Monster Integration - Chapter 580 Everlasting Blaze

Chapter 580 Everlasting Blaze

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"Here, I was going to give to Sophia in Ruin, but I thought I should give this both of you together but now looks like if I had given this Sophia before, you would have easily able to clear off that soul corruption," I said as I handed to very tiny bottles and inside it are Soul Tempering Diamond of the rice grain size.

"This is too precious," Sophia said, but she still took it, she knew the value of the Soul Tempering Diamond, and when one adds secrete method into it, its value increased tenfold.

"This is soul type natural treasure, right?" Raina asked as she took the tiny bottle from my hand, this is the same bottle that I placed on her, and when she woke up I had deactivated all its runes, so it could not emit any suppressive energy.

"Yes, a very precious soul natural treasure," Sophia whispered while being still enamored in rice grain size Soul Tempering Diamond.

"Thank You," Both sisters said in unison, to that I had just smiled.

In the ruin, I wanted to give it to the Sophia, but when I received the knowledge from the Knowledge crystal, I had become hesitant as I will need everything I have and more to get the things that I am going to need for the Totem artifact but seeing Raina's condition, I shed all the second thoughts I am having.

The soul tempering Diamond may be necessary, but a friend's life is also meaningful and not to forget I have about thirty pieces, so giving small pieces to friends will not affect much.

"Well, now that you are fine. I should go," I said, "Micheal, wait!" Raina said suddenly and took out an exquisite box from her storage. I am very familiar with this box as a reward for the Third test placed in similar boxes.

The box in Raina's had means she had pa.s.sed the 3rd test, well she does have the strength to move it.

"I had I would receive some Amazing price after pa.s.sing the 3rd test but what I had received a bunch of rocks and crystal," Raina said, manifest sadness could be seen on her, I too would be sad if I had received a reward which I least want.

"These stones and crystals were in reward of the 3rd test. You can have one; someday it might become useful to you." Raina said as she opened the box.


I had thought there would be some precious minerals and crystal inside the box since it is the reward of the 3rd test, but what I saw in the box beyond precious, especially to me, who is about to craft a totem artifact.

I let out a huge gasp and started shaking when I saw the things inside the box, these things are beyond precious, and if I obtained anyone of stuff from the box, then I have hope to create a Totem Artifact from the Top 10, which I didn't even dare to dream due to their core material being scarce.

"Micheal, what is it?" Both of them asked after seeing my Abnormal behavior.

"Do you know the price of these things? Their value is hundreds even a thousand times more than a Soul Tempering Diamond depending on one who wanted it.

"What!" Both of them shouted in unison; they could not believe what I have said. "Arre you telling the truth?" Raina asked in a loud voice which surprised me very much, Raina always been soft-spoken and calm, this my first time seeing her losing her calm and raising her voice.

"Each and everything here is at least a hundred times more precious than the Soul Tempering Diamond," I said as I looked at five things that are placed in the small box.

Both of them carefully started to look at the six adult thumbnail size things neatly placed in the exquisite box.

"You can pick one, Micheal." Sophia said after she finished looking at the things, "Thank You." I said, I know how hard it is to control the heart in such cases, I nearly gave up giving them a soul tempering diamond and these things are at least a hundred times more valuable than the Soul Tempering Diamond.

I picked up the colorless crystal from the six small things, the thing I had picked up could be said the best and worst among six things.

"Micheal, would you mind telling me about these metals?" Raina asked, " Sure." I replied. "These are not metals, the correct term for them would be natural treasures, and these five aligned toward the five elements, and the one I had picked up has a neutral alignment."

"This one is named …." I started to tell them their names and their detailed information. "These are perfect materials to craft the Totem Artifact with unlimited potential," I said.

"I have guessed these little stones were natural treasures," Sophia said with a sigh.

"You have not crafted a Totem Artifacts, right?" I asked, I know they have created it, but I still wondered despite knowing that.

"No we have not, but we are going to in the coming month, we already have a totem blueprint, and our brother is going to send us some material that needed, as soon as materials arrive, we will craft our totem artifact," Sophia said.

"Do you know what I received as the reward of the 3rd test?" I asked, "No, but it must be something delicious since you were ranked third." Sophia said while Raina looked surprised and about to say something when I spoke before she could.

"It is Knowledge Crystal, who knows Totem Artifacts," I said and hearing that both of their expressions had changed.

"Are there many amazing Totem Artifacts in the knowledge crystal?" Sophia asked slowly; I could hear the excitement in her voice.

"Beyond your imagination," I said and waited for Sophia's question, which she will ask, given her excitement.

"Tell me about these totems artifacts? If they are better than Totem Blueprint that brother had sent us, we will choose yours," Sophia asked while being super excited.

"Sure!" I said and started explaining short information of each artifact from 100th to 1st.

Riana was calm despite hearing me getting Knowledge crystal, but when she started to listen to a description, she began to get more and more excited till she can't control herself, and that is her reaction initially.

With pa.s.sing, she grew more and more excited before becoming numb and quietly listening like her usual self. It took me quite a while before I could finish up telling the description of the top 100 Totem artifacts.

"W, what you said is true, right? You are not joking, right?" Sophia asked with a little shaky voice; I could understand her reaction as I had the similar one when I first received the knowledge yesterday.

"I am telling the truth," I said.

"Compare the Totem Artifacts you stated, the blueprint our brother had sent is absolute trash," Sophia said, and Raina nodded to that.

"Micheal, you have to give me the Blueprint of Everlasting Blaze," Sophia said while she looked at me with the second-best puppy-dog eyes I ever saw as for the first, it is my charming little sister.