Monster Integration - Chapter 532 Ashlyn VS Monster

Chapter 532 Ashlyn VS Monster

"Chew Chew!"

Ashly let out a lively chirp as she came out of me and stared at the monster with a peculiar look, it is a look that said 'I want to eat you up'.


Seeing the Ashlyn came out of me, Scorpian Tail Ox had mooed loudly and its red eyes have become even more intense as at attacked leap at Ashlyn, wanting to eat her up in the single Bite.

Chew Chew!

Ashly did show any fear either as she chirped loudly and then she started to grow bigger.

Miracle Fruit of Morph, this is the Miracle Fruit that Ashlyn had eaten, the miracle fruit of Morph gave her the ability to change her size.

Her size is got bigger and bigger and finally stopped when her size reached about 3 meters. Through her size smaller than the monster but it is more than twenty times bigger than her tiny palm-sized version.

As her size growing, a layer of silver fire covered her silver wings and her aura had also started to rise, sensing that I know she had activated Ramon's fury (Occult Method).



The monster came at her and about to take the bite out of her when she flapped her wings and disappeared from her spot before appearing twenty meters away.

While the monster which about to take a bite at the Ashlyn confuse as it did not get Ashlyn in its mouth as it had expected to.

The fire covering her wings is her version of the mini blast but her version is a lot more controlled and flexible than mine.

As she flapped away, six huge fireb.a.l.l.s appeared in front of her. These six fireb.a.l.l.s are huge, each one is about half a meter in size but that is not the end as these fireb.a.l.l.s started spinning and they spin as they shrink in size till they became the size of the baby fist.

I could feel the destructive power from those six fireb.a.l.l.s, not only it had strong fire ability and Rule powers in it but it also had the Occult energy it and top of that they were compressed from the huge fireball of about half meter size.

Just one fireball is enough to finish me off, it will tear me apart and then vaporize me, these fireb.a.l.l.s are more than enough to kill the Tigerman that that has been chasing me around the battle.


The Scorpion Tail Ox suddenly stopped mid attacking seeing those fireb.a.l.l.s and fear could be shown in its eyes but soon that fear is replaced by anger and hunger and the steel layer that is covering it became even more resplendent.

Bang Bang Bang Bang...

Seeing a monster coming toward her, Ashlyn released all her fireb.a.l.l.s at the monster and they appeared near the monster next moment and crashed into it and started creating huge holes over monsters' body.

Usually, Ashlyn fireball seeps inside the skin and melt the body from inside but this time they directly exploded as the touched the monster body and directly blast away one-fourth of its huge body.

Except for its head, every part of its body had a giant hole, seeing such destruction I was about to fly away toward the monster while removing the rope thinking I dont want the monster to squash apart by falling on the ground.

This monster is a treasure and I didnt want to waste any bit of it as this is a priceless treasure but next moment I woke up from my dream when I saw the most unbelievable scene, I saw the monster is healing and it is healing at a very unbelievable speed that visible to eyes.

Regeneration! I said out loud in my mind, its powerful regeneration ability. Just how many miracle fruits this f.u.c.king monster had eaten.

Bang Bang Bang…..

Ashlyn again launched a fireball at the monster and just like before all of its injuries got healed.


It mooed loudly and went toward Ashlyn furiously to attack her but she easily dodged and attacked it again with the fireball.

Such scene kept happening over and over, Ashlyn kept injuring it while it kept healing, this monster has not seemed to care about any part of its body except for its head.

Ashlyn many times tried to attack its head but she always failed, the monster had really good instincts no from which directions the fireball came, it would always dodge.

It has been half an hour and Ashlyn kept attacking withing stopping, every few seconds the big holes would open on the monster body but within the few seconds, they would get healed without any problem and the worst thing is this monster seemed fine for some reason.

There seem to be no energy loss as if it handnt been chasing me furiously for hours and hadn't had its body blasted apart several times, it feels like it had a s.h.i.+t load of energy that wouldn't get spent no matter how much it used it.

Bang Bang Bang!

Another hour pa.s.sed and Ashlyn kept attacking without stopping, I could see some signs of tiredness appeared on her but despite that, she kept attacking.

The evening had come and it had turned full dark and now I could see Scorpian Tail Ox faintly glowing while Ashlynn is cloaked in fire and attacking the Oxe.


I was just watching the fight when I noticed something which I wasn't able to notice when it was the day. I saw that as the fights long-on, the horns on its head are getting fainter and fainter.

Though it's getting fainter at unnoticeable speed, it is definitely getting fainter and fainter.

Could it have eaten Energy type Miracle Fruit, I thought. Some energy type miracle fruit help makes second energy storage in one's body and one can store energy in it, as for how much one can store depend upon the Miracle fruit.

Seeing how it seemed to have an unlimited amount of energy to heal its energy, it must have eaten that type of energy fruit.

This monster had taken full advantage of its talent and had eaten quite a lot of Miracle Fruits, I think this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had eaten more miracle fruits than I and Ashlyn combine.

The potential of this monster is huge with its sniffing talent and if it is able to grow up it could become the overlord of this Ruin and could even break out of the limit of this ruin.

It will be very good if Ashlyn able to exhaust all the energy it has hidden in its secondary storage, that is the only way to save it as I dont think Ashlyn will get a chance to shoot the fireball at its head.

Time pa.s.sed as Ashlyn kept attacking it despite being getting tired and tired, I could feel that she wanted to kill this monster and her intention is very simple.


Suddenly a change occurs on the battlefield, the monster that had been desperately tried to eat Ashlyn right now despite getting half of its body blasted apart by multiple times is running away.

'It is close to running out of energy.' I thought. I am not the only one to one to think that, Ashlyn who had been trying for hours to whittle away its energy also noticed that and which is why her offensive became even more ferocious.