Monster Integration - Chapter 583 Top Floor

Chapter 583 Top Floor

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"Easy, Breezy!" Sophia said as she came out after taking a guild challenge as I had said, we had to wait for an hour before we number came.

The Guild Challenge is no challenge; it has now become a formality for us, as the maximum strength required to pa.s.s the guild challenge is Three Star Elite, and we have far surpa.s.sed that requirement.

"I'll go now!" I said and walked toward the Guild challenged, and minuit later returned, I had spent less time-fighting in the guild challenge and going there and returning.

"Now that we have to finish this formality, let's submit our applications," Sophia said, and we nodded and took an elevator to the upper floor.

I am planning on taking a leave for two weeks to go home before going to the Midzone, not only me, but my friends were doing the same.

We have just returned from Ruin, where every day was life and death, and now we need some time to relax and what better place it could be than home.

Usually, people dont get to go home unless they spent six months in the Grimm Battlefield, but there is always an exception, like clearing the guild challenge, which we did.

The forms I had to fill are simple, and it got accepted right away. I will have to train the rookies for fifteen days before I am free to leave for the home.

I will spend two weeks at home and before returning to the Grimm Battlefield, but my destination would be Midzone. As for which midzone I will be going, I will know that by evening.

Most of the time, we get the Midzone they wanted, but sometimes, the Guild will send us to different Midzone, different from that one made.

I hope something like that won't happen to me, and I dont something like that will happen to me as 99% of people get Midzone of their choice, only 1% sent somewhere else.


I was getting out of the room after submitting my application when my holowatch buzzed, I received a mail, and when I read the mail, I got shocked.

It is very short mail written very formally; its said that my presence is required at the Conference Room 51, which is at the top floor of the Guild, if not for seeing the Guild sends it, and there is pa.s.s attached to it, I would have thought it someone playing the prank on me.

But the question is why would they asked on the Top floor, the top floor of the Guild is reserved for the Guild leader and Vice leaders, others are restricted from going there unless they have the pa.s.s.

"Michel, what happened?" Sophia asked as she saw me in deep thinking, "I've been asked to go to the top floor." I replied, "for why?" she asked back.

"I dont know." I said, "Well, you should go see and what they want from you." She said, I nodded and walked toward the elevator that leads to the top floor.

I scanned the pa.s.s they have provided, and the elevator started automatically. A few seconds later, I reached the top floor, and when I got out of the elevator and saw the top floor, I couldnt help but get shocked.

The Top floor is very luxurious, they are using Calm Glow Crystal as lights, and the ground has a marble that always stayed warm.

It is the floor where the Guild Master and Vice guild masters offices are and are also the place where they live. Ordinary people cant reach the post of Guild Master and Vice Guild master, as they are sent from the Continental headquarters of the Guild, which is in Warzone, which means they are scarily Strong.

The Lobby is completly devoid of people except for the beautiful Receptionist, and when I had sensed her power, I found her to be stronger than me as for how strong, I dont know as I cant seem to sense her battle power or stage.

"Are you Micheal Zaar?" The Receptionist asked as I walked near the desk, " Yes." I said, " Please follow me, the vice guild master is waiting for you." said the Receptionist as she walked out of the desk and walked forward.

I followed her quietly, and a minuit later, she stopped in front of the room on which 'Conference Room 51' is written in the Bold letters.

"Please go inside; the Vice Guildmaster is waiting for you." The Receptionist said and started to walked away before I could even say thank you to her.

When I opened the door and walked inside, I found a familiar person sitting on the head chair. I had seen her before; it was when I first time entered the Guild.

Her name is Elina Benz, and she is still giving me that threatening she had given me when I saw her first, and there is a change in that that threatening feeling, instead of decreasing with Advancement of my strength, it had increased instead.

That means the progress I am so proud of is nothing in front of her; she had made more progress than me at the same time, I would not have been shocked if she is above the Knight stage, but my former team leader had said that all the Guild leader and Vice Leaders have to be at the Knight stage, it is rule of some kind.

"Please take a seat."

She said softly, but I felt as I had felt the rumbling thunder in my eyes that brought me out of my thoughts. I literally heard the thunder when she spoke; others might say I have hallucinated, but I am I know I have not; she somehow manage to add the properties of thunder in her voice.

"Thank You." I said as I took sit beside her, " May I know for what you have called me?" I asked politely.

"You have Ranked 3 in the 3rd Test Of Grand Palace of Aferian Ruin and should have obtained either Knowledge crystal or Inheritance Crystal, right?" she asked.

I am utterly shocked when I heard her say that, I have taken all the precautions, I cloaked my homing band, I didnt explosively mentioned my rank on call, I have taken all the precautions as I could for others not to know my rank.

As I am aware that the higher Ranked reward has a high value, take it the reward I got as an example, I am ranked 3rd, and the reward I got is Knowledge Crystal, which has information of Total 1000 Totem Artifacts.

Every artifact in the list is powerful, especially those in the Top 10, which required a natural treasure as the Core material.

I was quite scared and thinking of many ways to go around her question when I calmed down and started to think about the question she had asked in a calm mind.

She somehow I am ranked 3rd in 3rd test and also know that I had either received Knowledge Crytal or Inheritance crystal as the reward that means only these two rewards given to the Top 3, but that is the thing I will think later.

So she knows I either received Knowledge Crystal or Inheritance as a reward, but don't know exactly which.

I can fool as I have not gained knowledge from one Knowledge Crystal but four knowledge crystal, I can fool her by saying I had received knowledge crystal of Universal language, but before that, I have to act a little.