Monster Integration - Chapter 606 Battle Ends II Battle Of Wills

Chapter 606 Battle Ends II Battle Of Wills

I will die! I will die! I shouted in my mind as this sensation completly overpowered me so much that I wasn't even able to take a breath; it felt like someone holding my breath, which I am supposed to breathe.

I know this is not what is happening. I am just frozen in fear due to this extremly threatening feeling I am feeling. Through the sheer will power, I controlled the fear I was feeling enough to move my eyeball, and what I saw is people standing still like a statue.

Their bodies are shaking uncontrollably. I coulda hundred of people falling on the ground every second. That not it, I even saw people from above stopped fighting; there is no booming sound or shaking of the earth; everything has become utterly silent.

If I am not wrong, then someone very had swept their will's on the Battlefield, projecting their will one everyone. This powerhouse must be supremely powerful as its will alone was enough to make everyone shaken to the core that did not dare to breathe.


I stood shaking like the rest of the people on the Battlefield, struggling to breathe when I noticed an interesting thing of will, or I may say wills. On the Battlefield, there is not the single will, but two will and these two wills seem to be in the contest.

These will's seemed to be fighting each other, and the whole Battlefield is the just collateral. I was lucky to notice this, the level powerhouses who are battling with is too high that other people could not notice the difference due to their low level.

I was able to notice them due to sheer coincidence, but I did not feel happy about it at all. These two powerhouses are battling, and if they increased their will a little high, then people will not only get unconcious; some people's brains may get fried too.

Thud Thud…

Just as I thought that the two wills increased their power, I felt my blood run cold knees buckle if not me holding myself with great willpower; I would have fallen to the ground like people around Battlefield.

Thud THUD! Thud…

Suddenly in the soft sound of falling, I heard a loud thud behind me. Even if I could move my eyes, I could tell by the sound that someone from the above had fallen.

It may be Silver elite or the Golden Elite, but I think chances of them being Silver Elite high as I believe those who can become Golden Elite must need high willpower to gain the power of Golden Elite.

After that first loud thud, I kept hearing them now and among the soft thuds. Seeing the constant sound of falling I am hearing, I think more than ninety-nine percent of people on the Battlefield have fallen to the ground.

I am barely keeping myself up, and the worst thing is that the power two wills are continually rising. They are getting stronger and stronger every minute that I found my knees shaking.

Now even my toddler sister came and push me lightly, I would surely fall, that is how precarious my condition is, and that was just the projection one wills and not their real powers.

To them, we are weak as ants, to finish us off; they do not need to launch an attack; just suppression of will would be enough.

I may not know much but I dont thing Lord or Duke have this strong will power, I think it is must be either Prince or King powerhouse whose will's we are facing. I still believe only those powerhouses can suppress millions of people with their wills alone.

The falling of people had slowed down but it was not because of the power of wills had decreased no the reason is the exact opposite, due to effect of strong will there are barely any people left standing on the Battlefield, most of the people had fallen long ago, and those who remained standing are on the verge of the falling.

I want to let go. I wanted to let everything go and fall unconcious. There pain in the will but the complete suppression unbearable, to take a breath, I have to use all my energy, and every time the power of the wills increased, I would nearly suffocate.

The pressure these wills put out is immense if not the many events I had gone through and many things I have experienced that made my willpower firm; I would have never bear the suppression of these wills.

In front of my eyes, there used to be thousands and thousands of Grimm Monsters and humans, and now I am only seeing seven people standing on the thousands, of the four are humans, and three are Grimm monsters.

One Grimm monster is clearly on the edge of falling if willpower had increased even a little, then that Grimm monster would surely fall.

I wanted to harness this suppressive will to practice my methods, but I was unable to do so, forget about Supreme Combat Exercise and Secrete Method; I was not even able to run my refinement engine, which I do unconsciously every moment I am awake.

The suppression is so high that I wasn't even able to operate my refinement engine, a thing I am most familiar with.

Thud THUD thud…

The suppression increased again and the next moment, I again started to hear a thud, not three of the seven people in front of me fell, I even heard loud band, some powerhouses from above must have fallen down.

I also very of falling my Knees that were already shaking started to shake even more, and all I could do is muster all my will and breathe, breathe the air inside me. As the powers of the will had increased, my breathing stopped again; I had muster all my will to breathe in a small amount of air into me.

With falling of another Grimm monster, now I can see only three people standing in front of my eyes, of which two are humans, and one is a Grimm monster, like me, all of them on the verge of falling.

I felt like I have reached my limit, and if will power increased again, then I might fall on the ground to unconsciousness.

Just as I thought that the will powers increased again and this time, it rose by quite a margin, I fell like I am feeling unconcious as I thought my thoughts were slowing down at a visible pace.

I tried to resist it this feeling of unconsciousness that came over me, but I could not, but I continued to do that. I want to resist it until I became conscious. It would have different things if someone powerful attacked me, and I got injured for that one have the power but falling unconcious just due to projection will, I find it shameful.

I always felt my will is very firm but now I am bending under someone else will, I find this utterly shameful and humiliating, so I will resist, I will resist till it breaks me.