Monster Integration - Chapter 657 Ashlyn's Migh

Chapter 657 Ashlyn's Migh


Seeing the two of them coming out of wood, there was a drastic change that appeared on the face of the Grimm monster, and the next moment, it broke into a run.

Seeing that we followed it for ten minutes before we were able to pin it down and killing it. This monster was really fast, that only I was able to match it and that is from the sky, as it is nearly impossible to use mini blast in the woods in long-range.

We are able to kill it quickly because of the Girl who at the last moment through the spear and I obstructed its path, so the spear directly pierced through its chest killing it in the instant.

"That was an amazing strike!" I said when the girl and Kyla reached the body of the Grimm monster. "It wouldn't have been possible without you." angela replied. She watched the monster for a second before removing her spear from the monster's chest.

"Micheal, has you Advanced?" Kayla asked finally, I could tell she wanted to ask this question for a while but she did not have time to ask, "Yes, My Rule power advanced." I replied, hearing that she nodded and did not ask further questions.

"Thank you for your guy's help, if not for you guys, I and my team would be alive right now." Angela said emotionally and before we could say anything, "You guys can take the Grimm monster, it's at least I could do." she said.

"No, this is too much." I and Kyla said in unison. Each and every storage of the Grimm monster is precious as in this storages there is a chance of finding the origin water, so it is quite a big thing for her to give us all three Grimm monsters.

We decline to take it and after forcing each other, we come to an understanding and that is each of us would take one Grimm monster. Angela will take this one, Kyla will take the Grimm monster that She and Angela fought together and I will take the monster that I and angela had beaten.

I walked toward the monster that I beaten, it is still alive and wasn't able to get rid of the Killing energy that I transmitted inside its body.

In few minutes I reached the body and started to bind it without wasting any time before I started charging the Red Sword with my full power. This is Silver Elite, I will have to use the full power of my Sunfire and expert control if I want to elementalise it.


My sword pierced through the center of Grimm monsters mana veins and started to spread across the all over the body, I close my eyes and controlled the Sunfire energy in Grimm monsters body so, it could spread effectively.

Drip Drip…

Sweat started to drip from my body and as I regulate hundred of paths, it is more challenging than controlling the Swirling Armor but also fun, it had been a while since I did something challenging as with the Swirling Armor, my control over my powers rapidly increased that I am barely able to find something challenging.

But with this, there is a new challenge, the Sunfire energy I have limited and I have to spread it across the whole magic veins if I fall short on even a little then I would waste the body of the Silver elite and the elemental crystals I will harvest from it.

"Success!" I said after a minute as I wiped the sweat off my face, I had finally done it, I was able to spread the Sunfire energy across all the veins and now the Sunfire energy in the Grimm monsters veins elementalising the whole body.

The elementalisation process done in a few seconds and I was about to place the Runic Disc to harvest the crystal when I looked at the eyes of the Grimm monster who are very much alive and sane.

I look into its eyes and smiled before placing the Runic Disc on the Grimm monster and waited excitedly for harvesting to complete, this is the first Silver Elite I had killed, I wonder how much elemental crystal I would be an ability to harvest.


Finally, after a few minutes later, the melodious sound rang out and I without hesitation picked it from the husky body of the dead Grimm monster.

"Five thousand and thirty fire crystals," I said in wonder as I saw the number, the Grimm monster I used to kill before used to give me about thirteen hundred fire crystals but this Silver Elite has given me more five thousand and thirty, which is little more than three times.

One could guess their difference in power by the number of crystal harvested from them. I put the fire crystal in my storage and collected all the stuff of the Grimm monster from its husk including its storage and put it all inside my storage.

I would have very much liked to check what is inside the storage, check whether there is Origin water or not; unfortunately, I can't. All my teammates can open Grimm monster's storages except for me.

I could also get a mana trans.m.u.tation crystal fixed inside me and get the ability to open the Grimm monsters storages, but I did not want the normal mana trans.m.u.tation crystal if I ever get a Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crytal then it should be the level of Sophia and Raina's, getting myself fixed with normal mana trans.m.u.tation crystal simply not worth it.

After collecting everything I went toward the Ashlyn, she had killed all the Grimm monsters she had fought, including Silver Elite; unfortunately, I did not get to how she had killed that Grimm monsters.

I watched when she was fighting the Grimm monster, but when Kayla and Angela appeared, the Grimm monster started to run, and we have spent a whole ten minutes to chase and kill it.

When I looked again, I found the silver elite being killed with Ashlyn standing proudly on its chest.

Soon I reached the place where Ashlyn is, and when I looked at the Silver Elite Grimm monster that she was sitting on, I am shocked. The reason I am shocked because the Silver Elite monster is completely elementalised, and now I just have to place the Runic disk on it.

Shockingly, she was able to do this; I am not shocked because of her control over Sunfire as I already know she had better control over her abilities than me, I am shocked because of her ability to concentrate the Sunfire into a point.

Even I can not do that, and that is why I used to my sword's point inferno to create a concentrated point of fire. It needs not only a terrifying control but also extreme concentration.

"Good Girl," I said as I pet her before I placed the runic disk on the silver elite and rest of the Grimm monster, it is quite regretful that except for silver elite all the Grimm monsters are dead, so they could only give me normal mana crystals.