Monster Integration - Chapter 525 Mad Killing II

Chapter 525 Mad Killing II


I let that hidden madness out and felt the world around me turned slightly red, as there is not a white but the red sun hanging in the sky.


I surveyed the battlefield and next moment, I activated the mini blast and shot toward the three-star elite who is fighting a girl and utterly domination her as in few seconds, she is already had seriously injured and could be killed in any second if Grimm monster willed it.

I am dead, why my luck so bad that just as the battle started, a three-star elite attacked me. It has been a few seconds since this monster attacked me and I am already very seriously injured. if something didnt happens then I will surely be dead.

Bang! Pachak!

Suddenly a faint bang sound rang and the next moment, I found Grimm monsters head flying away from its rest of the body, the sword from which it had been attacking me started to fall with the rest of the body.


When I saw who saved me, I saw an average-looking who seemed to be a year younger than me holding a bloodied sword. I opened my mouth to thank for saving my life when I heard another faint bang and the next moment that body disappeared from my view.

Bang! Pacha!

Another Three Star Elite is dead, they seem like a chicken in front of me, I just have to reach near them and swing my sword with aid of the mini blast and their head would be flying before they know what happened.

The battle is fully chaotic but it is clear that the Grimm monster is holding an upper hand due to their large numbers.


After killing one Grimm monster I moved toward another and then another, as I was killing I saw that I am very much enjoying the killing and more I kill the more powerful I have seemed to become.

I just wanted to keep killing, it was like madness spread inside me wanting me to kill more and I am doing that as that feeling willed it but if one thought that I have completly lost in the madness then they are solely wrong.

This madness of mine is very much in control, I am only killing the Three Star Elite and only three-star elite that are fighting humans.

With the blurring speed, I could reach anyone and could anyone before they noticed me.

In this battlefield where the number of three stars elite are about thousend on both sides, only a handful of them could pose a threat of me and they only pose threat to me if I decided to run, they could do nothing.

I am confident to say that with my mini blast, I am unmatched in the speed here no one could stop me if I decided to run wholeheartedly.

Pachac Pachac Pachac Pachack Pachac…..

Kill kill kill kill kill

In just a few minuits, I have killed more than twenty three-star elites and the more I kill the more powerful I am becoming.

If Micheal takes a look at his source, he will find that the red ribbon is glowing faintly.

As I kill more and more Grimm monsters, I had noticed that more and more people started to notice and their gazes always are on me. Now seeing me, the Grimm monsters did not try to fight back instead they tried to run but its no use, I am much much faster than them.

As I was killing, I found that that very powerful Tigerman coming at me, it has very high battle power and the steel claws that reached up to the one meter.

Fighting this Grimm master head-on would be an utter mistake, as I would not able to defeat, so it would be better if I dont waste my time with.


"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d wait!"

I smiled at it and let it came closer to me and just as it was about to launch an attack, I activated my mini blast and ran away from it, seeing that it screamed loudly.

Pacha Pachac Pachac…

I continued killing it the Grimm race monsters while Tigerman kept following me around the battlefield, it even activated its spirit totem and Occult skill for more power but still unable to catch me.

While it may look like I am laughing at him and I am actually doing that but I am very vigilant about it, it had come very close to catch and even able to know the weakness of my mini blast.

If not for me making my mini blast flexible, I would have surely fallen under its claws even if I had double the speed I have now.


A surprised sound came out of my mind and as I found two very strong killing intent locked on me, I looked around to see that a very strong hyenaman and werewolf are coming at me.

Their power is the same as the Tigerman which is following me around, seeing three very strong monsters coming at me, I have become more vigilant and toned down my killing.

I now focused on running and killing those which I found amidst running.


I said, there three monsters are coming for me using every bit of the strength and if that is not enough, some weak Grimm monster with adventurous spirit tried to make a move on me.

Though they all killed by me, they slow me down and because of that I once nearly scratched by ironed claws of the Tigerman. I am still containing that fearsome occult energy that had traveled inside me through its claws.

If it had been a full blow attack from it, not only would I be seriously injured, that fearsome occult energy from it would have torn me to the shreds.

From that moment, I have become even more careful and always maintained a distance from the three monsters that are trying to catch me.

While I was running away, I am also killing the Grimm monsters that came in my way, I will kill whichever Grimm race monsters that came in my way.

I usually only kill Three Star Elite but the Grimm monster with adventurers spirit came in my way, I didnt mind killing it.

Many Grimm monsters noticed my pattern and I could see they are heaving a sigh of relief that they are not the Three Star Elite and those three-star elites saw me enter their fifty-meter range, they will tuck their tail and run away, not caring for the battle they are fighting.

With my speed, I am fighting all over the battlefield, which made the complete disruption to the fighting, whenever I pa.s.sed through the Grimm race monsters would runway.

They started to s.h.i.+ver hearing soft, its fear for then nothing less than the scyth of the Grimm reaper which could take their life.


A loud voice rang out across the battlefield, hearing this sound Grimm monsters felt like loud that had been weighing on them had been released and they started to run.

Nor I or any other human tried to stop the Grimm race monsters as we know this is the best possible outcome.


As I am watching the Grimm monster run, I caught the shadow of the familiar Grimm race monster, that I had been searching for very desperately.