Monster Integration - Chapter 523 1.15

Chapter 523 1.15

The second day had also pa.s.sed and today I repeated what I did yesterday and was able to find quite some plants I needed for the potion.

Of the seventeen formulas, I've gathered some and some materials of the sixteen potions but only able to gather the complete ingredients of the two potions.

One is strengthening Potion while other potion Soul potion but regretfully I could only make one potion of the two. The strengthening potion is a little complex not only I need some alchemical instrument but I also need to have a moderate level of alchemical skills.

It will suffice to say that I had no knowledge of alchemy. If I tried to make that potion then I will surely spoil the materials I have.

So, even if I could make the simple alchemical instruments with the help of morphing material, I do not have the skill to make that strengthening potion so I could only forgo it for a while.

The Soul potion, on the other hand, is quite simple, I will need some simple instruments to follow some simple procedure and if I do everything right then I should be able to make the Soul potion within two hours.

After closing the market, I had attended the meeting in the camp for tomorrow's planning, as we now have more than enough numbers we will be able to open the gap tomorrow.

I couldnt wait to get out of the Garden, though there will be far far less precious medicine than the Garden, nor it will have such thick energy or medicinal beast, I still want to get out of it as there will be more chances of increasing there than here and most importantly there is that miracle fruit I want.

That miracle fruit should be able to reach maturity in a few days and now we have enough strength to have a chance to steal that miracle fruit from the monster.

That monster which is guarding the fruit is unusually powerful than even now Ashlyn and I are not its match. If I am not wrong then that monster should have the power of Peak Three Star Elite or Four Star Elite.

That monster was the most powerful being I've ever able to sense the battle power, so it is hard for me to name what level of power that monster has.

I only hoped that fruit isn't matured by now and eaten that miracle fruit, it would be quite a loss for Ashlyn as that fruit is very suitable for her.

After I reached my abode, I quickly freshened up, cooked the dinner and ate it before performing the Body Cleansing Technique. I showered after I performed Body Cleansing Technique and rested for a while before I started preparing the potion.

The making of the potion is quite simple its just that it needs a lot more steps than a simple boiling till they became a paste-like the last potion.

It took me more than an hour to create the potion in from it me is little viscous transparent liquid, I divided it into the two parts as I usually do for Ashlyn and me.


Laying my back against the wall of my bed, I drank the colorless potion in a few big gulps.

First I did not feel anything but soon my body started to feel heavy and my eyelids started to feel droopy and before I know it I started to feel sleepy and a few seconds later fell into the sleep.

This potion will stimulate the growth of the soul power as for how much, I dont know as it varies person to person.

I dont know how much time had pa.s.sed but when I became conscious I found that my thoughts have become exceptionally clear, I feel like I can think through anything and could solve any problem.

I know this feeling of powerfulness I am getting due to sudden increse in my soul power after I got used to it I will return to reality.

If I stayed on my spot for quite a few minuits, gauging my soul power. If I had not guessed wrong then the soul power boost I had received should be equal to what I receive after creating the two amethyst seal.

Now I have the soul power, I get to perfect use and what perfect use it would then the swirling armor.

Currently, my swirling Armor has the thickness of the 1.23 inches, I want to make it even more combat, earlier I was not able to do that due to insufficient soul power but now I should be able to do it.

Walking to the Practice Room I had summoned my Swirling Armor, A few seconds later the Swirling Armor of the 1.23-inch compactness started to appear on my body.

Taking a deep breath, I provided more soul power to the swirls and started to spin them.

Yesterday when I did that, I had seen slight shaking among the swirls but now there is no shaking the swirls are spinning smoothly without a sign of shaking.

The swirls spin and spin and seeing no shaking I continue to spin them and only stop when I started to encounter the shaking and that time compactness of my swirling armor had reached to frightening 1.17 inches.

This is huge, I would have been very happy if the compactness of my armor had reached the 1.20 inches but now it had reached frightful 1.17 inches and that is not the ending.

The shaking had just started when I reached the 1.17 inches of compactness, now I have to carefully utilize the soul power and solve the problem that is making it shake and then my Swirling Armor would become even more compact.

Budding with happiness, I started to carefully utilize the soul problem and started to solve the problems that are making my making the swirls shake.

The Armor had collapsed many times when I was solving the problem but I did not mind and summoned the armor again and started working on the problem.

This way a few hours pa.s.sed and late midnight came, now only a few hours till dawn but I am still working on my swirling armor without caring for time.

Because I know, the more compact it became the more power it will able to give me and that why I kept working on the swirling armor.


I muttered as I looked at my swirling armor which has perfectly stuck on my body without any de stability and it is a lot more compact than before.

The compactness of the Swirling Armor had reached the 1.15 inches, which is really awesome, I could feel the power that this swirling armor is giving.

If that werewolf came in front of me right now, I am confident that I could finish it off within five minuits instead of an hour that took me before.

After taking look at the Swirling Armor, I walked toward the bed tiredly, I spent too much time on perfecting the armor and now, I will get only three hours of sleep before I have to wake up again.