Monster Integration - Chapter 677 Mayhem II

Chapter 677 Mayhem II

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"Let's go quickly; there are some people in trouble," I said, and the team followed me without the hesitation. It is not our first time saving some humans today; we have already saved the two teams already from nearly dying.

We moved quickly, and within two minutes, we have reached the Team of the Old people who are desperately fighting against the Grimm monsters.

We did not have to speak much, with me moving toward the leader, Kayla and others had also chosen their opponents and moved toward them at our quickest speed.

Seeing our team coming, surprise appeared on the faces of the Old people and also Grimm monster, but the emotion in those surprises is completely different, Grimm monsters are really angry seeing their perfectly good kill got disturbed while the humans are feeling happy seeing someone had come to rescue.


"Grandpa, leave this to me, you go rest!" I said as I appeared in front of the Oldman and defended him from the attack of the Grimm monsters while not forgetting though him a potion bottle.

The old man's condition is really bad; there are serious wounds all over his body, there is not a place where there is not any wound, this old man had reached his limit while ago, he was just fighting against the Grimm monster through sheer will power.

Oldman nodded as he caught the potion bottle and moved away from the fight, "Do you think the old humans survive after you came, no they won't they will still die, and you will die with them since you were foolish enough to come to become a hero." The Grimm monster said and attacked.

Clang Clang Clang…

This Grimm monster is strong but not that much, It is at the Peak of One Star Elite but not best among them, it is even slightly weaker than the first Peak One Star Silver Elite I had fought.

I will not have a problem dealing with it and could even finish it in a minute if Summoned out my Swirling Armor, but I am not going to do that, every fight gives me experience, and unless I dont need it, I will not summon my Swirling Armor.

So, this fight will take about ten minutes before I am able to finish these monsters unless of course, it has the Mystic Method, if it had that then I will be seriously in danger, but I don't think it has any mystic method if it had I would have gotten that weird feeling about it.

But I still did not let my down, I have fought four Peak one Star Elite since the Afternoon, and no Grimm monster came to me as a weird feeling at first, but I was still very cautious fighting against them.

Some Mystic Methods may be weird enough that they might block my senses, that is why, despite relying heavily on my senses, I still keep the level of cautiousness when I fight the new opponent.

The fight continued on and soon ten minutes pa.s.sed, and I could now easily kill this monster, I just had to move my sword, and this Grimm monster would be dead, but I did not do that.

None of my teammates had finished the fight, and if I had finished it early, I will have to talk With Oldmen. That would be very awkward.

I do not have the Grandparents; my father is Orphan and did not do anything about his parents while my mother had a mother who had pa.s.sed away when she was in her teens about whom my mother did not talk much.

My contact with the old people had been the bare minimum, and I would always become a little awkward when I am their company. So, I decided to entertain this Grimm monster for a little while, as soon as they finished fighting, I would also kill these monsters.

A minute later, Kyla finished killing the two Grimm monsters and helped to kill the two Grimm monsters that were fighting against old people. Now only Alex and the other two and I had remained.

While fighting, I kept my senses active and could see Oldmen making a conversation with Kayla and talking with them on the surface she seemed to find, but I could feel the slight awkwardness she was feeling.


Finally, three of my teammates had killed the Grimm monsters they are fighting against, and seeing that I had killed the Grimm monster I was fighting against.

"Thank you, Young ones for saving us." said the leader of Oldman, their this team of Old People there are five people, three are men, while two are women, just like our team.

"It's no worries Grandpa, it is what we should do," said Alex, the one who is best at conversation is definitely Alex, and she had a very likable face, so other people easily talked to her compared to people Kayla who have a little serious aura around us and me.

"By the way Grandpa, you are so old, why did you come to the dangerous battlefield, you guys just rest home and enjoy your later years and leave the fighting to us, young people." Said Alex.

Hearing that I wanted to hit my head with the palm, not only me Kayla and others nearly did, the question Alex asked was just too direct. Others could easily misinterpret it and take offense.

"Well, young lady, we are doing that because we want to live more." The Oldman replied with a smile; I heaved a relief seeing the old people did not take offense at what Alex had said.

"Live more?" Alex asked back, clearly confused about older adults wanting to live more, hadn't they lived enough?

"All of us here are above seventy and have enjoyed the life that one should and experienced all season, but we want to experience more.

"By our age, we can live a decade or two if we are lucky enough and that all but we want to live more than that, and there is one option for it and to level up to the Lord stage." The old man said.

It is common knowledge that after one level up Lord stage, they gained a long life, from what I have heard those at the Lord Stage could live up to the 200 years.

"You guys have big dreams, well they could come true to your guys were able to find the Origin water," Alex replied. She had understood what there older man was trying to do.

All of them are already at the Peak of Marshal stage and that is their limit, if they want to go further, they will have to advance their talents, and for that Origin, water is the best thing.

As long as they get a few drops of Origin water, their talent would increase enough that they could take that final step and enter the Lord stage, but how hard it is finding the origin water, if they want to find the Origin water worth of Five people, they will have to work very hard.

"Well, Grandpas and Grandmas, we wish you the best of luck finding the Origin water!" Alex said as she waved as we left, they waved at us thanking us again profusely for saving their lives.