Monster Integration - Chapter 64 Green Hills

Chapter 64 Green Hills

"Ten minutes more!" I said through my gritted teeth, beads of sweat flooded my temple as all of my clothes were drenched with sweat.

It's been a month since I've started attending advance combat twice a week and it's h.e.l.l.

Aside from the pain and extreme discomfort, this exercise like a sponge which sucks all of your energy but there is the result though.

First, I halfhearted practiced because the instructor had said but when I went to hunting that week, it clearly saw improvement in me, although it was minute.

I noticed it but did not dwell on it but in the second week, I went to hunting I come across young Razor mantis, which is known of its speed and blade-like sharp body parts.

While fighting it, I noticed that my body had become very agile and free and there no friction of muscle, when I use my sword, moves because of that I successfully able run away from it.

That is when I decided to practice wholeheartedly and practiced daily at home.

As the advanced so is difficult and soon it became difficult to last more than two hours, that is when I started to use moves of exercise, through it I was able to endure the three hours of exercise.

It didn't help me circulate any advanced moves it did help me with their smooth circulation.

I now can instantly circulate up to ninth move within a second, before it used to take me a few seconds to reach the ninth move.

I currently circulating ninth move of the exercise while performing this exercise, only two exercises remain, I will be able to finish them in ten minutes.

I first used to practice at a training facility but there were many problems there, sometimes the private rooms were occupied and in the open field, I got disturbed many times.

Experiencing this I decided to practice in my apartment, I just had to move some furniture to make enough that I could do exercise.

Although my apartment had become cramped because of this but adjustable.

'Eeee!' this pose is really weird both legs are wrangling on the waist and my one hand is around my neck and other around my bottom, this pose by worst of all exercises I've ever performed.

When our instructor first time all the hall rang out with laughter, even our ever stoic instructor had an uncomfortable expression, we only stopped laughing when our instructor started cursing through his gritted teeth.

The good thing is this is the last pose and I will be free after I perform this last pose.

"Chew chew.." Ashlyn also chirped seeing me like this, I can clearly sense mirth in her chirp, I just have to do it for two more minutes then it will be finished.

In the past month, I had gone hunting in the forest for five times and made little more than half a million credits selling monster materials.

With it, I completely paid my fees of advance combat cla.s.s and have little over hundred thousand left in my account.

"Ting." sound rang out my holowatch and I relaxed from my position, I let out a sigh of relief as finally finished this G.o.d awful exercise for today.

Without wasting any time, I took my sweat filled body to shower to get rid of all this filth.

"Tring Tring…" I was happily singing in the shower when my holowatch rang out when I looked at watch who it was, it is Vince.

He is one good friend I made in my advance combat cla.s.s, "Hey, Vince." I said after activating the audio-only mode.

"Did you checked the newsfeed of the Westblood city?" Vice asked instead of greeting.

"What happened?" I asked feeling curious, I never heard vice so serious and excited at the same time. "It's all over the news feed, from the last midnight spatial disturbances started to occur in Green Hills, many exotic monsters, herbs, minerals come out it, hundreds of people struck rich," he said, I got a shocked hearing this but what he said next shocked me more.

"One of my friends found fist size mineral, it turned out very rare and sold for million credits," he said, my mind simply stopped working hearing this.

"You are not lying, right?" I asked, it too good to be true. struck rich overnight, I had a hard time believing what Vince is saying.

"I swear on my mother! It's not lying." He swore.

"It's not all fortune though, there have been hundreds of deaths, the monsters that come out it are really dangerous, a lower level monsters are killing higher level, developers," he said.

lower level monster killing higher level evolver, it is really incomprehensible, normally lower level evolvers easily kill the higher level monster.

"I have to go now Micheal, I already reached green hills, call me if you came!" he cut the call before I can ask any more questions.

I quickly got out of the shower and started to check westblood cities news feed, as I started reading utter disbelief appeared on my face.

What Vince said seem true but things are more complicated than he told me.

Thousands of people had found fortune but also death, they found more than thousands of bodies of people and the majority of them were adventurers.

The Government and many organizations had put a barricade in are but green hills area is big enough that they cant barricade on all.

Millions of people from adventurers to organizations and government is already there and many more are going by second.

Not only low-level over but high-level developers are also going their, to them million is nothing, killing one high-level monster can earn them millions, they are going because one adventurer had come across Mana Gem.

Mana gem is irresistible to high evolve, I don't know much about mana get, only knew that they are an immense help to high-level evolver.

The most disturbing thing is that thousands of low lever evolver's had disappeared mysteriously and they are saying that these low-level evolvers must have step away in spatial getaway somehow.

After carefully reading all the news feed, I decided to go, it will be dangerous but if I luckily found some fortune even a small one, that will help me in a big way.

I change into my adventuring clothes, wore my armor and packed me a backpack and left my apartment.

The elevator is nearly packed by people and from their getup and looks, it seems like all of them going toward the green heels.

"Beep," a notification rang out on my hollow as got out of the elevator, it is mail from Jim.

It is just like Vince informing me about the green heels, it just Jim mail had additional information of green heels that wasn't shown on news.

It will be very helpful to me when I reach the green heels, I try to call him to say thank you but he is not reachable.

After trying calling him many times, I mail him thank you and waited for a cab to appear.