction as I began to walk toward the west with cautious and noiseless steps, we kept walking as such for more than five minutes before we stopped and finally let myself evaporate the sweat that I had acc.u.mulated in my body.

That Grimm monster was too powerful, more powerful than the last powerful Grimm monster, we have encountered. If I am not wrong, then this Grimm monster should also be Two Star Silver Elite but at peak one at the least.

The last one I had sensed had quite a lower battle power than this one, but it was still Two Star Elite that I had the strength to fight against that time.

"Is it gone?" Asked Kayla, to that, I nodded and laid my back against the tree tiredly; I have not slept two nights, and this will be the third night; in more than two days, I did not have a minute of rest and always had been on alert.

All these things are making me quite tired that I just wanted to lay on the ground and sleep, and I would really sleep within a minute if I laid on the ground to rest. Not only me but others are also very tired, but what can we do?

This is our mission, we just have to grit our teeth and continue despite feeling all the sleep in the world, well there is also the incentive of the Origin water, and for that, we would have continued even if it was not the compulsory mission from the guild.

We rested for a few minutes and began to move toward the team of the Grimm monsters I had selected.

As such, six more hours we had pa.s.sed in this absolute mayhem. We had fought like crazy and killed hundreds of Grimm monsters and gotten millions of Mana crystals from them, but that was not our big harvest; our big harvest was the Three Origin Water crystals we have found in the past six hours.

If we add the big one we have found at the start of the evening then we have found the Total four Origin Water crystals which are an absolutely amazing harvest, if others were to know it, they would get really jealous.

Ashlyn, too, had found the Origin water crystal, and her tally reached five Origin Water Crystal, which took my battle power to the Peak of One Star Elite.

As early evening if I knew Ashlyn would find five Origin Water Crystal, I would have thought my battle power would surely reach that of Two Star Silver Elite, but unfortunately, nothing of that sort had happened.

I am only able to reach Peak of One Star Silver Elite, and the reason for my less progress is because the rejuvenating energy that Ashlyn is releasing into me has started to lose its efficiency on my body.

Even Ashlyn started to lose interest in them, the Grey Grade is the lower grade of Origin Water, if we can find the Black then I am confident that single drop would make me reach the Two Star Elite.

As I have experienced the Origin Water thorough Ashlyn, I noticed that the Origin water had increased not only my battle power but also my talent. I first did not notice it, but as Ashlyn kept eating more and more Origin water, I clearly felt the change.

It has now become quite easy for me to circulate the energy through my body and summoned it out, and due to that summoning time of my Swirling Armor had reduced to the one second.

Now only two hours remained; after two hours, we could start our returned journey back to the Midzone and get the much-required sleep I had been dreaming for the whole night.

"G.o.d, I have never been this awake ever," Alex said as she harvested the mana crystals from the Grimm monster she had killed. She said that, but no replied, everyone is tired, and in no mood to talk, the only Alex is the one who had energy or mood to talk.

"When I finally go to my apartment, I am going to sleep for the whole day," she said, but like all previous times, no one is replied.

I am busy sensing the area around me, searching for the last Grimm monster team we will fight before we leave this forest. I want this last fight to be more challenging where I would have had to use all my strength, the fight which will push to my limits.


I didn't have to wait for long as I have found such a team, it's just that this team is slightly stronger than what I am finding in my last challenge.

"There is a team of Grimm monsters, a very powerful one that if we fight, I don't know if we can win against them or not," I said softly, which made everyone perk their ears.

Throughout the whole night, all the battles we have fought were challenging but winnable if they had used all their strength in combat, but against this team, even I have no idea if I can win or not if I fought those Grimm monsters.

"Are they very strong?" Kayla asked, "Very if we fought against them, then we all will have to use every bit of strength before we could have a slight chance of winning against them." I replied.