Monster Integration - Chapter 638 Bloody II

Chapter 638 Bloody II

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The monster looked a little surprised by us attacking them a second before they supposed to attack us, but they quickly got over it and countered in the swiftest speed they could muster.


It's thin sword slashed against mine and I felt my internal organs shake and blood came to my mouth which I had forcefully drunk back. If not for me using all the power of my swirling Armor from the beginning, I would have received the tiny internal injury.

I am still quite fine, Rachel who just clashed had directly flown back while puking lots of blood on the way. Though I am worried about her, I did not move to help her, I am sure that Rachel will able to handle that dogman.

If she didn't, there is still Ashlyn who is will save Rachel before anything serious could happen to her. So, I have to concentrate on my fight alone and leave Rachel to herself.

It looked at me intently before it attacked me again and this time its attack was even more powerful. Seeing the attack, I know it above the capability of my current swirling Armor.

So without hesitation, I activated the Occult method and added occult energy into my swirling Armor to reinforce it further.


I defended against its attack and this time, I did get even a shock, its all absorbed by my Swirling Armor but I am not happy as another attack is coming toward me and like before it was stronger than before.


Puh Puh Puh… Step Step Step…

Blood could be seen coming spraying on the ground but it is not my blood but the blood of the Grimm monster. I have decided to use all my strength and finished the monster as soon as possible.

In the earlier attack, I had used all my strength wanting to pierce it's neck in a single strike and was got quite close to doing that but at the last moment, it's thin sword appeared and defended against my attack.

"Hehe, you will pay for this you b.a.s.t.a.r.d." It said angrily as it swung its sword toward mine which is coming for its neck.


This time also it had defended but unlike last time, this time it had just shaken a little before it had launched the attack at the same time as me.


Our swords clashed and this time we stayed on our spot without the slight shake, seeing that my expression could help but became unnatural as I know that I will be facing its real power now.

Clang Clang Clang…

Without waiting for any moment, we started to attack each other, first, the attacks did not affect me but when the next attack came I stook a little and next attack, I had shaken even more.

At every at its power getting stronger and stronger and all I could do is spin the swirls faster and faster for more power and also observe its moves, so I could defend against them better.

Step Step Step…

But that seemed to not work much as it's attacks have become even stronger and now I am completly gone on defensive and now taking a step back at every attack of its.

It would have used all its power at th beginning but it did not, it is increasing its power slowly with every move. It is doing that to create an illusion to make me believe that he more powerful than it really is and if it wants then it could kill me at any moment.

I know this strategy well as I used it and I know how useful it is. This psychological strategy is continuously added pressure on one until one believes that opponent is more powerful than it and started to fumble and that gives its opponent chances to attack.

This strategy is good but useless on me, I clearly know the depth of its power. It is powerful than me but not powerful enough to kill me in the single attack if it had used all its power, at best it will have to try for few minutes before it could launch a fatal attack on me and I am not an idiot to let it do that.

If things got really hard and there is no way to survive them I will ask Ashlyn for help, she now has enough power to kill this monster


f.u.c.k! I cursed as its sword sliced across my hand, it was a good thing I had sensed its attack and moved on time otherwise what I would have received would not have been a thin wound.

Slice Slice Slice…

After first would, more and more wounds started to appear on my body, first I was able to dodge some attacks but now it had become quite hard to dodge the attack, every attack of its would hit my body and would appear.

Even my neck and face wasn't spared from the injuries, if not me having a speck of ominous plants core, I would have bled dry by now.

Currently, I am very precarious situation where the smallest mistake on my part could make my head fly high, the only reason I am alive till now because of the killing Rule I have, which give me instinct and warning about the danger, if not for it, I would have reached the underworld few minutes.

Though most are the bad news, there is one good news and that is that the Grimm monster had reached the limit of its power, it is using all of its power fighting me.

Now I have to leave out of this precarious situation and for that, the only thing I have to do is keep fighting, only fighting it would I able to get out of this precarious situation and will able to kill.

Slice Slice Slice…

b.l.o.o.d.y wounds kept appearing on my body every few second, there is no stopping them, all I can do is bear them and them crush the speck of Ominous plants core which is hidden in my teeth when my injuries reach the certain limits.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon two hours pa.s.sed and just like before my body is b.l.o.o.d.y but unlike before, the wound on my body is not healing anymore and which making it very happy.

I am also happy, I have been experiencing this unimaginable pain of hundreds of wound on my body for near two hours, now it had come time to avenge all this but first I have to find a perfect chance to kill it.

Slice Slice Slice…

More and more wounds appeared and they felt d.a.m.n painful but I have to bear them despite having the ability to avoid all of its attacks.

With the two hours of fighting, its fighting style had become clear in my eyes, I could predict the tractory lines of its attack and just as had to move a little to avoid all that.

"Why Don't You Just Die!" It shouted in fury, it was its seventh time shouting that and every time, I would just give it an irritating smile but this time I will not

"You haven't died yet, so how can I die," I said and my sword fluidly pa.s.sed by its sword, it got alarmed seeing that and tried to defend but it was all for naught as my sword had already reached its chest.


With just slight obstruction my sword pa.s.sed through its chest and pierced its heard, just as it did I pumped a lot of killing energy into its body making it completly immobile.