Monster Integration - Chapter 530 Eating The Miracle Frui

Chapter 530 Eating The Miracle Frui

"Two more days." I thought as I looked at the Miracle fruit through the eyes of Ashlyn, from what I can tell it will take about two days for that Miracle fruit to mature.

Taking a look at the fruit one more time, I opened my eyes again. I had just seen through the Miracle fruits condition through Ashlyn's eyes and could also see that there are still two days remaining to mature.

It was because of Ashlyn since we are able to spot that Miracle Fruit otherwise even a person walked by its side they will not notice it unless they looked carefully.

The Miracle fruit is berry shape and berry is a thumb-size berry with hundreds of other berries around it, so unless one had senses like Ashlyn or they are specifically looking, it is very difficult to spot Ashlyn.


I activated the mini blast and flew away at some distance, it is evening and I want to set up an abode and that place was too close to that fearsome monster.

It is better I set up abode at distance, so I could be far enough so that the monster didnt suspect anything. If it suspected that we are vying for the Miracle fruit then, It might just eat it before it is even mature.

It is very dangerous to eat the unmatured miracle fruit, the fruit in the maturing stages contains primal energy that could produce anything, one could turn into an abomination or just explode or work as it supposed to after maturing or nothing happens.

That is why it is cautioned not to eat the unmatured miracle fruit.

After getting far enough, I stopped and set up an abode after finding a good place.

I started to do what I do every evening, I freshened up, cook the dinner and called Ashlyn who is staying near the Miracle Fruit, wanting to eat it as soon as it matured.

Ashlyn returned ten minuits later and flew away after she finished eating the dinner, which is quite surprising as I thought she would sleep in the abode but no she is planning to sleep near the Miracle fruit.

She is really wanting that Miracle fruit very much, well that fruit is also very suitable for her. It will not increse her strength directly but will increse her strength nonetheless and it will make a lot of things convenient for me and Ashlyn.

After she left, I practiced Body Cleansing Exercise and made small progress in it. After resting for a while, I took out Occult Tablet and started comprehending from it.

Though Ashlyn I had able to clear most of my doubts, I still wanted to comprehend from the tablet to get an even better understanding, so I could comprehend the skillfully as soon as possible.

An hour later, I stood in the center of the training room trying to feel my body with them as much as Occult energy as I could but I was never able to suck energy to my limit also wasn't able to hold the energy for long, so I could use strength it gave me.

I mostly focused on these two big problems and tried to find the solution for them as only after solving these two problems will I be able to successfully practice the Occult method.

I practiced till the late night and only slept when I was dead tired, thankfully no one attacked the abode otherwise I would have to call the Ashlyn for help as I was in no condition to fight.

The two full days, I have I do not plan to go anywhere and practice as I will need as much as I could as if that Palace is opened like the past two times, that place was the real allure of this ruin.

Many people had found the life-changing opportunities there and from what I have read, one has to be very strong to reach the last stage of that place where the most enticing rewards are.

The rewards of the last stages are very enticing and they are enticing to all the Knight grade and some even those from the above stage will also get enticed from it.

In that Palace people have not only found the Occult methods, they have also found the Secret methods, Best Refinement Engines, Secret Methods, Totem Forging Method, Inheritance Crystals and much more stuff.

The things from there are the best of the best and that is why people are crazy about it and that time I will even able some interesting things that I wanted to see for a long time.

The day pa.s.sed and on the whole day, I have done nothing but practice Occult Method and Body Cleansing Technique.

I've even taken risk two times by eating much medicinal monster meat, so O could feel Miracle Fruit energy more energy, it was a calculated risk but risk nevertheless but it was worth it and as I was able to feed quite a bit of energy to the Miracle fruit energy and now I am three days away from Leveling up to Peak of Master stage and even sooner if I kept taking the risk which I am planning to.

I will need to improve my strength fast, only then will I be able to compete with those monsters that came from the Mid zone.

The people from the Midzone have also come and I was not able to see them because they are under strict order that prohibits them from collecting resources and attempt at any chances of this Ruin, they could only attempt at the Palace that will open at the last.

The next day, I had repeated the same thing, took the risk to feed more energy to Miracle fruit energy and practiced the Occult method until I am tired and then take an afternoon nap to recover my soul energy quickly.


I had just woken up from my afternoon nap and about to freshen up before I started practicing when Ashlyn sends me a message through our bond and I couldnt help but curse.

"You just couldnt control your stomach will ya!" I said through Gritted teeth and started to wear my artifact and get out Abode.

Just a few minuits earlier, the miracle fruit had matured and Ashlyn ate it without any delay, it would have been fine of Ashlyn had put the fruit in her beak and ran away, that monster couldnt be able to chase Ashlyn even if it wanted to with Ashlyns speed but now Ashlyn had eaten that fruit and she feeling sleepy, she is barely managing to fly away from monster.

She told me to meet her as soon as possible, so she could digest the Miracle fruit while I deal with the monster.


I get out of abode and activated the Mini Blast and shoots toward Ashlyn without even packing abode, Ashlyn is in the real danger this time and if I didnt help her time then she might really get eaten by that monster and I never want to see that happen.

So, I used the mini blast as its highest power and move toward Ashly before she could get eaten by that monster.