Monster Integration - Chapter 528 Occult Method Ramons Fury II

Chapter 528 Occult Method Ramons Fury II

It took me quite a while to store all the stuff, after that, I burned all bodies and store them, I will submit all of the Adventurers Paradice when I return to home.


After that, I activated my mini blast and started to run toward another direction, this place is little closer to the Grimm monsters, it would be better if I stay away from them as much as possible.

An hour later, I found a suitable spot and set up an abode without waiting.

In the Abode, I did what I usually do after opening the abode and then I started cooking and side by side, I boiled a few herbs. This potion is simple as the first one, I just have to clean then, peel them and boil them an hour later, the potion would be ready.

I had asked Ashlyn if it would be fine if I cooked a delicious meal tomorrow as I wanted to finish with the meal as soon as possible so I could drink the potion and comprehend the occult method.

Ever since I had experienced the power of the Occult method, I wanted to comprehend it but I had never had a chance as I did not have the points that need.

Both the Guild and Adventurers Paradice demand a huge number of merit points before they let you enter the chamber to comprehend the Occult Method, now I have never will never have to depend on the guide to comprehend the Occult Method.

Soon I finished with making dinner and potion, I left the potion for cooling and started to eat with Ashlyn.


My mouth automatically made a sound as I took the first, the dish made from the Meat of Silver Fang Hog is really delicious, each bite of it tastes heavenly.

I quickly finish eating the dinner but unlike last time, this time I barely able to stop myself from eating till I am full.

After dinner, I ate the potion and started to perform body cleansing exercise but this time I had performed the body cleansing exercise till 107th pose and did not go forward after I finished digesting the energy as I will need the all the soul energy I have.

Forty-five minuits later, I am able to a.s.sess the enhancements I had received and felt good to know that I have received the physical enhancements comparing to the 12 to 13 seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

After resting for another hour, I took out the Occult Tablet and placed it in front of me, as I did that I saw Ashlyn came flying as sat beside me.

My expression turned little incredulous seeing that, as I dont know if monsters could practice an occult method or not, as far as I know, no monster of Knight stage could use the occult skill, as for those at higher stages could use an occult method or not, I have no knowledge of them practicing the occult method.

Taking a deep breath, I started to concentrate on the tablet and a few seconds later I felt like the tablet is trying to suck me in, it is really a weird sensation but I didnt resist it and soon I find in a completely different s.p.a.ce.

'Ramons Fury' a name rang out in my mind as I entered the completly different s.p.a.ce, this name rang out in my mind likely to be the name of the skill, I thought as I observe the s.p.a.ce I am in.

I saw a castle floating in the air, the castle is majestic and aura of timelessness could be felt on the castle, on the top of the castle is being. I first thought it is a human but I take a closer look I found myself completly wrong.

It is a being of completly different race and it looked like a fusion between human and Grimm race. It looked like a human had given ears and tails of the tiger.

If one takes out this tail and ears, this being would look like a normal human, I search my mind if I ever saw, read or heard mention of such being but I dont think I had.

This being standing silently on the roof but a few seconds later, it started to move its hands and feet in very smooth motions as it does that, I felt foreign energy entering its body.

I dont know how I know but I know the foreign energy entering its body and making its strength rise, over time its movement started to became more and more forceful as the more energy entered its body.

This peculiar energy had increased its strength tremendously and the more energy it is taking in its body, the more its strength increasing.

I can feel everything it is feeling and know-how that energy coming inside it and confident that I could do in reality. As for its moving hands and feet, they are just for the show.

Occult energy is illusionary energy that exists everywhere, one just has to follow a specific procedure to store that energy in one's body.

The occult energy is very powerful but it is also very dangerous, to store it one just not only needs to have a strong body but also a strong soul.

Only with the strong body and soul will the one able to store, if one doesn't have strong enough soul and body and store the more occult energy, then the repercussion of it is very bad. It could permanently damage one's body and soul.

One has to be very careful with the Occult energy as much as it is good, it is also very bad.

I carefully watch and feel what that monster feeling as I will have to do the same to successfully practice the method.

As I watching the being, I suddenly felt my head get disoriented and the next moment I found myself back in my abode extremely tired.

I am so tired that I did not have the energy to left the finger, I knew that when comprehending the occult method one gets very tired mentally and that is why I had decided to comprehend the bed, so I could just simply fall on the bad.

I let myself fall on the bed and let myself rest currently, I am feeling like every bit of every drop of soul energy had been used, if someone attacked me right now then I wouldn't even have the ability to respond much less use rule power which needs the soul power to be used.

While I was lying on the bed like a dead dog. Ashlyn who is beside me still staring at the Tablet with the singular focus, there is no tiredness or any other change could be seein on her body.


She is truly very abnormal, I have not seen any abnormal monster like her, I thought as I lie on the bed in wait to recover my lost soul energy, so I could try activating the occult Method.

Watching that being, I knew how to activate the occult method and I am planning to try it as soon as my soul power recovered a little.