Monster Integration - Chapter 614 Two Days

Chapter 614 Two Days

"Dont be hard on her, My sister just dont trust people easily." said as she saw my expression and knew what I was thinking.

"Snort!" I snorted loosely, Sarah is not bad, but she has the habit of looking down on others, not only me but others also, which is why a lot of people dont like her.

"By the way, Sophia and Raina looked ber beautiful in their Ice and Fire Armor," she said, and my heart skipped a beat for some reason, warning me that I had entered the very dangerous territory. I should carefully navigate in it, a small mistake, and I will be gone for.

"You must have helped them create it, right?" She asked, her voice and her face seemed normal when she said it, but I could tell her eyes flas.h.i.+ng when she said that and to be honest, seeing that a shudder ran through me.

"Yes," I said, if the familiar person to hear me now, they would notice that my voice had gone an octave lower.

I may be unexperienced in with girls, but I am not totally clueless. Though I know Rachel is not angry with me teaching the twins to create the Ability Armor, she isn't happy either, and I could even see the signs of jealousy in her eyes, which is a very bad thing.

"You also will also teach me no?" she asked in a slow, hearing that I felt a slight shudder ran through my body. "What I helped them create is the most basic one, but your armor will be better than them, I had already thought some ideas for it," I explained.

What I had just said was a half-truth, the reason the twins only able to create the basic ability Armor because of their control over their ability. If they gain finer control over their abilities, then their Armor would automatically become powerful.

"That's good, Oh and Sarah and Max had shown some interest in it, will you help them no?" she asked.

'Why dont to add your mother and father also some cousins, I'll also help them too.' I grumbled loudly inside my heart.

"Of course for you, I will do anything," I said with a smile, to be honest, I dont feel too happy teaching her siblings. Sarah had always looked down on me, and Max, her brother, would always glower at me angrily, which I never understood why.

"I knew you would never say no to me." a bright smiled bloomed across her face when she said that.

We talked for half an hour more before I hanged up and called my other friends as they have also left missed calls and voicemails. It took me an hour before I replied to everyone's call by calling them personally or sending them a reply.

Only then I have time to read the emails about that the Guild and Adventurers Paradice had sent, and when I read them, am ecstatic smile couldnt help but appear on my face as each mail is giving bigger surprise than before.

"I've never expected," I said to myself and closed the window after reading the last latter, both Guild and Adventurers Paradice had upgraded my Authority, not only that now I can leave Outpost whenever I want.

The battle had given enough experience to the rookies that they dont need training any more.

The other thing they have given me is access to their occult method, both Guild and Advaneturesrs Paradice have given me 100 hour comprehension time with the Occult skill, but I am not much interested.

The reason all the method looked the same because ¼ (25%) part of every Occult Method has to const.i.tute of strengthening energy, only after one able to use ¼ occult method would they come across the real Occult method, but that is near impossible in Knight stage.

Currently, I could only harness about 1% of the Occult method. If I were tried to 2%, then my whole body would disintegrate. The Occult methods are for the Lord and above the stage.

In the Knight stage, we are only able to use the small part of the Occult Method. I dont think even Golden Elites would able to use more than 10% of the Occult Energy.

I quickly made a call to friends and soon booked the earliest ticket to home. Due to my authority access, I got the ticket of Speedy Airs.h.i.+p that will depart the day after tomorrow, it will take to the home in three days, instead of regular five to six days.

That means I will be leaving nearly a week early and will spend eighteen days at home. I couldn't help but get excited over the peaceful time I will spend at home.

It had been nearly four months since I had come to the Grimm Battlefield, and in these four months, I am barely able to relax completly. Now that I am going home, I could relax and let my mind and body rest, which is urgently needed.

Closing all the windows of my holowatch, I started to cook and also mentally list out the things that I wanted to do.

Time pa.s.sed by and before I know it, two days pa.s.sed. I am currently readying myself as I have to leave in ten minuits for the Airs.h.i.+p that I have to pick.

I have doublechecked everything in my storage, the things I have brought for my parents and sister, and some other things I will need. This Outpost may be a war outpost, but one can get almost anything here.

These outposts had a direct connection with the Central Continent, and many things from there flow here, so as long as things are not rare, one could get it. If it not present, the one could order it after paying a premium.

These past two days went before I notice, and the funny thing is, I did not have the time even to harvest the Grimm monsters I have killed, not only me but others also did not have the time to harvest as everyone is busy shopping and doing some important things.

In the past two days, not only have I done lots of shopping, but I have also done other things, like giving some stuff to rookies.

I have a lots of stuff that is not going to be any use to me and some stuff that I have in a large quality, I have given then some of it, it will improve their speed of practice, if I had such resources I have given them the in the first month of the Outpost, then my progress would have been very high.

The only depositing thing happened in the past two days that I wasn't able to collect all the materials for my totem Artifact. Yesterday the vice guild master had surprised me saying she found one material earlier than expected.

I thought she found metal, not the natural treasure, but to my utter disappointment, she had found the natural treasure. If she had found the metal, then I would have been able to create my totem artifact as I already have the natural treasure.

So except for that little desspointement, everything went very well in the past two days.